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Lunch & Exhibition at the "Maserati Day 2014" is the second day Hamanako Royal Hotel



2010 yearThan2012JulyOver the "Seen from the East Japan"And partly on the theme、2014/3The、Renewed bath and bath、ONSEN La Coon (hot spring Raccoon)Is open is showing the bustle "Hamanako Royal Hotel"Mr.。


Which had been scheduled to be held in a town originally "Maserati Day 2014"Of the second dayHamamatsu DayThe、The night before the trouble is caused、Suffered a suddenly compelled to change the exhibit、That inconvenience is sincerely、To take this opportunity to apologize,。Due to route changes、Sentinel photographer had been prepared on moving and to get chased by the venue and catering can be arranged、General visitors to the late notification of changes that are very sorry。Standing in a corner、Also feeling a sense of crisis alive not "pinch is a chance! "In one word kept struggling in the chest。Thankfully saved by a lot of friends、Could be held safely without having to stop。Using the media、While major announcements、We really regret that was guilty of such misconduct。This accident and this experience to、I want to work more carefully so that in the event of future such no。To change the location regardless of、For visitors to many people, and I'm happy as long as it is! Guest room on a Sunday ' for many、ManagerOgawa DaisaburoWith his quick wit、You let me 貸shi切ra a vast bus parking spaces、Was able to showcase a total of 40 or so old and new Maserati! That is like、Simply magnificent!








Thanks to the spacious exhibition space、Whats slowly watch the Maserati owners joined with our general visitors.


"Abundance ア ボ ン ド ン スOwners of Pastry "Eberle BernardAnd a click on the memorial because san me rushed!


This is the view from the top floor of the hotel。Actually,、To celebrate the Maserati Club of Japan1st Maserati DayThe、This hamanako Royal Hotel is going in and held PresidentThe more letters a lakeI heard from Mr。And spreads made of something like a reincarnation event、Seems to be memorable locations.


Maserati owners lunch venue、On the top floor of the hotel "In case - Corning ウ-"At。


And allow easier communication、Are you buffet-style、Thanks to the venue in the US there are sofa seats、I think from around the country in long-distance driving tired to rest await your hope!


Stunning location of Lake Hamana view




This time the、But there was highly unusual for an unusual、Was your initial request "THE ORIENTAL TERRACE TORIZEN"Is it of catering dishes bringing in hamanako Royal Hotel is I, we provided。Also it has become possible、Is there by chance、Oriental patio chefMaekawaTomohiroMr、Served as a total person in charge hereNagato KeijiBecause it was in the chef's apprentice。It was a miraculous salvation of God! Thank you for!













And thanks to Maekawa、Order more than 30 before food easy to eat even as a snack。Good colors、Utilize the small plate、Potions are so kindly arrange for service。70You just prepare cuisine was all ate a happy trend.


Here "Maserati Hamamatsu"Italy of carbonated water was kindly provided by sponsor than Mr."Borjomi ボ ル ジ ョ ミ"。The country of origin、Longevity in Georgia。In the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park、As the water supports the health of the people of Georgia、Since ancient times people living breath with it have。World top level mineral content and rich mineral content of more than 60 different naturally carbonated mineral water。Water Borjomi miracle be loved by more than 40 countries we have prepared a gift!


2It was very fulfilling over a day "Maserati Day 2014"。Takigoshi's President started.、District officers、Very pleased that I could share the fun with our members。Also, be able to meet you and look forward to、I want to enjoy the Maserati life!

2Also Nichimoku of Hamamatsu Day Thank you for your participation Kudasari!


Manager:Brook daizaburo (Central)、The Oriental terrace Trigen chef:Maekawa Tomohiro (right)、Sommelier:Mr. Takashi Fukunishi (left)

Ladies and gentlemen,、Your hard work and cooperation, thanks so much!

Hamanako Royal Hotel

Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Nishi-Ku, yuto-Cho Yamazaki 4396-1


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"Maserati Day 2014" sack → parade run old and new Maserati to sail fast between Hamamatsu "CHINA KITCHEN Midori-en" Maserati Day of the event cheers for good work dinner at
"Maserati Day 2014" sack → parade run old and new Maserati to sail fast between Hamamatsu
"CHINA KITCHEN Midori-en" Maserati Day of the event cheers for good work dinner at


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