The trial's "Gion MAVO" Kyoto Gion! To pair the Japan tea serving France”Aya”Plus


France restaurant opened on the corner of the Gion district lined with upscale dining "Gion MAVO"。
Owner-chefNishimura Tsutomu Tsutomu NishimuraMr. a、
In Odawara, Kanagawa2007Years to 2014Until France restaurant "La MATIERE"But I have been known、
And objectives to be moved ago his wife's birthplace in Kyoto、
2014On July 14,.To、Reopen at here Gion。
Name of the shop、Front of shop "matiere"To seeevolution"In addition、
Used the word meaning to evolve further named put 'MAVO"As.。
Place、Approximately 200 meters under the Kyoto Gion Park on Benten-Cho, Yasaka Shrine Torii South Gate、
Shimogawara Street Hotel "Japanese-style rooms"Located on the 1st floor.


Gion MAVOIn to build a sign (nameplate)、Got a huge support from the、
The timber business was founded in 0/1721 (1721), 290, followed by too "Suya"And I heard。
The official name "Co., Ltd. 1000 noble co., Ltd."And then I。
In the Edo period、Sakamoto ryomaIntroduction、Professional many sea Kaientai team wrote、Because they are in suya sea Kaientai Kyoto Division、
Very muchSakamoto ryomaIn the timber business with RIM and。
NishimuraThe chefSakamoto ryomaMore sincere respect、Achieved, and wished desperately want to use this suya trees。
The Executive Director and noble master,NakagawaIs it to discuss and、
From the selection of the wood in、Format and design、For advice to the coloring.、
Finally it was to perfection!
NishimuraHis brush by the chef、100Reach more than one "MAVO"And in writing、
Eye-catching line of most feel the Verve is selected。
Wood、Angela is a very hard wood used、Character uses gold leaf。
NishimuraChefSakamoto ryomaTo the stick filled with passion or andanalyzed、
CraftsmanNakagawaHer has quite painstakingly built up weekly、Gion MAVOThe face is.


Go into a store and at the front desk greeted items will。
"Gion MAVO"The、Hotel "Japanese-style rooms"The may have led to the first floor、
Japanese-style breakfast are provided for guests。
If any general reservation one day in advance、8 am:30-10:00Until the water is available in sales!


Look in the tank mounted in the front、The terrapin "Evans"Nice face!
NishimuraJazz pianist by the chefBill EvansIs held in high esteem is so named because of。
Its name becauseEvansThe、
And shake hands、Show dance next to shake its long neck so filled with rhythm!
Beginning Shepherd, in a year already about 2 cm bigger growth ofEvans
FutureGion MAVOThe US served as a billboard that would be!


I came out of the front、Comfortable atmosphere。
In the space of this furniture and lighting、Food-related books, such as display、
NishimuraInterior seems, like a chef、Feel sticking to furniture and lighting。

Is used in the main dining table "Vintage made in Denmark"。
So extension expressions、It is possible to set the table according to the number of guests。
In this table、Butternut squash comes into season now display with the cat!

The Chair used in the shop、Very simple, high-designHans J WegnerThe masterpiece "The Chair"。
In the timing of the next makeover、Kai KristiansenThe "No.42"As it is considered。

Pendant lights、Odawara "La MATIERE"Was used in the age
Arne JacobsenThe "Jacobsen lamp"Using。
Fit the Nordic pine wood thin cutting spinning wood chandelier、Blends gently into the space in the warm light of indirect。

The light located on the front or main dining、
Frank Lloyd WrightThe masterpiece as "Talia Sen"。
Gobo in the sunshine against it vertically in a block covering the lamp light is、Indirectly provides a comfortable brightness of the light。
Scandinavian furniture、Hospitality and
Great attention Buri always emphasized that suggested in the relaxing atmosphere.


Gion MAVONow、As a new initiative, ' Kyoto Gion said、
France cooking course 1 plate 1 plate and spindle Japan tea、
That pair the tea "tea pairing aya / Aya"Is provided upon request。
Open original、But you do not drink alcohol、So you can share time with your drunk alcohol and maybe tastes、
Japan tea with flavor to the wine to evolve further、Complete the unparalleled in other products。

NishimuraThe chef、To stay in the recent Kyoto Gion feels、Near the stage is producing great teas of Uji、
Japan tea is also、It captures the one material、Under the sense to cook the tea、
Try out various extraction methods, temperature, spices, herbs and aromatic、Number of fit food pairing tea documentation
Tea teacher to introduce staff、Cooperation with long-established tea shop hung during half a year, has been created。
Gion MAVOOf course、Because they are organized in different daily menu、
and loved pairing always researched new combinations.


