Bakery Boulangerie lamp tomizuka lush hilltop in branch

Tomizuka green hill on、2018The relocation may be "Boulangerie lamp Patisserie Zion(Boulangerie LampPatisserie Sion) ' to!

'Boulangerie' means 'bakery' in France, and、Name of "lamp" is a "bread at the breakfast table with a lamp.、"So bright people gather、You want to gather people "that trapped feeling, named said!

Also moved ahead,、And equipped to provide France confectionery "patisseries on (Patisserie Sion).、The popular Macaron started.、Daily hits fresh cake!

Quietly nestled on the hillside and quiet residential area of tomizuka RC building、Particularly eye-catching and full of presence!

Here is、Original 々佐 opened 12/12/2011 in sound "Boulangerie lamp"The stores and no. 2、Owner & BakerUchiyama t.-Kun、Their carefully selected flour、It provides delicious bread cooked in an authentic bread making!

In the Sunday morning call、Bread shop and staring contest!
Eggs and milk、Rich bread and butter "viennoiseries" are my favorite 外senai、While at full speed 飛bi付ki croissants and Danishes、A good balance between bread and sweet bread buy!

The cashier、Image recognition techniques applied to the cash settlement、Read the shape of bread、State-of-the-art POS cashier was developed for the Baker "BakeryScan(Scan for bakery)"Has been adopted!

Taking the bread placed on a tray and、In an instant, and completing checkout!
The bread could have recognized the wrong、Because visible yellow border、Fix becomes available、Choosing the right bread、The results are reflected in the database、Classification accuracy every day increase it!

For reimbursement would be automatic dispensers、Staff handle food and bread、Not to touch on the banknotes and coins、Better hygienic aspects are considered.

Uchiyama-thank you!

Return to home、Bread Boulangerie lamp、The exhibition currently held at my house "Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)" And "Shimoo DesignShimoo, Kazuhiko (Kazuhiko Shimoo)Shimoo Saori (Saori Shimoo)"The works and collaborations、After shooting party "Blister and Japanese restaurant"For some delicious coffee, brunch time!

"Croissant 170 yen" x "Shimoo Design Floating like rim plate 280.
France made three flour blend、Fermented butter gently and carefully arranges fabric、Over and over again as beautiful finish.、Eating in the mouth、After the truly enjoy texture、Moist and flavorful with a buttery taste!

"Prosciutto Croissant 220 Yen" x "Gaku Syakunaga Mars himawari Φ 25.
Hamamatsu "co., Ltd. comprehensive" making pastrami him and、Cheddar cheese、Juicy croissants in French mustard、A little warmed in the oven and re-enter、The aroma of the cheese to the wine!

"Bacon API 230 yen" x "Gaku Syakunaga âge new Φ 30.
The EPI with plenty of spicy black pepper、Excellent compatibility with the bacon!
Too warm in the oven, and enjoy craft beer suggest!

"Chocolate banana Croissant ¥ 210 ×"Shimoo Design Floating like plate 280.
A croissant wrapped France valrhona's chocolate and ripe banana、Crispy surface、Enjoy a moist texture in the、Rich chocolate taste、The exceptional aroma of banana and smooth treat!

"Kinyaman 230 yen" x "Gaku Syakunaga Carpenter cutting Φ 30.
The France Brittany arranges plenty of butter and sugar, traditional pastries kinyaman、Companion coffee brewed dark eyes are great!

"Danish chestnut 270 yen ×"Gaku Syakunaga Reversible Petri Φ 25.
Fall/winter limited chestnut bread!
Stuck in IGA as if falling to Kuriyama the chestnuts and adorable fabrics to finish、And a large、Honeydew sauce and include boiled's guests can enjoy both the taste!

"Silk square bread half, ¥ 220" x "Gaku Syakunaga Gen platter Φ 42.
Finished with hot water species also was a loaf of moist dust、In the sense of a small size perfect for breakfast!
Buy a freshly baked、Still fresh and sweet!

Now、1Floor pan Studio and shop and、2The floor is like was being used as an Office,、And in the future will dedicate eat space on the second floor、Mr. Uchiyama spoke to dream! We are looking forward to it!

Boulangerie lights (Boulangerie Lamp)
Patisserie sion (Sion Patisserie)
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka Naka 4400-6
Hours of operation:9:00To 18:00
Closed on Mondays:Seven days a week

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