Toyama potter "Gaku Shakunaga Ceramics Exhibition in Hamamatsu" Events that connects the Toyama Prefecture Hamamatsu artists


Among architects in the Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu LuguHase MoriyasuMr. wood create warmth filled spaces、
Celebrity chefs in the world is paying attention.、Last year "The Wonder 500"Well chosen
Potters in ToyamaGaku SyakunagaAnd it's out with a
"Shakunaga Gaku Ceramics Exhibition in Hamamatsu"2015/11/28(Sat)、29(Sun)For over two days, has been held.

"The Wonder 500"、
In the Ministry of economy, trade and industry announced、For the promotion of community revitalization by Phonies、
The Wonder 500 ™ (the-wonder-five hundred)"Start!
"That is not yet known to the world、Japan's superior products "As、Announcing selected 500 merchandise。

Hase Moriyasu Architectural planning


Event venue、"Hase Moriyasu Architectural planning"The establishment of company15Anniversary
Been built new Office cum home as wellFive yearsTo celebrate the milestone said、
Hase MoriyasuAnd it's for opening the new Office cum home、
On the firm side、50Near pointGaku SyakunagaOf the works、We have exhibited and sold at free!


At the Office entrance、Gaku SyakunagaThe exhibited objects and instruments。
College is attracted to the charm of the sculpture, carving up the learning、Carver had been aimed atGaku SyakunagaMr. a、
He made the instrument still、And was uchideshi for production of a solid object、
Now、Hotels are also displayed.


Hase MoriyasuIs it the home living & dining、20Prepare the seat、
Gaku SyakunagaThe exhibition of the、"Gaku Shakunaga xJapanese cuisine Benichi×Masuizumi"The dinner party into control of the day and night, have。
A space filled with warmth the natural wood desig、
Bathed in warm natural light to moderate、Creates cozy atmosphere!


2014 yearTo90th anniversaryGreeted Japan cuisine "Japanese cuisine Benichi"The 3rd generation owner,Junichi SuzukiMr. a、
Have to be started and have treated many、
Gaku SyakunagaOf the instrument in as simple and experience can be used without a pattern generator for the first time。
We alsoGaku SyakunagaAnd it's with out saw the、
Toyama "GARAKU"In the restaurant"Lévo"And in the first、
With dishes of Japanese style、Will be attempted first。
However,、In the sake of Toyama "Masuizumi"And if you need to collaborate、
And beams.、In Hamamatsu "Japanese cuisine Benichi"ofJunichi SuzukiIs it omitted, no other。


Everyone joined in the day of、Start a bit more us visitors as soon as possible、
Each instrument seems to hope you enjoyed!




In fact held in the hands、With lightness and delicacy、And overwhelmed by the presence of having amazed everyone。
"It is much better than seen in the photos!"And with the mouth, everybody gave me sann仰! (happy)


Part of the day、Capacity 20 persons attended with greater than、Became a great success! (I)


For organizersHase MoriyasuIs it more for the opening、Potter was invited from ToyamaGaku SyakunagaFacebook and discussion!
HaseAnd it is from the previous、The collaboration between his architecture and pottery was being looked、
Instrument quite nicely and is missing... and had uttered。
In there、Uslade-The last year2015 yearThe metGaku SyakunagaFor, let me introduce you to trigger the、
"And if this instrument、Right or wrong!"And just tell、We have developed into a flow of this event!


"Gaku Shakunaga xJapanese cuisine Benichi×Masuizumi"On when to hold a dinner party、
Usually only Christopher "Japanese cuisine Benichi"The 3rd generation owner,Junichi Suzuki.、
Thanks to the staff to the catering service accepted、Was great meeting!


Japanese cuisine Benichi "homemade pickles"
Gaku Shakunaga "black glazed plate platter"


Japanese cuisine Benichi "egg"
Gaku Shakunaga "ring platters"


Japanese cuisine Benichi "homemade dried mullet roe"
Gaku Shakunaga "black glaze with dish"


"Japanese cuisine Benichi"Now、The Iwase 'Masuda sake brewery' By 'Masuizumi"The deals also、
This season the most tanks in NAMA genshu bottling and、Would be of limited quantities "Masuo fountain NAMA genshu 1 pinch"The、
Every year、"Masuda sake brewery' More 'Japanese cuisine Benichi"To the very valuable malts being presented is。
To celebrate this eventJunichi SuzukiMr. more
"So is the malts will mark、Come enjoy with you"And、Providing hope、
The cheers of the day "Masuo fountain NAMA genshu 1 pinch"The dividend! (Thank you)
Thick and fruity aroma、And mellow taste with ripe flavor reminiscent of fruit、
Good balance of attractive finished in one!


