Kenya produced coffee beans of the first arrival of Fukuroi home roasting coffee beans at 'blister and Japanese restaurant


Retreat home roasting coffee beans shop located just along the road to the Temple of Fukuroi through 'Blister and Japanese restaurant"Mr.。Hama-CHAN's friend and his wife 濱小路 benevolence, and engage in wife Akemi、Shop where you will find the aroma of delicious coffee beans!


Here you will、Pick select from the raw beans are always lined up on store shelves、Roasted to order from that commitment Buri。While waiting for the coffee beans are roasted、Will treat his wife Akemi delicious freshly brewed coffee。In small children put out hot chocolate instead of coffee and、Is your family go out to buy coffee beans in the family total putting out very good service so many。However,、Should not be confused、That is not a cafe。Shops purchase coffee beans only。Telephone booking in advance by going to get when you date、Because it will make the suit at that time、Hurry is sure to phone book。On this day、So you go to Shizuoka、In the Middle stopped by、To buy fresh coffee beans have been doing!


Game factory Kenya produced 200 g 1000 yen

The type of coffee beans classic, which is rich in、So every month new beans are in stock now、There are many regulars who have been looking forward to your new bean。This time the、222, had a new arrival new beans! Oh!! Was a new arrival on our wedding anniversary new bean! It's really (laughs) Hama-Chan push that there、Without hesitation, order here。Mount Kenya and towering in the center of the Republic of Kenya。Is not well known in Japan、After Kilimanjaro in Tanzania on the African continent second tallest peak is Mount Kenya 5199 m above sea level。Game factory is one of the coffee producers ' Association from Kirinyaga District located to the East in。Recommended medium roast in roasting、Reminiscent of Blueberry sweetness and flavour and the taste plus、You say it best of Kenya coffee coffee。Best at body sense of course roast even witty punch、It is recommended to anyone who likes good coffee.。The roasting itself、But of course your favorite roasts、And coffee for beginners、One is to leave it to the Hama-Chan "fit this roasting the beans' advice to taste more delicious to me。Manpower coffee we couple、Of course always Hama-CHAN's recommended to just comply with、It results wrong without knowing and feeling.、Have you always been able。Coffee can、Many things so very friendly couple who meet、When I was lost、Please try to ask, don't hesitate!


The coffee gave me some have gotten roasted coffee beans between Akemi、Blend.。Coffee is strangely enough will always excite the senses。Just an exaggeration may be、And the green beans are carefully screened, equipped、Roasted, like to change the color stimulates the Visual fun watching too、Sound around roasting machine shop in sunshine、Stimulates a pleasant hearing.。And、No coffee to taste and taste and smell is an indispensable and important、And roasting at the hands of their own coffee mill, grind the moment、Please produce a best time bring clear mind、It is possible to experience tactile。It is really great.、Coffee!


Game factory Kenya produced 200 g 1000 yen

Recommended medium roast in roasting、Reminiscent of Blueberry sweetness and flavour and the taste plus、Is this to say of the Kenya coffee coffee!

"Andean Mountain" Ecuador produced 200 g 980 yen

Washing process from the cultivation、Bagging、Export to、The original organic JAS certification、Has been produced in a thorough control。The palate is、Decreases the bitterness reminds of that Blue Mountain somewhere, such as、Is rich and refreshing.、Sweet fresh coffee!

We bought 2 types here。And、Blister and Japanese restaurant I'm not、Because they have "beans and blends' drip bag coffee original blend、Here instead of coffee I use just a simple drip bag、I have chosen to present to lazy and (lol) my parents and。Is good seems happy ♪


"Bamboo charcoal vegetables karinto" 120 g 340 Yen

Blister and Japanese restaurant I'm in are also checked with coffee sells! New sensations with edible coal candy。Using natural yeast and wheat country、Karinto fermenting in their own cask。Pumpkin、Carrot、Characterized by the texture of five, such as burdock root vegetables: pumpkin goodness。Guests can enjoy a variety of flavors and contains the bamboo charcoal karinto。Length in this is perfect coffee delicious and fun also!。Hama-CHAN、Akemi、Always delicious coffee and and to be.

Blister and Japanese restaurant
Fukuroi-shi Muramatsu 2607 TEL:0538-42-7222
Hours of operation 10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

Fukuroi city Muramatsu 2607

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