One foot at the miyakoda Research Park full of greenery ahead and cherry blossom viewing picnic


To create a magnificent landscape as the doorway of the miyakoda area、Range of attractive Park facilities "Miyakoda Research Park"To blossom Orchard is located in the、To enjoy the four seasons throughout the year and planted flower variety、3Cherry blossoms flowered throughout the country at the end of the month is here、Cherry blossomsYou can see。Is this cherry tree planting、Stature is still low and cute appearance, as took place in the 0/2004.


On this day、Is the wind was blowing strongly、Because it was warm and warm weather out your way like、To feel the spring ahead one step、We have cherry blossom miyakoda Research Park, bring a packed lunch.


Someiyoshino cherry blossoms of "unflagging grace、Proud.

Someiyoshino (Prunus yedoensis) is、Believed was born through natural mating of Oshima Cherry (Prunus Speciosa) and Edo-Zakura much (sightseeing nature)。In the Edo period was introduced as a "Garden" from gardener of somei village Edo (now Tokyo, Toshima-Ku)、 After that、NARA Yoshino cherry trees (Prunus jamasakura) and confusing for 'someiyoshino' came be known as seems。Now is 7: bloom、8Do you feel like blooming。Still there were trees bloom 5 minutes depending on location。Pale pink buds that have、The express whiteness begin to bloom and full of grace。But as the time too short, transience、So far only such as Japanese flowering of this temporary wait?!


Miyakoda Research Park、Welcome to wooden tables and benches can be used freely。Think good Golon on the lawn、On this day、Keep her from falling dishes and glasses、I borrowed the table!


"Montebello spumante Bianco.

Is this dramatic sparkling、 Berend's comics morning magazine in appeared in the wildly popular "Kami no shizuku"。At Rakuten、"At a celebrity party specified use that Armani! "、In addition to "best luxury 3-star restaurant even warrant! "That the aromatic, fruity and pleasant press was sold at the advertised flick (lol)、Refreshing taste and is spreading.、Characterized by the taste still lingering! By the cherry blossom、To improve your mood、Because it was put fresh strawberries in abundance、Changing taste more fruity.


This time the、Invite your friends Ayako, among the three cheers! From daytime is best especially in under the blue sky!


"Bagna Cauda"

In Bagna Cauda sauce just made garlic from Spain, "ahomolard"、Daikon radish、Carrot、Radish、Green asparagus、Green beans、Mushroom、We will rape!


Basil cheese-Ingen wrapped in a chicken breastClick here for the recipe!


"Herb into Vienna" from the Boyle as lightly brown in a frying pan、Maille mustard sauce.


"Three kinds of sandwiches" Avocado eggs and、The sandbox、Smoked ham and lettuce sandwich

サンドイッチは外で食べるとパンがカピカピになるのが早いことが判明しました!食べる直前までラップは必需品のようです(笑)それでも天候に恵まれ、Also that weekend、多くの子供連れの家族で周囲が賑やかだったためのんびりとした空気を味わいながら、Most I will stay with stiffness and early blossom is ♪ blossom many times this year I wonder if you can-!

Hamamatsu Park Green Association

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