The great massed live date! To the Hamamatsu ryuyo tenryu River estuary and the Enshu-Nada!

Even though the rainy season has set in、In the last few days in Hamamatsu in June,、I'm peeping into the sunny room enough to pierce the skin pleasantly in the sun!

On a day like this、It's best to feel the fresh wind and magnificent sea of summer up close!
By saying that、My car is very "Maserati Act City HamamatsuDrive with "MASERATI Granturismo Sport MC Auto-shift" handled by!

When you run through the toll road "Shin-Kakezuka Bridge" of 1.2km on The National Route 150 bypass connecting Kakezuka, Shibata City from Mishinmachi, Hamamatsu City、Tenryu River on the left、I can look at Enshu Pass on the right hand side and feel refreshed!
Destinations、It becomes a huge campsite rich in nature facing Enshu Pass.、BBQ and Tennis、Marine resortwhere where you can enjoy hot springs and more "Ryuyang Marine Park Auto Campground"To!

Around this park、There is a narrow road that can run along the sea.、There is a route where you can enjoy driving sideways with the glittering Enshu Pass!
It's a difficult way to get a car passing by.、Be careful when driving!

Looking in the distance、A 4WD SUV car is enjoying a sandy beach ride on a sandy beach by the sea.、The appearance of running in a bold manner at the edge of the wave is impressive full of exotic is!

The blue sky which spreads to pure blue without a cloud、Granturismo of elegant navy blue that shines on the surface of the sea that shines light every time it waves! MASERATI that attracts the eye no matter where you are!

When a man in a majestic macho who is running energetically half-naked on the narrow road appears dashing from the front、
"Would you like to take a picture if you like?" I was able to say!

He、Kenji Endo, who is a director of the recycling business "Ohashi Shoji" in Shibata。
I was moved by his so refreshing appearance.、On the other hand, I took a picture (laughs)

Endo, who is now 42 years old,、It seems to have been riding on MASERATI's Vitrubo when I was young.、It is said that it was caught in the eye!

Mr. Endo, who has small children,、She's been karate with her kids.、To continue to show "strong young father's back" to the family forever、It seems to be not essential daily training!

There is also a happy encounter、The most enjoyable drive is still going on!

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