Lamp light sanarudai of the Boulangerie bakery's but Western-style cakes are popular


"Cream puffs" 150 yen

2011December 11, sanarudai before Baker's "full House" is Boulangerie was opened on the site "Lamp lamp"Mr.。Baker's've got though、Pastry cream and pudding are very popular.。The lamp and it's delicious sweets、Moto Ze that based Kenji Yamauchi & Yoshi that was hospital Office, Mr. and Mrs. Yoshimi (thanks!) offers texture holded the cookie sue not only surface but also bottom cream puff、Custard cream taste has no gaps in I-sore offers!


"Purin" 180 Yen

Named lamp print、Here is the most popular pudding、It is so dull-eyed and it melted in the mouth smoothness。Uchiyama Tsutomu's owner over the prototype prototype, completed at 8 kg weight increased had it! But (surprise) that eating too much is a big no-no、Too melts in your mouth taste and smoothness and we went!


"Fluffy boobs fatty boobs fresh tiramisu" 180 Yen

His owner's suites in your favorite is the tiramisu。I think not put lamps and some tiramisu I but sold。Slls! ~ boobs and mouth melt is tiramisu flavor is good。Glad that Moto Ze and Yoshi are listed wedding today! Two people who、Forever forever to you happy ~!

Boulangerie Lamp lamps
2-19 -20 sanarudai, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City
Brahim Office 1F
Hours of operation:7:00-Closed gone
Closed on Mondays: Thursday



2-19 -20 sanarudai, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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