"100th anniversary commemorative relay Maserati Centennial road nakauchi Beach pine tea party ' for souvenirs


The other day、Held at Maserati Hamamatsu "100Anniversary commemorative relay Maserati Centennial road nakauchi Beach pine tea party' At 'Kyoto sweets tawaraya Yoshitomi' Who's 'Dry confectionery creations"InMaserati 100th anniversaryWe have souvenirs produced to commemorate the original candy。The yaki-Fu、Maserati's Trident and 1914 through to 2014, the 100th anniversary of、Made a half-break drought amber to resemble the flag of Italy。Every time、Portrayed with a souvenir series、This is the lovely candy。And、Another 100th anniversary commemorative medals had been enclosed! I pray the Maserati's growth continues!


The other day、General Manager of Maserati Hamamatsu travelers left on a journey to ItalySugiura AkiraMr. more、The home of the MaseratiMODENA-ModenaOf as a souvenir "30Aged balsamic vinegar"We have! The balsamic vinegar (thank you)、And said that from now on flourishing more than 1,000 years ago from Italy North in Emilia-Romana, Modena and Reggio Emilia、One among the European aristocracy have been loved as a treasure of ingredients。At the outset、To taste pleasant and valuable as a medication, such as fatigue and digestive rather than、Each family of this region also has made the traditional manufacturing process from generation to generation it has been succeeded until today。Elegant sweet taste and aroma、And is enjoying a deep taste 1.


So, combined with ice cream and fruit and good chemistry and I asked、Immediately hang one in vanilla ice。Plain vanilla ice cream quickly transforms into luxury suites! And (surprisingly) also served with berry fruit is delicious、Feeling it go well with pancakes! Mr. Sugiura、Thank you for your patience!

Maserati Hamamatsu
Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi-Ku, North Island town 772 TEL:053-589-4366
Hours of operation:10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday


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Maserati Hamamatsu OP party
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Maserati 100 year anniversary celebration
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