Bring your own lunch with your dog and enjoy the cherry blossom viewing at Lake Sanari, within walking distance of our house.

within walking distance of my houseSanaruko Lake ParkTo go、It is cherry blossom viewing with the pet dog chocolat by bringing the lunch by hand!

Of the yearLake Sanari West BankThe flowering of the cherry blossoms (Someiyoshino)、There is a delay of one to two weeks from last year or because of the effects of a warm winter.、4It is now in full bloom at the beginning of the month!

To prevent infection of new coronavirus、4From the moon, especially raise awareness、Even in my house, i have continued to live in a cage.、To touch the outside air when the weather is good、Thank you for the environment where you can change your mind chocolate and sanariko wamp!

To the cherry blossoms shining in the blue sky、Dandelion shimmering on the grass、With the strength of various trees sprouting、A natural environment that gives us healing、Sanaruko Lake。

Kawazu cherry blossoms are in full bloom as soon as possible.、After that, Somei Yoshino and Oshima Cherry Blossoms、Yaezakura in Yamazakura、In spring on the shore of Lake Sanaru, where you can enjoy about 700 cherry trees in order, such as red te-don、It is crowded with a lot of cherry blossom viewing visitors originally.、This year, it's a little more than a chillahola.、It becomes appreciation of keeping away from each other!

On this day (2020/4/10 Fri) due to the weather and warm temperatures、I was seen many people who took a walk, too.、We make outdoor chairs and a handmade lunch!

《Sanariko Mi-handed Hanami Bento 2020》

・Two-color edi (Yamagata Prefecture secret beans and cherry-salted vinegar rice、Hirano Remi's invented all-purpose dare's leek soy sauce and chinameo this big cigar)

Broth roll egg (egg、Chiyo's Best、It's white.、Sugar、Green Onion、Cherry-shaped red ginger)

Fried chicken (broth、Soy Sauce Dark Mouth of Anantani from Toyama Prefecture、Japanese sake、Garlic、ginger)

Mini tomatoes from Kaneko Farm
Eggplant、Cherry tomato、Paprika、Pepper Caponata
Homemade pickles of herbs and spices (Hamamatsu selly、Carrot、Paprika、Radish)

・Asapicked cucumber (soy sauce light mouth of Anantani from Toyama Prefecture)、Pepper、Salted kelp、sesame oil)
Chinese soup of wakame and green onion

A commemorative photo while protecting the death that seems to be deprived of the soup rolled egg to the pet dog chocolat

Please calm down with a dog snack in the chocolate.、Taking a deep breath in the clear air of a pleasant spring breeze、A delicious time to love the cherry blossoms that are in full bloom

The first cherry blossom viewing of Lake Sanari to spend time with chocolate。

It is as long as it is glad to be able to hear the chocolate of pleasure to be able to run about with the growth and stretch than when i am at home.

This year is different from last year's cherry blossom viewing.、I felt lonely that it became a cherry blossom viewing that no one of my friends could invite.、This destination、I think that I was able to spend time to feel the welcome of nature quietly without worrying only by the family.。

The next year、I'm looking forward to having a good cherry blossom viewing with many of you!

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