Enjoy fresh local seafood and delicious sake with carefully selected ingredients of good general flavor market Tavern

Hamamatsu market and Mai Osaka port、Further omaezaki fishing port and the General himself to visit the carefully selected ingredients suppliers、With good sake is offering seasonal cuisine、To commutes locals pub liquor specialty shops taste market!

Away from the、Located approximately 3 km from the JR Tokai hamamatsucho Station South exit、Mishima-Cho Minami-ku makes。2006Since being opened in,、That popular restaurant bustling with patrons every day with a smile of cheer and warm service of the General staff.

The other day、By Sasaki and his wife were introduced through a friend's favorite local restaurant guide, and we first visit!

' 00 I like today! "And、And see the faces of the regular、"Today's match! And what each、The smiling face of the your customer saw me every day is that open!

First of all,、Men's "beer"。

Women in the squeezed lemon refreshing shochu liquor!
Sign of the bottle with the illustration of a robot's 70 year generation! (Lol)

The appetizer、It is a spring feel bittersweet "contained"!

Rewritten by purchasing your shinagaki hand drawn illustrations of fish and、What food is there recommended、Among the special seasonal menu!

This push is the garlic soy grilled squid 900 yen、The tender texture offers exquisite softness left burning squid、Motivating tantalizing flavours of garlic, soy sauce、It is also perfect for sake of!

Stinging Prime thank Melia according to、On this day "filefish、Tuna、Squid、Shrimp shrimp "enjoy with wasabi!

Filefish,、Bulky dipped in chopped liver, liver sauce、You spread sweetness and rich flavor!

In addition to、Cut fresh bonito and a sprinkling of "home-made pickled Chinese cabbage" or "fried soak eggplant.、"Four skewers.、"New bamboo shoots with soy sauce.、Such as high sugar content tomato、Enjoy at reasonable price product is packed!

I really envy as long as is Tavern like this ease of use around the House! best Tavern!

Liquor specialty shops taste markets
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Minami-ku, Mishima-machi 1447
Hours of operation:17:00-24:00
Parking lot:Yes (10 units)
Closed on Mondays:Sunday

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