Maserati Nagoya hosted fall touring 2015 aimed at Fukui Mikata goko Rainbow line


2015Years 11 months 3 days (Tuesday) culture dayTo、Had been planned beforehand "Maserati Nagoya"As an organized event planning、
To celebrate the 2nd annual meeting of "Maserati autumn excursion in Fukui"To have been involved。
Blessed with good weather、Meishin for fast descents in the meeting place to the service area!
So we were most of participant of Nagoya、Expeditionary Brigade from Hamamatsu、Our couples-only。
People gather in time.、Our white Massé and decently the same 3200 GT、
Spider、Spider Zagato、Previous generation Quattroporte.、Previous owner of the Quattroporte.、Its predecessor was the Ghibli、
Is a fun day and 22 Maserati owners start with 14 units.


11MoonThe air is so clear,、Is a little outside the cool air flow.、
In the car now in warm weather and perfect for touring.


Including the root check、Each such participant safety、Contains the description and notes。


The planning for this event "Maserati Nagoya"The aftermarket sales master Techni technician
Tanaka thenLet's please he commanded.


Nice views of the mountains、M dog!CocoI also feel good!


A feature of the same house 3200 GT、BoomerangAnd is nicknamed the distinctive LED taillights。
That appeared at that time was pros and cons、The designGiugiaroThe、
Original、Nothing to oval tail lights、
"Strong personality you want!"Will be ready in the drink reluctantly said that Maserati meets the strong requirements of form。
GiugiaroThat is had been professed and not liked so much he、
As a result、This tail is3200GTWill be recognized as the greatest feature。
Beautiful form、And Boomerang it is!


Her husband in the front passenger seat to camera、This driver is responsible for my。
3200GT ride is very smooth、
Highway drive is very convenient, is the best!


In parallel of the Maserati emblem。
Maserati emblem、Emblem of the historic town of Bologna "The God of the sea Neptune's three-pronged spear"This is。
This Trident、Signifies the unity of the Maserati brothers 3.


NEW Ghibli

With beautiful proportions and powerful power unit Maserati's new Ghibli。
Is a sports sedan, its overwhelming presence!


NEW Ghibli

The engine is mounted on the new Ghibli、V-type 6-cylinder 3.0 L Twin-Turbo。
To start the engine、Enters the room like the Maserati engine sounds。
The unique power of the V8 engine is not、
You can enjoy sound including the exhaust sound and feel the unique atmosphere of the Maserati.


Its predecessor was the Quattroporte

Enter the signature of Pininfarina's predecessor is the styling of the Quattroporte、
Creative Director "Okuyama k. row Ken Okuyama"By design。
Previous、"Maserati Festival"Is allowed to test the experience、
Is the car as well as the design, runs and sounds great!


4Teen first Quattroporte

4th-generation Quattroporte was designed by Marcello Gandini, simple yet elegant design!
Maserati of this era are well furnished and luxury used leather and wood、The suite runs exactly!
Especially white collar Quattroporte is a bewitching atmosphere、Fashionable women want to come ride one!


Zagato Spayder

And the oldest in this touring Maserati Zagato spider。
222The Maserati biturbo times、It is anyway often failed, with hard drive!
However,、"Maserati Nagoya"ofTanaka plant managerBy this beautiful finish of the Zagato、
In great condition、Showed me a timeless ride!


With from Meishin fast maibara junction to tōkai-Hokuriku Expressway、
Fukui、Across from the direction of Tsuruga.、Our goal is "Mikata goko Rainbow line' Is!
On the way to your destination、Take lunch in eel specializes in Fukui。
Next is "Eel dishes Tokuemon" And "Mikata goko Rainbow line"、"Japan Sea fish Street seafood market" introduction!

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Maserati Nagoya
Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya-Shi Naka-ku Jin 2-4-15 TEL:052-202-1133
Hours of operation:10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

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