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Hamamatsu City [alsperkingbil] basement last year 2017 June 27, relocated to、Renovated Japanese restaurant "Hannari"To!

The shopkeeperMAKINO Shinya (Sinnya Makino)-Kun (37 years old)、Sales in the building across the street from 8 years、It had been considering relocation as stores can also accommodate large groups、 From that the giraffe Pavilion was folded up shop, exactly where was an ideal size、Store design yourself a handled renovation、Japanese room with rich wood finish。

Spacious L-shaped, counter seats for 10 people、Extends like a semi private room table seats and 40 seats can also accommodate banquets dug kotatsu style of tatami room、We offer a cosy relaxing atmosphere!

Before the store was like、Went for purchasing every morning.、Will giving a weekly dish work in seasonal stocks on the day。On the menu、Dare not listed price、Has been should try can respond flexibly and assorted according to size and customer base.


On this day、First class registered architectHase 守保 (Moriyasu Hase)The party's celebration he was suppose to top in certain Competition!

While picking a "serial" in the "beer" cheers!


So that "salt water Sea Urchin" in Hokkaido, Japan、The "Sea Urchin plate" State-of-the-ordinary compared to try, and offered stinging Prime、2In addition to sea urchin species、Luxury 1 dish w/ Sea Urchin in between sheets of kelp turbot。程良い脂とねっとりとした食感が楽しめるバチマグロの赤身やミディアム 〆の千葉産の鯖に福井の白魚白子ポン酢など

新鮮な刺身にはやはり日本酒をということで、Nagano "天恵の美酒 大信州酒造株式会社」の「大信州純米吟醸超辛口」を表面張力が働くほどになみなみと枡一杯に注いでくださるから嬉しい限り!












一皿毎についつい酒が恋しくなり立て続けに静岡の「Takashima Brewery Co., Ltd.」のキレの良い銘酒「白隠正宗 純米酒 生酛 誉富士」を飲み倒します

同じく静岡の「Flower dance Shuzo Co., Ltd.」と南青山のフレンチレストラン「 Abysse(アビス)」とのコラボ酒でワイン酵母を使用した日本酒「花の舞Abysse(アビス)」もワイングラスで楽しみます!柑橘系のスッキリとした香りは和食の繊細さにも適し日本酒はちょっぴり苦手だけどワイン好きという女子にはウケること間違いないお酒です!



「錦爽鶏 パリパリ柚子胡椒焼き」を頬張ります

綺麗な甘味と爽やかな酸ふくよかなコクとバランスの整った三重県「木屋正酒造」の「純米吟醸 而今」を頂くと仕入れ前夜だったということもあり冷蔵庫内の日本酒がすっかり無くなってしまうという事態が起きてしまいました

こちらはお開きにしそのままの足で二次会へ出向きます!牧野くん、Feast we did!

Hours of operation:17:30-24:00(L.O.23:30-
Closed on Mondays:Sunday

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