Scenic overlook "says farm" Himi Winery with a rich French.

Quietly nestled on a small hill of Himi Winery "Saysfarm Says farm ' to!

Is here.、People moved to support one man dream desire want work、100%Wineries stick to their cultivated brewing!

"In Toyama wine can do? 」

Would that everyone was wondering about that question.。


Pioneered in 2008 abandoned farmland that once had grown du Zhong tea、 Farms, planting a grape、Nature and location started making farm where people can live together、 Wineries now from home and abroad to visit and grow!

Owners 'fish which're monstrosities"of fishing wholesale from the Edo period and the"hanging"engaged inFishing YoshinoriSan。Achieve the wanted wanted wine Himi ingredients to brother's Word (SAYS)。Wine grapes of European species of about 6000 cultivated farms of about 9 hectares、Because of Toyama、Because of Himi、Provided the wine that's SAYFARM!

Nice view from the Hill、Farm rich with nature and as far as Toyama Bay and the Tateyama Mountain range is magnificent!

On this day、The BREW HouseSymbiotic s. (Shun Tamukai)And I said ' one year、2 whether or not the weather is! "With that、Gift of the Maserati owners ' everyday activities?、Floating clouds spread into the sky of Toyama Bay clear deeper blue this true treasure of Toyama Tateyama Mountain range overlooking、Fine until the allowed views!

Commemorative photo with the Maserati car to enjoy the great weather.

The brewery started.、Quality local ingredients, Himi's restaurants and cafes、 Works of writers formed in Toyama in the heart、The gallery works beautifully blend into everyday life、 Its cultivation, brewing wine and home-made jams、Of the wine,、 In addition to sticking to our shop、On the new suit only pair one day、 You can enjoy a rich time!

On this day、In the restaurant with our rich lunch! Because the driving、Unfortunately though, cheers at non alcohol spark wine "Celeble"!


(1) "for gracrispirsand / Shirasu's.

The foie gras and crispy's carrying of Shirasu on a crispy baked thin bread crumbs crispies and、Finger food and we have both、Enjoy in a sauce of honey and white balsamic vinegar.

(2) see carpione / Himi produced subject / Shrimp farm egg quiche / Pork Pate with Toyama / Himi beef chili.

Incorporating the five colorful appetizer plate、Cherry shrimp in an Araucana chicken breeding farm in blue egg bite-size quiche、And the subject of fat in the Himi 漁reru marinated、Spicy and delicious Himi beef chili、And now fresh mackerel in carpione、Salad of herbs grown in the garden where you can enjoy plenty!

(3) "Toyama pork barbecue、Kaga lotus root、Bamboo shoots.

Toyama pork roasted in charcoal、Trapped in moist and flavor, cooked、Kaga lotus root, bamboo shoots and other seasonal vegetables、Carrot sauce and squid drift with ink sauce its spicy dish!

(4) see 余川 us、余川 miso、Pickles.

And then enjoy the crunchy texture like you burnt rice 余川 grown rice、Whipped cream in 余川 miso soup and Ginger pickles! Finish Western flow if the miso soup with rice、Small children and our elderly so pleased! At the time、The fourth grade the sat expressionless、The moment I saw the grilled rice ball was leaking mirth!

(5) "cheesecake、Granny Smith、Olive crumble.

Soufflé like Granny Smith hunt on a farm called Green Apple sorbet with moist cheesecake finish dream!

(6) "coffee Toyama koffe SAYSFARM original blend、Petits fours.

After a meal at the restaurant entrance shop、Wine for symbiotic's personal story、Currently being sold, "Says Farm Cabernet Sauvignon" and "Cidre" gift!

After that、Explore the farm、Spend time goats were friendly eyes serene and peaceful afternoon!

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