Feel the wind "plasmontge" Paris Baker spend a relaxing time

France was loaded four years training at the Boulangerie near the Place Monge (plasmontge) station is located in the 5th arrondissement of ParisNakatsugawa, Daisuke (Daisuke Nakatsugawa)Let's shop their own will and desire "PlaceMange plasmontge"In local city Hamamatsu opened the 10/1/2017!

And nestled quietly in the residential area of Sumiyoshi detached housing and store Cafe、A nice shop in combination with white walls and wood flooring create a natural atmosphere。

Through the glass door、1Offices of 7 square meters floor space at the showcase、6Seat provides a small engine that space!

The name "station Place Monge (plasmontge).、Has been named, but the honor of the mathematician Gaspard Monge,、Nakatsu's chosen name name of this station in Paris that mean a lot to you!

In France、People most often handle the cake bakery、And own shops with bread cake was enjoyed by so、 25Along with the bread as the type "tarts" for every season and several simple cake etc.、As well as pudding delight gift was offered!

Here is from France and Canada production.、Has been used for utilizing the characteristics of each bread flour 10 types, such as Hokkaido、Low temperature-cured "baguette" a dash of appearance of fermented butter and milk, mainly bread au lait、Also、In addition to the hard of bread of the Germany、France popular "Croque monsieur" and "hugs"、A variety of bread filling up!


Open soon、The "baguette" several times had been coming to、On this day in space for the first time、While delicious bread and spend coffee time!

Deli Pan was low because it was a late lunch、Select the pan into your eyes! Add to home-made low-temperature aging using flour of France "baguette" 300 yen、Order "Mild Espresso" 380 yen!

Actually,、At the last "Baguette Eating Comparison Party"、This baguette was also an option.、There were also things that could not be purchased on the day、Unfortunately, it became a separate day's article。

A relaxing café space that makes you feel the warmth of the wood and the commitment of the shop owner who likes France。When using this、As long as you are happy because you can also warm the bread in the oven after ordering!

"Margherita" 210 yen
Dried tomatoes and basil、Mozzarella、You can enjoy the Pizza flavor with stick pan!

"Tartine" 290 yen
Full of volume with a French-style open sandwich that changes ingredients at the whim of the shop owner!

"Chausson au Pom" 350 yen
There is a patterned folded pie dough with apples with cinnamon、Fabric holded、In the moist Apple Pie! Overlapping layers, aromatic butter pie dough is savory and delicious Croissant shop is pretty damn!

Like nearby bread "plasmontge" from friends already in the high ratings, is gaining more popularity。Open and at 9 in the morning、Must visit and open at the same time are the most popular items、Baker's afternoon calm can therefore enjoy every time!

Place Mange (plasmontge)
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Sumiyoshi 3-22-15
Hours of operation:9:00To 18:00(Sold as soon as finished)
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday
Parking lot:Aerobic


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