Along with the magnificent scenery around Lake Hamana 1st Maserati biturbo touring

Maserati (1)

"Maserati Nagoya"That as the Maserati owners are reunion、
Biturbo generationOf limitation those who have ridden on the Maserati "1st Maserati bi Trou Bo touring"
2015On June 14 (Sun)Held today。
CommemorableFirst roundThe、We live in the city、Not come to Hamamatsu、
We have、For your car3200GTThe white Victor Massé and participating in child、Acts as a Navigator in the Nagoya members。
The meeting place、Parking near the 3 months, Internet。
According to schedule、Ghibli、Zagato spider、3200GT×2 units、Quattroporte × 2 unitsKay6UnitsOf the Maserati。
For the rainy season、There was uneasiness of weather、
Great man and to demonstrate the effect of weather、In the cloudy sky、Able to start successfully.

Maserati (2)

While the leading car driving、Try driving at a safe speed。
Although cloudy、Touring Green this time of year is best、I envy Zagato spider open as long as it is!

Maserati (3)

Speaking of 3 months, Tangerine is famous、
Another one of tourists getting overwhelming support、That has become a popular spot "Nagasaka's Apiary"Her.。
1935 yearSince it was founded in、Honey Shop has been the production and sale of domestic pure honey。
OriginalNagasaka Kihei.、At the beginning is to own IMPAX started domesticated honey bees in the garden、
2001 OctoberThe lakeside inohana transfer and renewal、Store has been extended。
To the second generationNagasaka MitsuoWas handed down after、
Of Nagasaka family eldest son to the current third generationNagasaka goodJust being sworn in、Over the generations, the prosperity of the increasingly。
Touring first destination is ♪ here

Maserati (6)

Maserati (4)

Maserati (5)

In the shop、While incorporating the gentle beekeeping methods natural honey bees and honey and aligned on the shelf was pure honey、
The most popular "honey & margarine" and、Suites with plenty honey is a popular。
Thankfully、Because the various products tasting corner、Can you purchase choice.。
Through the large glass Windows was set up at the back of the store and、Is cute too actually flying to honey bees.

Nagasaka's Apiary
Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku 3 months, Cho shimoo Nana 97-1 TEL:053-524-1183
Hours of operation:9:00-19:00
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

Maserati (7)

Enjoy shopping at the honey shop、The next goal is lunch!

Maserati (10)

While touring the most important、Is not in the spacious parking facilities?。
Excellent location on the road around the Lake Hamana natural are understandably、
Click here "Hamanako Royal Hotel"Mr. so、
There is a vast parking space photographs, you can effortlessly to、
To the people who will be touring、Will be providing us with a very easy-to-use environment where.

Maserati (11)

You figure you have a dashing Italian gentleman wrap yourself in Maserati blue jackets and polo shirts is wonderful ♪

Maserati (12)

Hotel on the top floor French "Sky restaurant bombosur"Mr. at the、
Yoshiaki ToyamaOne budget to the chef3,000CircleAt ask、We will leave the course.

Maserati (13)

For more information, fun and delicious lunch、We will introduce in the articles.

Hamanako Royal Hotel
Hamamatsu-Shi Nishi-Ku, yuto-Cho Yamazaki 4396-1 TEL:053-592-2222

Maserati (28)
1st "Maserati bi Trou Bo touring" commemorative photo

Hamanako Royal HotelAnd it's borrowed lavishly to the corner of the parking lot、
Draw the arc and place the Maserati、Usual whats to photo。
When the green is reflected on the background or you are wonderful ♪

Maserati (29)

The commemorative photo with Maserati owner of everyone

Maserati (31)

Maserati (30)

Maserati (32)

Commemorative photo even before each car ♪

Maserati (34)

After a leisurely lunch、Kanzanji toward surface.。
Of the Maserati range in Lake Hamana、Best to have numbness in your...
On this day、Was the first debut men's Maserati drivers.、
It is fun going more and more fellow little by little ♪

Maserati (37)

Heading to Kanzanji Onsen Kanzanji along the highwayJi desu ka い bridgeIt is in the vicinity
Mysterious space, such as if set foot even in fairyland "Warm forest"。
Of warmth workshopSasaki Shigeyoshi architectural design studioAs a result、French restaurants and cafes、The complex where the grocery store、
"Like the world, such as Studio Ghibli"、"The world, such as crowded hesitation in picture book"And rumored、Has become a popular tourist attractions of Lake Hamana。
2015March 5More and prevent the penetration of the vehicle、
In front of the parking lotParking fee 1,000 yenPayment、Now entering on foot。
After lunch、Take a break here while enjoying walks!

Maserati (41)

"Candy Mori courtyard cafe"

2015On February 21In reopening the courtyard Café、
Confectionery every day be carefully handmade cakes and baked goods you can eat inside and outside。
Of course the takeaway is available。
In the confectionery on the Hill、Was started as a new soft serve ice cream。
You may want to enjoy the sweet Suites in mysterious space that was laid-back ♪

Maserati (44)

Shop warmth workshop

Maserati (38)

Forest candy

Maserati (39)

While women are infatuated, land of dreams、Men are resting time (lol)

Maserati (42)

Small hour、Relaxing and enjoying the meal break、And extensive touring.

Warm forest
Hamamatsu-Shi, Nishi-Ku, Waji 2949 TEL:053-486-1723
Hours of operation:10:30To 18:30
Closed on Mondays:Thursday

Maserati (35)

2nd "Maserati bi Trou Bo touring"The、Not much at the Mont Saint Michel city organises BBQ (lol)

You guys、Also look forward to seeing you again!

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