Weeping in full bloom at the Yoshida House while Japan garden with cherry blossom


Was nationally in the striking architectural concrete industryNice Yoshida (* current、Business succession kiuchi)The fanatic Yoshida Akira (yoshidaakira) who had been serving as President at20142010 cherry blossom viewing.To have been invited by married couples.


Cherry blossoms in the vicinity of Hamamatsu last weekend now in Cherry changing and、At last look, there will、Bloom leads until the Yoshida House entranceWeeping cherry treeThe、Exactly what is in full bloom at their best、This day is enjoying seeing cherry blossom day blessed with great weather!


Dark buds、It's beautiful with pale pink petals、Soft branches are shaken by the wind、Fascinated by the graceful figure around.


Speaking of the Yoshida House、This beautifully in the Japan grounds。Valuable Japanese red pine, Plum, started.、You can enjoy the wonderful well-kept garden。Last time I introduced the light up the night、Bathed in the warm sunshine of the day、Bright green sparkling glitter and also beautiful views!


Started to fine Japanese red pine were planted in the Garden Center.、Enjoy the four seasons trees and flowers。The Yoshida House、Even looking out from the window where、Designed as a space of healing green comes into view.


Buchanan is 44-year-old.、When approximately 37 years ago built his house here、In the left cornerTea-ceremony roomAnd、Has been relocated from Kyoto。Appointed special love garden tea house in peaceful Japan garden while in pause。Is also the tea party wants to open it.


Contains the greetings of the cherry blossom and the cheers of Buchanan organizers from。Love tookSake tasting masterFor you have Buchanan is eligible、This day is often 嗜ma non-Japanese sake's sake、It was so much fun spend!


Yoshida's neighbors also seeRound eight real estate group"The plain Chairman Osamu and his wife Junko。In addition to、Afternoon of fun holiday and talk to us, we will be letting me join!


"Good bird-monohydrate Hermitage"And it's after lunch, we、Under cherry blossom。Dream of spring for flavors、Could spend a blissful holiday。Mr. Yoshida、Everyone was together thank you ♪ day、After this second blossom ladder。Introduces the pattern in the next post!

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