Kaiseki cuisine "?. trees" Chrysanthemum Yukino Inoue from shopkeepers Kyo courses take advantage of local ingredients in cooking method!


Distal iron trains North to Hamamatsu "Electric Red"ofFirst Street stationFrom a 50 m walk to the West、
Restaurant Kyoto-Gion "Kikunoi,"From a goodwill gift、Stop and seeKaiseki Ikki"。
Have a head office in the center of Kyoto、
Tokyo, Tokyo Akasaka branch with style "Kikunoi,"The loaded trainingIchiki ToshiyaLet's become independent、
2006September, 15th.The Japan food shops are open。


Capital cooking method、The painstakingly crafted seasonal and local ingredients and finished food、
"Sake master"Of time and the careful selection of qualified owner sake can be enjoyed.


Shop、Solid one piece 6 seat counter and digging, and 1 room of kotatsu style private room (4 Pax)、
Has become close with the owner and built.


OwnerIkki ToshiyaSan

From the Mori of ShizuokaIkki ToshiyaMr. a、
The Tsuji Gakuen cooking technology professional school graduates、Restaurant Kyoto-Gion "Kikunoi,"The piled up training、
Desired independence in Shizuoka in the local、2006September, 15th.、In Hamamatsu-Shi "Kaiseki Ikki"Opening。
In the last year2015March 5The "EXPO2015MILANO (Milan international exposition)"The participating as representative Shizuoka、
Said the cornerstone of Japanese "dashi" theme is responsible for demonstrations of the best soup of dried bonito、
Now registered on the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage、Has been attending convey the essence of the attention around the world, Japanese。
Also、"Sake master"The qualification also had to、
"Sake" can't miss the Japan food culture was hired as food in sake、
Using homare Fuji sake rice, Shizuoka Prefecture's own Prefecture sake 20 several kinds is divided into different types、Experience with several types of、
Appeal of Shizuoka Prefecture sake fully appeal is when was it!
Not only shopkeepers to stay、Food and nutrition for eyes、
Has been aimed at the many activities related to food。


On this day、Is not how "Hokushin"The President of theBaba broadband lines (commonly known as:Baba was POO)And social gatherings。
"Enshu-Nada from natural torafugu"Will be based on Omakase course.


Pumping "enshū-lemon water.

Using the lemon balanced by Enshu、Sweet Sour lemon water。
Drinking warm lemon water ago meals included more citric acid、
Eat sugar and fat's is working to turn them into energy、
And activation in irritating the gastrointestinal、Appetite comes out next year.



Handpicked daily aperitif with owner、Moisten the mouth feel.


The premium malts

Savor the fine rich aroma and deep and delicious taste.


Ceramic "Red Sea of Enshu natural or fried Japanese eighteenth cereal rice France winter truffle topping.

Truffle-fragrant、Red or deep fried rock wearing a thick strong bean w、
Soggy is not soggy and soft finish、Enjoy tasty squid!


Simmered dish "miso steamed in Enshu Nada tilefish spoofing tailoring.

The Enshu-Nada tilefish mesmerize saikyo miso、Steamed、Daikon radish、Rape blossoms、Yuzu。
Sea bream saikyo miso flavor is felt and the Greens in flavor of spring.


8-'three previous bloom".

Today's sushi、Crab which has seen around sushi、Daikon sushi salmon。
Enshū-one black chicken liver sauce with kumquat、Tanba black soybean、Mullet roe、Shrimp、Soup egg rolls、Romanesco。
Leek tasai、Pat burdock and Spanish mackerel and plum、煮凝ri、Such as salmon ROE。
Courses will be on alcohol.


"Sake set (net) 2500 Yen

It is set to three selected by the owner at the same time enjoy。
Shimizu 'English I"Squeezed sake。
The rice and 5 million stone and use the "center point"、60% milled.、Alcohol content is 16-17 degrees。
Dry fruity taste.。
Fukuroi "Kokkou"Unfiltered special junmaishu sake。
Yamada Nishiki and use 5 million stone、60% milled.、Alcohol degrees 17 to 18 degrees。
Umami in plump aroma and nose to palate、Aftertaste is out of。
Shimada "Wakatake demon girl tears"Special junmai sake。
Rice and use 100% homare Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture、60% milled.、Alcohol content is 16 degrees.。
In a refreshingly crisp scent、Have plump and lightly balanced taste。
Seasonal sake three hits.


You can choose three favorite things I use is。


Build your "tangle of omaezaki from mackerel Enshu-Nada from halibut finish.

Halibut omaezaki of Spanish mackerel and from the enshunada kelp finish、Seaweed、Red-core radish。


"Of Enshu-Nada from natural Tora fugu sashi draped Mikawa carrot dressing"

Natural 漁reru in the sea of Enshu Blowfish sashi is、Fragrance、Flavor、Wear loose、Boasts a crunchy。
A green onion with Ponzu sauce sashi also is good、Salt and sesame oil is recommended.

Click the following URL about Enshu-Nada from natural leisurely enjoyed by Parties using various recipes!
Winter season "Blowfish" NABE party at my house with the Milt of luxury!


Pottery "ceramic plate grilled strawberry sauce of Inasa deer and Enshu local vegetables."

Inasa deer and local vegetables Brussels sprouts、Peanut pumpkin、Daikon radish in a skillet
And the sweet flavor of the strawberry sauce。
Ceramic plates are hot so、Make sure deer meat is too hard!


"Pull, wild boar meat" strong garnishes

Deep fried the inasa boar、Burdock root、Carrot、Daikon radish、Serve with miso-flavored meat with konnyaku!


"Fin sake.

Fin soup sake pulling out、Fin natural Blowfish enjoy savory flavor liquor。
Fins and drink、In the early postwar period originally circulated only a thin shoddy cheap liquor、
Wisdom wine produced by people who have something delicious to drink alcohol and are.


Rice "Enshu natural Blowfish porridge.

"Fugu" finish and speaking it will rice porridge。
The flavor of an elegant soup I can't believe my porridge、And light you up!


Conger "3 months, Tangerine ice carrot cake, Shizuoka Prefecture from nest orange.
"Hamamatsu industrial red cheek was Macaron pettanko Rainbow red Kiwi Apple sauce.
"Tea of Mori-machi:Yamabuki nadeshiko "

In the vivid color of the carrot、Cake and asparagus、Guests can enjoy a gentle sweetness。
Health Tea organic born Mori in the local shopkeepers and black Koji fermentation tea. "Yamabuki nadeko"The、
Citric acid and catechin、In the rich natural ingredients help to health and beauty, such as dietary fiber contains lots of organic weight loss tea、
Habit is low, gentle sweetness and taste the delicious flavor!


Tea confectionery "floating island"

The floating Island (ukishima)、Jam ingredients、Egg、Joshin powder、Wheat flour, steamed is a plus。
Moist and fluffy and finished the stickiness of the egg whites and flour。
Serve with green tea。
Even while sticking with us、I also enjoyed how Japan cooking one.

Kaiseki Ikki
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 329-8
Hours of operation
Day:12:00-14:00( L.O.13:30-、Night:18:00To 22:00( L.O.21:00-
Closed on Mondays:Monday

Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 329-8

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