While showing the efficacy of various leaves、"tea pairing aya / Aya"The US made a presentation。
NishimuraTo fit the source used in the sense of the chef cooking、Put instructions in the flavor over tea master、
Use in cooking homemade celery skins or skins of burdock、Orange peel、Vanilla、Used cinnamon、
Tannins, catechins、Utilizing more theanine side effects、
While Japan tea、As well as the wine attack and Middle、To encourage the reverberations of support and configuration、
Extraction temperature、How to extract、Delivery temperature、Further attention on the kind of wine that will offer a。
As a beverage、Can make perfectly nestled the Japan tea serving France、
NishimuraNew challenges for the chef's a、States should also。

Gion MAVONow、"tea pairing aya / Aya"To not only the wine pairing is provided、
We have、This year's expedition in the car may、
Curious people "tea pairing aya / Aya"13000 yen (tax not included) per personAdditional order now!


Gion MAVO chef Tsutomu Nishimura

Natural born in Tokushima-Shikoku rich farmerTsutomu NishimuraMr. a
Eat vegetables and rice made my grandmother's childhood, growing up、
Its flavor and aroma that is still imprinted on the tongue and brain。
Elementary school 3 years from a student got busy at work to help my mother、It was in boys better standing in the kitchen。
My grandmother, my mother was good at cooking、NishimuraIs it for with longing、
Gradually springing up interested in cooking、After graduating from high school、Go to the road and "Osaka abenobashi Tsuji culinary school" in was haunted for two years、
1France culinary College's first year、2Year will be graduated from the Culinary Institute in France。
After that、Moriguchi Prince 13 years、The Cafe three years in Kyoto、
2004Along with Yumi, with his wife and moved to Odawara-Shi, Kanagawa、
Odawara "Hilton" two years experience、2007Play finally got its independence in the year "La MATIERE"Open。
2014Successor to take over the shop in、
25Moved as the culmination of years of Gion in Kyoto "Gion MAVO"Open and、Where I am today。


CEMEX for the same home 6-Cup coffee maker is here!
Reflects the appearance of the dark leaf beneath the ice beautifully moisturized。
NishimuraFrom the chef in person "Soft ice extraction"The description of the tea is、
Not just coffee、And may be used for such purpose the Cemex's interest is curious!
Previous、Shizuoka tea house from our tell ice extracted tea taste that、
Since the time even if they were enjoying at home ice extraction、
NishimuraVery interesting listen obsession with Chef tea。
Is this soft ice extraction、And take time to extract approximately 2 hours、
Finish the course with you to look forward to!

12027252_ 910636272356658 _ 740424501275953772 _ o

12015119_ 748535795292384 _ 7149511444298173801 _ o


"Tea's tea farmers in the source of Brown Township Union bunch Uji tea originated Kyoto wazuka bunch town UedaSoft ice extraction.

NishimuraChef himself Uji birthplace village on foot carrying、
Along with the fragrant of fragrant straw in the autumn sky and pottery passed down since the Kamakura period, the cultivation and landscape、
As a scene of precious memories is clearly burned in memory。
The tea leaves are grown, pesticide-free、Gently、Most merciful、Cross the Mise en scene、Pale、And shoot refined and delicate taste and aroma、
He told the breasts memory。
While there are many ways to extract、In this tea leaves、Soft ice extraction has been voted。
Ice out extracts for soft sphere ice is formed、
We are using in the equipment used for rock glass the bartender is mold。
The ice made in the ice mold、With its beautiful molding and moisturized、
In order to serve you in front of your、Has been used as a more beautiful rendition、Feel the luxury。
Put the ice crystal formed in tea leaves、Through a pair of ceramic filter、
Over time of course would have terminated approximately two hours、Take me and extract 1 drop at a time、
Its golden color and slowly dripping liquid、VI and the course is provided as a dessert before positioning。
NishimuraChefs love to listen、Looking at a tea extract、
Before you、Sight of the Uji-like floats on eyes.


More Japan singing dew Wagtail and not the Wagtails 72 climate

72 signs (in the shichijuu way) and is、It is one of the methods that represent the season was invented in ancient China。
Short reading season at the beginning of the menu is written。

"Singing dew Wagtail and no Sekirei"
When I start singing the Wagtail。
From the Wagtail 石tataki (walking while waving the tail down to tap the ground)
Izanagi and Izanami had found out the Fellowship of men and women。
(In the new style generally is a 9/16 from 9/12)


"Light brown"

The bite of the beginning、From light brown。
Bactericidal effect、Is the action to break down fat.、Please prepare the body ago eating。
The mellow warm light brown after visiting us、In a very tender and flavorful hot calm it'so。
With a light brown、In the potters 'Suzuki Makiko"And it's works。
It is in the women writer's delicate and smooth curvy pride、
Beautiful shades and skin to become familiar with a rustic texture you've got、Each one is handmade works。
Here turquoise blue that features the popular series "Turkish Turkish"It is。
NishimuraThe chef、In her solo exhibition of this out since the encounter、Must be used at the 1 during the course of the、
Through this Turkish instrument is included "a Visual sense of warmth.。

