Ikebana exhibition held every year at the omuro style flower arrangement Kyoto head temple ninna-ji Temple

Kyoto World Heritage and will see its main templeNinna-ji Temple"Naga, and founded the first monzeki No. 59 dynasty emperor go-UDA (kanpyo)、Ikebana schools have been handed down "Omuro flower arrangement"Even flow zu consecration national 挿花 competition is held annually at this year's 101st to be、Us Santas as you will find!

"Jin 和寺 (ninnnaji)",、And the Kyoto omuro Shingon omuro sect head temple of、Cherry blossoms in spring and autumn foliage and blossoms、We are loved by many tourists!

But fortunately the weather was held 1/2017、Eyes become dazzling good seasons and green leaves、Wind gentle seasons fragrant breeze is comfortable to touch the skin。

And gate、Omuro flow flower HouseNagai Yuji heart (Yushin Nagai)Us welcomes the、Lovely place!

Located on the East side at the Palace Group、And the finish was at the "grand entrance" with dignity and pomp、He met gorgeous floral arrangements were。
This time the、Large front door started.、White paper on hospital、Between the capital of the sheath、Black Book of、Corridor、Between the Ouchi、Outdoor、Old flower Hall and venue、Ikebana is a total 200 points to exhibits。

View omuro ikebana black Academy located just one point of tatebe Yuji path healer his Holiness's classic work in peace and quiet、Love the flower while the visit with a solemn Temple in mind a relaxing time!

On the way、Head to the tea ceremony, tea tickets。
Two of the ninna-ji Temple tea house "Fei Kurhaus" and Ryo district Bower、None has designated important cultural properties、Surrounded by lush Moss garden nestled in the quiet-its like that、Once in a lifetime is world of Wabi-Sabi, and wouldn't be washed!

0/1803(1802Years) you fit established "Kameya shigehisa" classy teacake、High flavor your tea。All Bowl become the temple belongings, Kumamoto city。

Garden view from the air of ninna-ji Temple、Elderly awardees sketch of Fei Kurhaus and five-storied pagoda is seen、Emotionally calm state spending is impressive!

While enjoying Kyoto early summer、I enjoyed a nice exhibition! h. heart-Kun、Thank you ♪

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