Free tasting of wines will be held once a month at Toyama wholesale wine shop 'carvelondo'


The Toyama, order wine-savvy restaurant in wine shops、That are open to the public only on Sundays、Italian recently introduced "Sunflower restaurant" I of the Araki Yasuhiro intellectual men happened to be together at the counter staff in there I said from lucky、Edge was knowing that there。And、This also、As it happens interviewed the next day "Sunflower" dining-room I、The wine shop "Cave l ' onde carve Rondo"Is it the can meets the owner, Daisuke Asano、Could be exchanging greetings。And、Sunday happened to be visiting us couple is happy to、It holds wines free tasting every month。Immediately、Have to bother the card address count on you、What appeared in the address、It is a sign one not warehouse-like building! (Surprise)


Fearfully looks like your left hand entrance door on the hand、In is in the garage、There Alfa Romeo 146。Click here after her owner's car and pointed out、Look、In this space so invisible to the wine shop、What are good stop? Atmosphere that will fit seems (laughs) but、On the other side of the door person's voice is heard、Able to breathe。


Unlike the appearance to open the door and、Simple and stylish landscape is spread.、Where the air is cool with cool entrance is followed by。


The white savage、Successive bottles are decorated、立chi会emashita space finally seems to wine shop!


This is a salon.。On this day、A complimentary wine tasting is held from 11 a.m.、Already on the table opened and lined with wine they were。Is where you will find in this tasting、And the Holy Sun Winery Winery that represents a Toyama、Imported wines carefully selected from all over the world "MODx"、"Village cellars.、"Pony"、"Wine wave.、Hood liner、"Hatta"、"Terra vert"、Nakagawa wine from 46.


Her owner was guided by the wine cellar。Cellar selection vintage wine is sleeping quietly。The temperature on the brink create atmosphere is dignified air and wine history。


And、Usually were the early wine of our warehouse maintains in temperature-controlled。Speaking of Toyama's fish、Speaking of fish、That thought was in the water delicious Toyama image of sake、Unexpected and surprising! The number of houses per capita of Toyama's wine bar、What's is no. 1 nationwide! (Surprise) then、It seems I understand that this wine is in circulation.


After we entertained a wine cellar、Would you like to taste and tasting sessions。Because the access to the driver's partner、Instead of、Thank you ♪


January wines free tasting Guide、Carve Rondo is going in is who will run the information on a regular basis and register for membership。Of course、We also let registered members。In this、Looking forward to go home to Toyama also increased 1.



Toyama using born yeast wine TOYAMA 2012。Toyama was born yeast、On the yeasts isolated from Toyama Prefecture from barley malt in Prefectural University tenure:、Less fishy smell compared to conventional yeast、Smells good is rounder yeast characteristics.。So far national mountains beer "Star sky".、Adult m. sake brewing sake "onaka" has been used。From yamafuji vineyards located in Toyama Prefecture TOYAMA 2012 red wine using this yeast has been released at 5/22/2013。Toyama Prefecture produced A 100 per cent used 720 ml 1,800 JPY。Remain in the sake light flavor good acidity taste。2860This limited edition for sale。


1And for those two-legged glass、While enjoying a wine item list、We will continue looking for a favored。Advance、Owner Asano recommended is marked with.。And、If you find your favorite wine in this、It is possible to book on the spot。Avoid tasting so chug down (lol)


Now、In the wine-tasting、Among the wines in stock、I have chosen to get carrots daily wine home to owner Asano。Price、1,000Yen-has demanded up to about 3000 yen.


The white wine、Us select the 4 books。

From the left
See the 2011 Thomas bestemta anbugeviate grape barten Riesling cowritertsvain barten"Germany

Producers of the Mosel、5,5HA owned residual sugar 3, 4 g/l acidity 5, 1 g/l or of unusual prepares the malolactic fermentation in the area。7And in a year can be finally satisfied with the results obtained。No acid is not acid naturally pointed to new world of Riesling, laxity is easy to adjust balance of good food and wine。It is indicating the direction of the cost so high that new wine bottle。

"Estela La Mancha Blanco 2011 Bottega is Ayuso "Spain

In a lemon yellow tinged with green、Fruity。A refreshing citrus-lime based fragrance。There is a fresh, smooth palate with crisp acidity。After draws with balsamic aromas and、Great taste。Production、This year 300000。

"Etiquette grella Colli di luni Vermentino 2012 Rune "Italy

Region、Liguria in northwestern Italy Republic、Breed、Vermentino。Though not out of harmony、Outstanding personality、Fully reflecting the philosophy of the Rune's wine。Pale golden-yellow。Rich and elegant bouquet。In a fresh and harmonious taste reminiscent of flowers or fresh fruit、Feel a lingering balanced minerals。

"Du of the 2011 celeriac of Marsanne Roussanne gyfan Blanc Sud" France

Head of the Verger of Burgundy、Mr. gu fans is to have、From grape growers started brewing、Masterpiece embodies the potential of the South of France。Natural ' wines。Breed、75% Marsanne、25% Roussanne。Complex aroma and full body、It is a surprise that there are wine。


Red wine bargains here "Barolo Reserva cordana 2004 Terre del Barolo "France

In Piedmont, Italy、Breed、100% Nebbiolo。And smoking barrels scorched、Acid feel matured and dried flowers and spices scent feels a little youthfulness, which sums up the entire balance。Aroma.、With a mature sense of fruitiness、Smooth tannins and aging further for the solid acid and minerals。It is a shocking cost wine。

Carve Rondo's main wholesale, it is、On Sunday only to the general public in exceptional, because it has ceded their wine is recommended。Owner Asano also is eating very much and like、The story even surge、I have to stay.。Go wine、The difference between the temperature inside the car on the way home we had to、Thanks to the kind stuffed with polystyrene refrigerant, was packing、Could take without problems in Hamamatsu, Toyama。Thank you very much! Also during the homecoming、I will make sure I stopped!

Cave l ' onde carve Rondo
Toyama Prefecture Toyama-Shi Sakae-machi 3-2-8 TEL:076-420-5001
Hours of operation:11:00To 18:00 Business days:General business only on Sundays

3-2-8 Sakae-machi, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture

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