The newly opened 'salondomalia' Hamamatsu City Petit Sandwich Shoppe


Hamamatsu City garnishes to the sewing shop in town building 1F2014On September 6,.In the newly opened a sandwich shop "Salon de Maria salondomalia"Mr.。In the city as well as flower shop "Julia FLOWER SHOP flower shop Julia' Of Shintani Nanako owner Shintani Masako's daughter in her"While handling goods such as small food and beverage shops want to open'And 思i立ta and、City bakery's, but、And no Sandwich Shoppe、Small Petit sandwich shop has been opened, and all tastes。Sticking with sandwich bread、Is in the sanarudai "Boulangerie Lamp Boulangerie lamp"Is it in and made that are purchased with the。Sandwich menu and provided in day by day、2Petit in the mouth where you can sandwich is so pleasing as a gift one!


Go into a store and immediately into eyes galassea case、Lined with small pets Sund。You can take drinks along with Pete Sund.、Also eat corner is available for purchase on the spot it is possible!


An ornate chandelier lighting from bare ceiling、The Interior immaculate clean feeling、There are tables full of warm wood、Can ask the kitchen in the back.




The types of sandwiches in the showcase、10As type。While lost, or how much to eat to cute grocery store just go first.


Introduces the six CW purchased from ptisandwich are out!

Across the meat seasoned with spice smoked products"Pastrami" 220 Yen、The excellent compatibilitySalmon & cream cheese 180 Yen、Japanese-style!Lotus root and plum salad 200 yen、Small sausagesPCI Hot Dock 180 Yen、Children too popular"Tuna" 180 Yen、ClassicHam & cheese 180 Yen。Eat if you do not、So carefully wrapped the products one at a time、It is to take the l for the gift, such as the difference puts Sund.


Coffee ¥ 400

The drinks where you can dine in、Coffee、Tea、Japan tea、My cup of tea、Jasmine green tea、Orange juice、Apple juice、Mango juice、CocoaALL 400 Yen in、Only the corn potage soup450CircleIt is。The menu is not written.、Champagne, wine or other alcohol is available, so the staff got to ask!


Corn potage 450 Yen

Business hours is through sales、11At 23: 00Before and since have been long、I think usability good。As when grabbing on the streets where umbrellas and relax!

Salon de Maria salondomalia
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku sakana-Cho 322-1 sewing shop Bldg. 1F TEL:053-458-6789
Hours of operation 11:00-23:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday

Hamamatsu Naka-ku Sakana-machi 322-1

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