"Cherry Blossom Festival" Sakura Sakura 340 at Hamamatsu Castle Park at Cherry Blossom Festival

17 years of Castle to Tokugawa Ieyasu, and、Hamamatsu Castle Park ranks castle became the starting point of the Edo shogunate 300 years in 3/25/2018 (Sunday)-4/8 (Sunday) have been held "Cherry Blossom Festival" to!

Here you will、Weeping cherry tree to cherry heart、Wild cherry、Oshima cherry tree, and decorated with approximately 340 cherry、Pick up in full bloom at their best will be、Hamamatsu Castle Park cherry red! Currently held "Cherry Blossom Festival" the hit many restaurants and souvenir stalls during the period in、For the cherry blossom pattern located approximately 550 also placed、Thanks for enhance the festive mood!

On this day、Spread to the right from the entrance of Hamamatsu City Hall square、Ensure the best seat you can admire the Castle!

Spread the cherry blossom Bento, and lovingly made、It is midafternoon cheers!

"Cherry blossoms Bento.
Sushi (crab meat、Octopus、Rape blossoms)、Egg soup volume、 Cherry cut pickled ginger、Hachiman wrapped with chicken、Greens with Sesame、Argentina plum Meat shiso roll FRY、Kaneko farm tomatoes、Snap peas、Sweet and sour pickled Japanese ginger、Strawberry、Cherry Blossom tea。


Warm and warm cherry blossom day。The children are busy enjoying the tag in、Enjoy the rose red pink、Enjoy the warm fuzzy feel.

Feel a little chill begins to sink,、Tenryu 温meyou body cold and was opened in the Ramen "and Sweety" of ordered the shoyu ramen 600 Yen!

Comes into the stomach gently warm old fashioned taste in soup、Stalls in the Cup because of、Decorated double-Hee Crest design and be able to eat and have sex appeal!

Entrance to Starbucks coffee Beach-Park shop becomes the construction、4/10Is scheduled to open in (Tuesday)。Nestled in the woods of Starbucks is fun!

Visitors from outside the Prefecture for cherry blossom season、For the free parking has caused traffic jam even on weekdays, regardless of weekends and public holidays、Have a spare time, please visitors!

Hamamatsu Castle Park
Address: Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, former castle town 100-2
Opening hours:8:30~ 16:30
Parking lot:Hamamatsu Castle Park visitors free (8:00-21:00-
Holiday:12May 29, 30 & 31

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