Under the measure up.、Saga / Arita "KAMAZ pottery shop"The used equipment。
KAMAZ porcelain 號舖The beginning of the Meiji era、But his first with began in a small kiln in sanpei、
1953Founded as a company in (0/1953) since the、
Hotels、Japanese restaurant、Ryokan、Banquet Hall、With a Japanese cuisine restaurant "order-made production / Direct marketing "is expanding sales in style、
Expand the Japan national commercial kitchen light right rokuzaemon brand, has been developed。
Michelin three-star restaurant "Kante Suns"Introduction、
Addition to the more famous restaurant earned a Michelin star and Japan's international restaurant、
High-sensitivity、That reputation, received requests from many professional professional
Is a company with history and many achievements in Japanese。


"mavo tea pairing aya “Aya” "3000 yen (tax excluded)

Current、Gion MAVOWhich served as a tea masterShinomiya AyaMs. of the encounter、
NishimuraI've heard and providing tea kept imagining chef course。
NishimuraChef's suggestion below、With the cooperation of long-established tea Shoppe、
Final adjustments and a blend of tea leaves of teaShinomiya AyaLet's be because、
In your name、"MAVO tea pairing aya “Aya” "And are named、"Decorate the table"It is with the implications。
In my name "Aya"And only in the、Will feel closer to the hand while。

Unique to Kyoto, Gion、Pairing tea was born in the spirit of hospitality。
In this unprecedented new initiatives、Tremendous hardship and study、I took time to think、
Has great potential in this、
Roaring splendor of Japan tea blossom around the world, is close by and is intuitively。

At the time、NishimuraThe chef is the desire to、
This 'MAVO tea pairing aya “Aya” "The attempt to、Eventually we got to France、
Is aimed at demonstrating that。
It is not fusion、"France cooking and Japan tea in the Japanese sense of the perfect blend"And then、
In the world of country、Just how drunk the liquor temperature、In the same sense that seat pleasant as damp、
Are you saying we need to evolve.


Spark Ring properties of roasted green tea
[At 95 ° C for hot water and hot water out 8 ° C-10 ° c.]

First dishes "Egg is a beginning"According to me、
In addition to the roasted Apple Peel and cinnamon.、Voce of Nagano apples apple vinegar, sweet and sour expressing myself.、
Cooling after extracting from injecting carbon dioxide in the soda stream、Is the image of champagne is made。
In the summer、Make mango vinegar and coconut syrup in addition to green tea
Spark ring tea provided was so。
The fragrant aroma of roasted green tea leave、Fresh Apple and sour but it fits well、
Despite the non-alcoholic、From the first bite、Fabulous finish such as enjoying the real champagne.

Shinshu apple vinegar-Fuji-
"Uchibori"By being built"Shinshu apple vinegar-Fuji-"The、
Nagano Prefecture, with a sweet aroma and intense Fuji from Apple Juice cider vinegar carefully building、
Fuji Apple Juice Plus fragrance、Sugar additive-free finish。
Good balance of acidity and sweetness of nature、Are you seeking a taste of the vinegar, and the finished product。


"Beginning the egg.

NishimuraSignature dishes at restaurant in Odawara era "La MATIERE"But had provided weekly。
Ayu fish sauce with the milk forms、Guests can enjoy subtlety looks difference between memorable fragrance flavor。
65Egg yolks begin to coagulate ° c、Warm in a drowsy State.、
For the best brings out the sweet egg yolk、Temperature is an important point and will。
Under the bubbles、Salmon and walnuts、Croutons with noiseless texture accents、
Salmon ROE or feel the ocean with fish sauce bubbles、And the beginning of life are linked。
But the transience of fine bubbles、Enjoy a lingering indefinitely with the smell of fish sauce、
May impact the flavor and condensed in the richness of 掬i上geru from the egg yolk melts in your mouth!
Feel the importance of temperature in great 1 dish.



Bread is homemade, but can be ordered from a bakery in Osaka is trusted is。
On the plate of rock salt、
Mediterranean Cyprus Island iwachu (charcoal salt) andRide of Sakurajima Kagoshima Orange powder with butter.


