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It's focusing on gourmet, Hamamatsu-Shi, Shizuoka、Overseas travel、To deliver the lifestyle information such as design WEB Magazine alleys

Elegant French, such as "now and forever" castle with a large garden overlooking


Sat quietly as mokuren's Hamamatsu Kita Toda、Like feeling the profound sense of presence with plenty of castles "Café & Restaurant now and forever "To!

Symbol tree where you can admire the gardens and farms in this 3000 square meters spread "now and forever"is also great location for、Is the exotic feeling.、PTI trip you feel a nice restaurant!

After training in Tajimi, Gifu、"XIV hamanako' In Italian "Grandxiv Hamana Lake luccicore"In the、Welcome to 12/3/2013 Onoe, Shigeaki's Chef in the Italian and French has been loaded about 10 years training、Reopened as a restaurant "café & restaurant now and forever.。

Onoe chefs use technology have been cultivated so far、Provide a pleasing body centered on your garden through the fusion of Eastern and Western colonial France cuisine!

On this day and bother you on a weekend afternoon、We also ordered the Onoe chef Omakase lunch, 4500 Yen!

Amuse is escargot Bourgogne source of bite-size pieces.

During the flaxseed with flaky puff dough、Escargot Bourgogne so news of politicized soft、Parsley and garlic、Friendly pines group and bergeresharott with butter and Curry spices Bourgogne so - Su! In one bite would have with his size.、1 plate enjoy lingering in your mouth forever!

Appetizer is "Hamamatsu Western vegetable garden tofu mousse and herb sauce.

Enjoy the colourful variety of carrot、Parsley root、Black radish、Ingredient、Red Bell bed、Radish、Drop in Hamamatsu、Ham sandwich、Dakitotte smooth tofu mousse and herb sauce were also healthy!

Kasuga-Cho from sturgeon port Madera sauce special of the day's main dish

Kasuga-Cho of sturgeon meat and Roe、Karasumi、Camaro, delighted in every part! 漁re for meat and fresh sturgeon、1Finished about a week and sleep with a soggy texture finish! Curvy feel is Milt and marinated in extra virgin olive oil, is rich.、Karasumi, sliding it and give you! Higher nutritional value intake more than "eel" high-antioxidant ingredients carnosine "sturgeon"、Khama was on a roll of fat is flavor of love、Near the bone collagen quality skin is plenty!

Served with vegetables、Romanesco、Brussels sprouts、PAL、SATO Park if、Celebrate Lei、Endive,、Rape blossoms、Sautéed、Purple celery from the Edo period in port Madera sauce flavorful you satisfied 1 plate!

For dessert (fondant au chocolat) Onoe chef classic fondant au chocolat.

And "fondant = fondant.、As in France, with the meaning "melts in your mouth.、From dozing off-(s) in the overflowing chocolate rich cake、At the moment put the knife and picture、Enjoy hot, simmering in sauce and vanilla sorbet!

As for the coffee after dinner、And an elegant afternoon!

The restaurant、Location、Taste、Cospa、Excellent balance, such as the personality of the chef、In Hamamatsu we best and favorite to become the restaurant、Also one of the legs to carry friends from far away and can recommend restaurants。The nice atmosphere of the night、If you prefer afternoon still lush gardens with views!

Now and forever (LENRI)
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Cho 8501-2
Hours of operation:11:00To 22:00(Lunch、Cafe opening times、Dinner)
Closed on Mondays:Thursday

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"aru" Toyohashi open! Of the delicate cuisine of France and Japan wine "mofu mofu" Sundays only environmentally friendly body in sales of home-made yeast bread & butter
"aru" Toyohashi open! Of the delicate cuisine of France and Japan wine
"mofu mofu" Sundays only environmentally friendly body in sales of home-made yeast bread & butter


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