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Feel free to taste the fish in Toyama hideaway Tavern ' chankonabe dozens WH ' at brothers who



Nestled in the residential area of Toyama City, Isobe-Cho、Hideaway there know Tavern "ichi punished dozens etc" and I。Shop loved regulars who will provide delicious home-style cooking and fish unique to Toyama。Recommended delicious my brother Jun-Kun ichi Toyama Japanese restaurant and then invited us!


Shop、Shopkeeper gomado Seiichi (sesame if would ASU no Yoichi), I enclose、In the form of regular patrons crowded with Jun-Kun。Taken from the name of the owner in gomado (gomadou)、The name "dozens etc" and otherwise associated with、It is a very rare surname。The shop's, 46-year-old gomado who came known for more than 20 years、From the personality of the owner friendly?、It is always filled with regular customers。Counter seating 6 seats、Tatami table seats 6 × 2、Private rooms in the back parlor is per room。


Recommended for the day are listed on a white board。White shrimp in the beginning、Rock Poker、Any mount haguro、Thin fluke、Pheasant or even more mouth-watering assortment tha!



Because there is a "asahydrayizero" car、2Whats with people non-alcoholic beer。Nomar in a clear taste極meta temper.


Through your will with vinegar and cucumber with tender crab meat and vinegared dish of crab and cucumber puritsu。


"Pickled cucumber and seaweed.

In Toyama、Kelp broth and cooking materials widely use、With seaweed and kelp tighten、Yam、Including kelp kamaboko、Is rich in kelp dishes and products。According to the household survey annual report 0/2008、And 2732 Yen annual expenditures per household in Toyama "kelp"、49Its origin is that 全国1 place in consecutive years (surprise)、After the Meiji era、There are people moving around the country to develop from Toyama Prefecture and those who go to work more、More and more people engage in while including "kombu" the Hokkaido fisheries、Especially、Kelp production famous Rausu-Cho 7-8 per cent were students from Toyama Prefecture and said。Send seaweed to the families of these people are old and relatives, go、Habitual kelp in Toyama Prefecture and also that it is said!


Eggplant Roasted baked sweet "Eggplant"、In ginger sauce, topped with bonito and happy!


"New saury sashimi" this year first Pike。Rich and delicious!


"The pheasant had sashimi" elasticity、I feel the sweet and crunchy bite.


"Tuna and Squid" in Toyama and daily sashimi to eat, I am happy!


Give the sashimi 梅貝 colicorit and Kai whiff of Goldfrapp


"梅貝 liver butter butter flavor and richness, the sumptuous flavours of adult's。Sake quick and want to be (laughs)


"Rock poker"

Out! Big Rock Poker! Autumn leaves and grated lemon squeeze giyugun and you、So tasty creamy mouth sea juice overflow comes out!


"Any black salt"

Of any seasonal grilled、Is delicious and sweet。Say brother drink non-alcoholic is (laughs)、It was fun and delicious night home in Toyama, could enjoy the luxury of seafood!

Chankonabe dozens WH
Toyama Prefecture Toyama City Isobe-Cho 3-Chome 9-9 TEL:076-421-0616
Hours of operation:17:-23: (L.O) closed:Every week Thursday

Toyama Prefecture Toyama City Isobe-Cho 3-Chome 9-9

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"Sunflower dining" sign、The iron snail vine and vine
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