This time、"Gaku Shakunaga xJapanese cuisine Benichi×Masuizumi"The sake we offer dinner party、
You will receive "Masuo fountain NAMA genshu 1 pinch"Except for the、All Toyama directly went to buy。
①「Masuo fountain malts"、②「Masuo fountain junmai ginjo — 2 comments down"、③「Masuo fountain pure rice"、④「Masuo fountain, jyouji liquor"The order served。

"Masuda sake brewery"Now、Buy two limited。
For a limited time "Masuo fountain junmai ginjo — 2 comments down"SI bottle 1 1944 Yen
Burning the summer crossing、In relaxed well balanced taste even better glue、Enjoy a beautiful finish with sweet scent。
Here is、"Japanese cuisine Benichi" Of "Soup egg rolls"Fit to be served。

Masuo fountain built for the first time, jyouji sake "Masuo fountain, jyouji liquor"500 ml bottle 2376 Yen
The plant in rice koji and water are usually alcohol、Kijo-Shu sake brewed by sake instead of water is。
Rich sake using rice。
Housed in a bottle made in Italy、You can recommend it to women of good sake!
Nobuhira, a sweet yet、Guests can taste fresh and elegant aftertaste。
Here is、Been Apple picking by Nagano Prefecture. "Freshly picked apples"Fit to be served。

"Wine merchant Tajiri Head Office"Now、Consider and balance the budget with food、The shopkeeperInujima working only 1Is it in our purchasing。
Limited product service specifications including parameters only stores was limited even in Toyama Prefecture "Masuo fountain malts"SI bottle 1 1620 Yen
Milking and lower slag mortar impurity fresh、And let it age for employed、Types of malts so degrees 19 degrees and the high。
Delicious and perfect for sight、Sharp and well、Meet the drink is excellent、Sake-lovers enjoy you want 1 book.。
Here is、"Japanese cuisine Benichi" Of "Homemade dried mullet roe"Fit to be served。

Masuo spring classic drink in sake "Masuo fountain pure rice"1 sake bottle 1 2700 Yen
Masuo drew seems to be pure flavor and heavy spring classic drink in junmai sake。
Yamada Nishiki sake rice and polished stone 5 million up to 60%、
酒本 come with a carbon filtration without flavor and turned to utilizing the scent。
There's seems to be pure taste and flavor、Come taste a width and weight、
Rich taste drink taste balanced enough to increase flavor。
Here is、"Japanese cuisine Benichi"The will to enjoy meals in the restaurant!


"Japanese cuisine Benichi"The 3rd generation owner,Junichi SuzukiMs. of 'Masuizumi"To convey such passion、
In a verbose presentation meters。
And beams.、SuzukiIs going to the right place to ask!
"Japanese cuisine Benichi"In the open、At all timesSuzukiAnd it's sticking to carefully selected sake and wine、Then, shochu etc.
So you can enjoy premium liquor、Delicious meal all the more enjoyable felt, it is recommended.




Gaku SyakunagaJust went to your tables、
Various discussions of shaking、Heavens sake、We have spent valuable time!


After a day of、Immediately before preparation of the night。
As well as end date、Along with the beautiful sky is ready to welcome the night、Welcome Guest!


Students who participate in the night、After admission to each enjoyed the instrument!


Of the night、In the maximum number of persons invited、Became a great success! (I)




Part of the night、Still drinks were quicker than the day、We so enjoyed fully!


Part of the night、"Japanese cuisine Benichi"The 3rd generation owner,Junichi SuzukiAnd it is open for、When you return to so、
Toyama "Masuizumi"Know the pottersGaku SyakunagaIs it in whats the presentation!
"I is a breathtaking expertise! (laughs)"And without further ADO while also、
"Masuda sake brewery"And dwell in the land of the same Iwase、The Narrator with his local love was very cool stuff!
This "Gaku Shakunaga xJapanese cuisine Benichi×Masuizumi"The dinner party is、
Gaku SyakunagaThe is also one of the works 'Too much drinking glass"We all: prepare、
We realize the goodness of taste you。
Loves alcohol potters、For more delicious to enjoy sakeThe created "Thin glass"The、
And poured sake、Is so diaphanous delicacy.、
And、Go to and behind the mouth、Meets the suave about it too much I drink of thinness。
"Thin glass"And the glass"Thin glass"The、Was also the most popular works in the event.


Japanese cuisine Benichi "homemade pickles"
Gaku Shakunaga "black glaze platter"


Japanese cuisine Benichi "egg"
Gaku Shakunaga "ring platters"


Soba Omori"Seiro Soba"
Gaku Shakunaga "black glaze platter"

Saturday dinner in La、2016/11/29(Sun)The、The only exhibition and sale。
The pottery HouseGaku SyakunagaMr. a、With a busy schedule、Early in the morning on Sunday to return to the Toyama since、
For organizersHase MoriyasuWith a picture we have in our planning Committee!
All the way how Toyama、Thanks so much!


Sunday、Gaku SyakunagaAnd I'm out of the Office, it was、
Visiting the more than 80 people in a great success、Is filled with gratitude.




Hamamatsu mainly from outside the Prefecture also many visitors and、
During the、Restaurant owner from Atami and Nagoya was visiting guests!
Of course hamamatsucho restaurants food and dining staff often attend the event.




Also、Gaku SyakunagaIs it of his wife that my father from the old familiar、
And took me, happened to be watching the event flyer、Surprise encounter there、I am quite "Your edge"As soon as I felt it is!
In the event of、For many peopleGaku SyakunagaIs it the works wonders picked、
I hope that you feel immediately.

This event broughtHase MoriyasuSan、Of culinary dialect us providing your mealJunichi SuzukiSan、
And、The pottery House cheered from ToyamaGaku SyakunagaSan、Thanks to the event we really appreciate。

Visitors to really thank ♪

Gaku Syakunaga

Japanese cuisine Benichi


Hase Moriyasu Architectural planning

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