Hamanako Royal Hotel in Maserati lunch meeting with "bombosur"

Maserati (10)

2010 yearThan2012JulyOver the "Seen from the East JapanThe theme "
It has been a part renewal "Hamanako Royal Hotel"Mr.。
Last year2014/3The、Renewed bath and bath、
ONSEN La Coon (hot spring Raccoon)And open、Chamaeleonidae in。
2015On June 14 (Sun)Today、"1st Maserati bi Trou Bo touring"And then held、
Incorporated lunch in the spacious parking lot is available here。
And then at around Lake Hamana、From lookouts to arrive along the drive is so feeling better enjoy nice!


Both parking and restaurant located there that Sunday。
Hamana Lake RoyalMr. so、
Last year2014/SeptemberIn the hotel parkingElectric automobileThe owner travellers comfort are available as
Rapid charging equipment ( EV QUICK)With regular charging equipment (EV 200 V)Was established。
Attitude to continue responding to the various needs of your users like is what
Opened26First yearOne reason why now also loved many of the。
At the hotel、And enjoy the paintings have been exhibited at the entrance、
Tea lounge rippleCan often be found for those who enjoy a cup of tea at。
On this day、The top floor French 'Sky restaurant bombosur"Mr. at the、
Yoshiaki ToyamaOne budget to the chef3,000CircleAt ask、We will leave the course.

Maserati (13)

In the restaurant、About 100 seats is prepared by the interval and the、Almost fully occupied State is very lively inside。
To BGMChansonAnd flows、You can spend an extraordinary loose time!


And more than anything、Click here for hotel13 floorTo the oneTop floorThe splendor of vistas overlooking the Lake from the window of a restaurant、
Though overwhelmed by the beauty of the more difficult words and、In the splendor of the Lake with a magnificent view.

Maserati (19)

Maserati (15)

Maserati (25)

Not just in the car、Theatrical and travel stories、The furniture and the Interior story.

Maserati (14)

"Gian vinegar Muscat" France non-alcoholic sparkling drinks

Manager at University and SumoOgawa DaisaburoSensibly arranged for Mr、
We had a non-alcoholic sparkling! (Thanks)
Built on the Cote du Rhone region of France Giants Muscat。
Muscat is the name of the grape variety、Is characterized by sweet aroma and the grapes of。
Dark honey、Is sweet.、Fragrance、Taste favored by women.

Maserati (16)

"Duet of green peas and temperature egg"

We will mix while cold soup filled with intense peas flavor and sweet shredded egg。
Fatty yolk-boobs and come out and、You can also enjoy deep taste sweet!

Maserati (17)

"Source of local vegetables our garden-style bubble"

Local vegetables、Baby corn、Carrot、Broccoli、The cucumber, etc.
Prosciutto and shrimp、Corn mousse、Chicken broth jelly、With foam。
Enjoy the texture and sweetness of the vegetables along with fresh jelly of gentle taste is cool dish ♪

Maserati (18)


Bread is in two.、Wheat and Walnut bread and baguette。
We will put plenty of fresh extra virgin olive oil ♪

Maserati (20)

"Tomato potage soup"

Hot thick tomato soup。
♪ accents basil source of whets the appetite

Maserati (21)

"Seafood mousse Yuba wrapped"

With mousse at the shellfish broth、Wrapped in bean curd。
Wearing out the delicate skin、Moist and smooth mousse、American sauce with plenty of happy!

Maserati (22)

"Shaterudon" France premium sparkling mineral water

As the water of the Sun King was beloved in France King Louis 14th, is a renowned premium sparkling mineral water。
In 1158 mg/l hardness hardness of natural fine carbonated natural mineral water、
Soft water and eating and calcium will often contain minerals such as magnesium。
The sommelierNaoya 北氏Mr. toward touring car lovers members
"and I said if it is water of Rolls-Royce!"And、Easy to understand and serve us! (Lol)

Maserati (23)

"Granite of oranges"

It is a palate freshener in the granite of fresh orange ♪

Maserati (24)

"Chicken salt koji steamed basil Source"

Chicken breast marinated in salt malt、Things steaming tastes in basil sauce。
Under the、Served with mashed potatoes and spinach。
Chicken is salt yeast works、Very moist and soft and finished!

Maserati (26)

"Bumbo Sur dessert"

Cheese and served with fruit、Enjoy with mango sauce。
Well with vanilla ice it is good ♪

Maserati (27)


As for the coffee after dinner、We can enjoy a relaxing lunch。
LargeChan、ToyamaSan、North Mr.San、Thank you always!
♪ that was available very glad also to everyone

Hamanako Royal Hotel
Hamamatsu-Shi Nishi-Ku, yuto-Cho Yamazaki 4396-1 TEL:053-592-2222

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