"Verde Amarelo velgiamalero' kids are brands of Brazil.


As a fashion brand dealer of Brazil from KYLY and milon "Verde Amarelo velgiamaleroIt was opened on May 23, 2013 in a corner of the quiet Higashi-gai district.。A brand KYLY Kily that conveys free movement and loveliness to children 2 to 8 years old who enjoy colorful colors and are full of energy。On the other hand、Brand milon Milon that boasts a sophisticated design with elegance and high-quality lineup as a little dressup and nurtures the rich sensitivity and imagination of children。With these two Brazilian import brands as our main focus、It is developed to enjoy the fashion to the kids in the western part♪ of the prefecture


Bright interior based on pop orange-colored walls。Cute kids wear that you can enjoy colorful colors for both men and women is lined up、♪ Very popular with young mothers


Kyly brand、Features colorful and cute shades and designs。Clothes that are perfect for kids flapping in a world of imagination and fantasy to play energetically♪


This is also the brand Bibi Bibi of children's shoes from Brazil.。Unique and cute design and colorful color combination attract the eye、It is rising in popularity due to the ease of wearing♪


The concept of two brands kyly and milon that already boasts the top share in Brazil is made-in-mom。The feelings of the mom who cares for my child are shaped.、I came from a Brazilian mom to a Japanese mom.。Well-equipped factories in Brazil and、From environmental initiatives and other、I can hear the attitude of the company which thinks of children.。Versia Marrero is currently based in Hamamatsu.、2013On November 13, 2009, Tokyo is a shopping mall right next to Daikanyama Station.、Opening of "milon Daikanyama" in La Fente Daikanyama and advancing expansion、These two stores are the only authorized distributors of KYLY and milon in Japan♪


With Toshinao Hirano (left photo), who is a director of this place,、One piece in commemoration of introducing the family of a friend who had just visited the store。It is said that The Rotary Connection, Keiichiro Atsumi, is the son of Amami Iron Works.。Your edge calls the edge.、Both Hirano-kun and Atsumi-kun、It turns out that it is 51 years group of the same age as my husband.、It was a day to be happy that there was a connection between those who are active in the same year.。Next year, we'll have a New Year's party with a 51-year-old family♪!

Verde Amarelo velgiamalero Hamamatsu Branch
Address:Hamamatsu City Naka Ward Central 1-16-9 Sternbau 1F TEL:053-458-3367
Hours of operation:11:00To 18:00 Closed on Mondays:No regular holidays

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Chuo 1-16-9

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