At Maserati Hama Matsu Maserati 3200 GT repair in ride and tea time.


The automotive city dealer old Alfa Romeo sites 'Maserati Hamamatsu"And I'm in the car3200GTOfRepairPlease asked and。This time the、The short that was causing bad wiring accessories、Is the replacement fuse is blown。That was opened in Hamamatsu, maseratidiler opportunity to、That ride with confidence and boasting fine points of various inspection is possible.


About 1459 m² (441 square meters) is a large showroom area。A car always can be exhibited 3 vehicles。Near the center of the Hamamatsu City、Hamamatsu i.c. down, facing the National Highway No. 152 line of Motor City、Boasts highly convenient location。And design of the showrooms in、All of the latest Maserati CI was implemented in、A sleek white and blue shades、Provides elegant luxury sports brands.、Large glass spaces、Will produce a bright airy and relaxing moments.


Waiting booth


NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto "chococino" and "latte Murciano.

Maserati HamamatsuMr. so、This year2015 yearThanNESCAFÉ Dolce GustoIntroduced、Is used to put the tea to customers。This time the、Thick, rich taste"Chococino.And sweetness stand out"Latte Murciano.Whats up。Both hot and delicious for you.、The music、Classic flowing gracefully、Showroom is Cafe-like feel。After a delicious Café、Not yet testQuattroporte GT SFor we have a test ride。3.8L V8 Twin TurboOfQuattroporte GT SThe、Maximum output 530PS、Maximum torque 710NM Delivers! An HKS sense of stability.、Bypass and I'm driving at high speeds is the best! Test drive in、Single button operationSport modeAlso please try it!


Maserati original cookies (COVA)

On the tea cake、To symbolize the Maserati emblem "Trident"We have the original cookie is decorated。A cookie here、Maserati purveyor Cafe "COVA cover"And I'm in was manufactured, it is very delicious!


Just、Fair as was being held during the 3-day weekend、Women had a gift! The (happy) from Adriatic sea salt made in Italy-Puglia region salt saltAnother t tripThe bath salts "Italian Puglia sort"And、In the West Assago Milano、100Old cosmetics factory has years of historyRdiprofirmiThe "Rdinatulle and aromatic hand & body lotion"It is。And、Children of ItalyChocolateHad been present。I am glad services!


Maserati emblem "Trident"The present of pressed stamped paulownia box、What!Test ride of giveawaysIt seems! What is contained in what?


And I opened the box of paulownia、The case shines like a diamond、Along with the Maserati emblem "2015 Shochu"The character is! The number is limited、Test ride of giveawaysThere will be a whopping gorgeous! 勿体無kute the early 開keremasenn (laughs) a comfortable enough not to wait for repairsMaserati HamamatsuIs it the showroom。Replacement parts or end it safely、This is relieved! Now、MaseratiNew Ghibli S Q4AndNew Quattroporte S and SGran Turismo Sport MC Auto ShiftSuch as the test drive is available! If you are interested in、Nothing more than catalog、First try! Mr. Sugiura、Plant Manager,、Ms. Watanabe、Thank you very much!

Maserati Hamamatsu
Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi-Ku, North Island town 772 TEL:053-589-4366
Hours of operation:10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi-Ku Kita island town 772

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