December new arrival Fukuroi home roasting coffee beans at 'blister and Japanese restaurant coffee beans


Retreat home roasting coffee beans shop located just along the road to the Temple of Fukuroi through 'Blister and Japanese restaurant"Mr.。濱小路 Rende's friend and his wife engage in wife Akemi、Shop where you will find the aroma of delicious coffee beans!


Here you will、Pick select from the raw beans are always lined up on store shelves、Roasted to order from that commitment Buri。While waiting for the coffee beans are roasted、Will treat the wife Akemi delicious freshly brewed coffee。In small children put out hot chocolate instead of coffee and、Is your family go out to buy coffee beans in the family total putting out very good service so many。However,、Should not be confused、That is not a cafe。Shops purchase coffee beans only.。Telephone booking in advance by going to get when you date、Because it will make the suit at that time、Hurry is sure to phone book.


Time to shop、Few customers will be ordered as gifts or new year gifts for special gift box is lined with。Fresh combinations, such as Linz and delicious coffee beans chocolate、Will be surely pleased!


"Brazil peaberry.

11-new Beans Brazil peaberry's coffee have gotten roasted coffee beans between me making Akemi。Enjoy the aromas of cacao flavor, caramel balanced mild types of popular coffee is.


Cleopatra (in Colombia), 200 g ¥ 900

Coffee beans we buy here is a new bean-12-"Cleopatra"。West of the great Andes mountain range which runs South America Colombia、Grown in the mountain of 1700-1850 m above sea level。Nakayama from strong sea breezes from the Pacific Ocean and the Andes the pumped、Carefully harvested by the cafeteros '、Columbia specialty coffee that is certified coffee beans.。Less added flavor、Smooth taste and aroma is Colombia coffee characteristics、Even Cleopatra well of bitterness、In the aftertaste remains a sweet, mellow taste。Is worthy to be called the most advanced products of Colombia.


"Brazil peaberry' 200 g 940 yen

Must be purchased each year is the "Brazil peaberry.。Features are a rare breed Bourbon species in、In addition to its branches to 5-ultra rare items were selected only only 7% do not harvest the round shaped bean。Rice has rice to coffee new beans also。The peaberry now in stock、New beans harvested this year, only imported 11-provides faster than the fresh so I recommend!


Cofiaddiebersa farm (Phu Phra sense) 200 g 1,680 Yen

It's a very rare coffee beans was able this time to arrive only a few。It's similar to the taste of mocha and、As a good sweet taste and aroma is mild and easy to drink coffee.


I love "Brazil peaberry' for the beans remain at home、"Cleopatra" for the first time we had ground to the Office.


See Linz hurt bitter Pack and milk Pack each 390 Yen

Speaking of coffee with chocolate。Blister and Japanese restaurant I in Linz sells chocolate、Chocolate is loved around the world were developed from Switzerland who Rodolphe-Linz。Smooth mouth to melt the chocolate and wrapped in the 60% Cacao-chocolate、濃厚で程好い苦味が楽しめるカカオ風味のビターとミルクチョコレートの中にトリュフタイプのとろけるようなソフトチョコが絶妙のコンビネーションのミルクの2つをいただきました。Just、自宅用におニューのKalita カリタのドリップポットが届いたばかりなので挽きたての美味しい珈琲とリンツチョコとの組み合わせが楽しみでなりません。Hama-CHAN、Akemi、師走の忙しさに負けずに頑張って!1月の新年会楽しみにしていますね♪

Blister and Japanese restaurant
Fukuroi-shi Muramatsu 2607 TEL:0538-42-7222
Hours of operation 10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

Fukuroi city Muramatsu 2607

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