In the women's Italy restaurant ianello in the popular à la carte lunch


In Fukuroi Araya earlier Ms. of the Italian "Il Centro" is where it was、New Italy dining room "Anello AnelloSince mr. OPEN on February 20, 2013, the days of 10 months have flowed in the early one.、Now that girls became Italian Anello's popular。Anello, in Italy, meaning "ring, ring" seems to have、Grows rings lead everyone... and thoughts says no, so named。


The shop including counter size of 20 seats in the casual, easy-to-enter atmosphere warm.。Lunch menu, feel free to fish fry set 1500 Yen、Or you can suggest me the day 8 limited edition set 1500 yen and 2 course、Dinner menu and renewed contents、Fit the wine à la carte dishes。Of course、The amount and content of、Although it is possible to provide courses of Chef。Because it is December of the master run, the lunch on Sunday is full.。It is recommended that are coming from the book。I'm sorry to have just closed for lunch.、The lunch menu is very popular and out of stock.。I'll leave it to you at night.、I was told by the owner chef Yoshikuni-kun and decided to ask for it♪.


"Aqua panna" 550 yen

It is a brand of Italian mineral water known for the mark decorated with the coat of arms of the Medici family.。Water quality is medium-hard water and no shots fired。The taste is light and stable, and it brings out the delicate taste of food and wine♪.


"Nagasaki's Great Toro Carpaccio" 1,180 yen

You can taste both the large toro of this tuna with fat that melts with a trobbing lightly and the one of the sashimi alternately.。I have it with salt and soy sauce simply.、If you have it with mustard a greens, you can enjoy a refreshing taste♪


"Hamanako oyster and spinach carbonara" 1,380 yen

浜名湖産の牡蠣は身が大きくプリプリで卵黄の濃厚でありながらまろやかなクリームソースによく合います。I♪ had bread attached to the sauce



"Pork confit and milk only veal Ossobuco (tomato stew of boned shin meat)" (outside the menu)

It is a confit of the pork which was put out with mashed potatoes at lunch on this day.、That the mash is gone.、Because it was specially served with the otsobuco of the veal only milk, it has become a gorgeous platter (laugh) Confit that was carefully lit for 5 hours、It is finished in a soft and relaxing, relaxing、The veal is also stewed very softly.。By the way、Milk-only veal Ossobucco is served for 1,580 yen on an a la carte menu of the main dish at night.。12It seems that the reservation of the dinner near Christmas is also going well in September.、That there is still some room。Not in a formal atmosphere.、If you would like to enjoy Italian cuisine with delicious wine, please come and visit us♪!

Italy dining room Anello-Anello-
Fukuroi-shi Araya 3-8-1 TEL:0538-43-2705 Closed on Mondays:Monday
Hours of operation:LUNCH 11:30-13:30( L.O)DINNER 18:00-21:00( L.O )

3-8-1, Araya, Fukuroi city

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