Baguette to eat than wines from the famous Boulangerie near

"Baguette means"wand"in France, during the French bread (baguettes)".

Just like its name、Narrowing of the cane like shape and stick、Crispy outside、During the tender out dust、Flour a good smell、To double the flavor by lightly toasted "baguette"!

But traditional bread in France is called "Pain traditionnel.、Was introduced to Japan and manufacturing method、What the Meiji early era it seems! Now that was generally widespread and、One of the familiar Japan table lined with ordinary bread!

This is my house、Like bread & baguettes like the、See how baguette is the most delicious?! "Investigating、Of the baguette to eat than wines from the famous Boulangerie near the Festival

Baguettes tend to be inadvertently supporting cast in the leading role、On this day、United States, Denmark, Australia and countries of cream cheese。

Famous jams specializes in Shizuoka "Polar bear jam"The Jam 3 species (Strawberry, marmalade, orange)、Makinohara domestic honey "HONEY BOY"、Appetizing smells of cumin spice "Wang & # 8217s; s Kitchen Bottled.。

"Handmade Studio Gotemba Kogen: Hiroyuki kurisu"The Wiener 4 (coarsely ground sausages、Garlic winner、Spicy spicy sausage、Homemade pork Rillettes and Au Gratin with you.、To fully enjoy each store every taste the difference!

At the same time arranges the baguette 5 stores、How size and coops、Brown、Hardness and each with different look、Cut and it smell fun bubble condition of the section, such as、Turns out that personality is different than you think!

(1) ' ASAYA.(La Boulangerie la Boulangerie And hemp。"
Stiffer surface gariggari、Looks so good in a beautiful Coop products、Baked color so dark、Flavorful and aromatic、 Whip in also whip up dust and flavorful、Fine enjoy on its own!

②「L & # 8217s; atelier Tempo (tempo cube)"
Crispy skin slightly stiffer、Slightly thinner、More bubbles、Homemade natural yeast、In moist!

(3) "Baguette (Baguette"
Skin soft.、While soft、The natural taste pleasing to children!

(4) see Romipan (Rompin"
Fluffy as epidermal even in tear by hand、Homemade yeast, a little sour Yes!

(5) see Bakery&Restaurant Sawamura (Bakery restaurant Sawamura"
Stiffer epidermis Calipari、Very narrow、Enriched wheat fragrance、In the moisture and I dust、Spread the sweetness you taste!

But I think each person's preferences、In the majority's "all hemp or。! "Next I was!

In the last、To order extra baguette, jams I bought at rock paper scissors、To take things like games and great excitement!

In one experiment、The good of reveling in the difference。
Also I would like to try different genres!


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