Please present the next dish with ingredients。
"CASTAING Carsten Inc."The、Is a well-established of foie gras in France South West Rand district was established in 1925。
Duck Muller species use.、Now continue with traditional gavage (*)、
Mouth left the original flavor in addition to blood without nature on the Web by foie gras melted in creating a good foie gras。
* The foie-gras duck feed such as corn breeding

NishimuraThe chef、Given the excessive stress
But when it was not using foie gras of duck bred、
Click hereCarsten Inc.Of great foie gras from、
It is now offered foie gras dishes。

Sado from the fig "Biore sollies"The、
France in the Western origin figs as a luxury goods are well known。
Biore solliesOn the cultivation of Japan、But several other Sado。
In addition、Sado'sBiore solliesThe small farming not only in the area、Becomes a very rare fruit。
And the skin is closer to black deep purple、So named because in France, violet (biore) = purple。
Biore solliesIs sometimes known as the 'black diamond' aka、
One of the great features is that become more than 20 degrees Brix "sweetness"。

Click hereGion MAVOThe attractive one、
NishimuraThe chef started.、Leave the Hall.Madame (Madam Yumi)And
All of the staff are working with、Sight who offers courteous presentation.。
From the producers is also the description of night-soil with fine ingredients、Description of the recipe and 1 plate 1 plate into the power of、
And fulfilled life of its ingredients、Because the underlying sense of mission that wanted to eat the preciousness of life,。
Thought in the brain of the chef are on at once to visit、
I think is difficult to communicate within limited time。
However,、ThisGion MAVOThe team enrolled、All that have the same values、We share it.、
1Appearance has been instrumental to understand the person you have.、
In its single-minded passion、Glare is enough to feel even。
Hence the、Or about my writing than usual, it becomes long forgive me (lol)

This valuable ingredients under the、What food is offered next?、
Will instinctively inflatable imagination and expectation!


"Foie gras and fig tart.

Carsten Inc.Of using foie gras Poele、As Chinese Jinhua pigs in the cool salty chorizo sauce、
Biore solliesFilled with sweet said that fig and vanilla sauce。
Color with Arugula selvatica。

On the surface crunchy and savory baked with.、Beautiful contour foie gras、
Turn the knife、Transferred to the hands and clinging to sense。
By eating all together、Acts like the foie gras custard cream、
Luxury 1 dish feel like fig tart。
Actually,、To finish this dish、When brought to the table、
"Ratafia de Champagne"Edible in the atomizer perfume bottle、Make the aroma magic!

20About a year ago from Maison "Henri Giraud Henri Giraud"In being builtRatafia de Champagne
Solera wine was fortified by the addition of brandy, aged in oak barrels every year to take、
High-quality Pinot Noir is used to luxury、Boasts a highly aromatic taste of elegance。
Fresh aroma of citrus fruits and、Is acid neat.、Friendly clean sweetness and dessert and cheese、Bottle is stylish。
Using only grapes were harvested eye village Gran Cru。
Addition of brandy and grape juice, and fortified、The oak aged in Solera method。
With Solera type、We are using as well as manufacturing and Sherry were built every year in wine and add。

Ratafia de ChampagneThe spicy incense powerfully evoke the appetite、And depth and a graceful remained、
Despite the rich dish of foie gras、Stay off it's a vivid impression、
More、Glamorous things thanks for finishing dishes.


Maccha Brown rice tea
Hot water hot water out and 50 ° c.

"Foie gras and fig tart"According to me、
Genmaicha green tea with cinnamon、Tonka beans、Add the vanilla and、Carries the sweet flavours of tea fragrance。
To compliment the savory aroma of brown rice tea、The detail provided in the temperature of the hot。
pairing tea is everything.、In an innovative style to take advantage of the wine、
A glass of wineRIEDEL RiedelHas been used。
Previous、We became indebted in the seminar
"Riedel-Tirolean glassworks RIEDEL"Of glasedukeiterDaisuke ShojiIs it to actually come、
An ideal glass is selected!
NishimuraThe chef、This 'MAVO tea pairing aya "Aya" "The attempt to get started、
But not limited to glass、To extract the important "Water"Election is not slowing down。
Located in Kyoto, Shiga, natural mineral water-soft "Deep rock water"And then use the、
Taste and potency and flavor with tea leaves are naturally drawn to maximize is。
Here you will、Tea、Coffee、Tea、Serving (sauce)、All used this super soft。
To accompany the meal、Here "Deep rock water"It is possible to order!


"Between seasons"

NishimuraSpot every good chef's vegetables for delivery soon after harvest、
Subdivided into 72 climate with four seasons of Japan Lunar、
Vegetables harvested in the season every "Between the seasons"And provide a。
Written at the beginning of the menu "Singing dew Wagtail"That's the means currently at 72 weather、
The configuration is、Vegetable end goes、A very seasonal vegetables、Running vegetables and、
Configuration, such as "last season run" unique to Japan is represented。
Summer vegetables are still remaining、When I start out autumn vegetables、Guests can enjoy their vegetables at various temperatures。
Vegetables are now、The Osaka sennan (vegetable made with lactic acid bacteria fermented soil) "boo hoo woo"And
Hakuba, Nagano "Snow farm"、"Kyoto Kamigamo"The use of。

Vegetable of the day、
Red、Yellow、Zebra cherry、Yellow cherry tomatoes 4 species、
Pumpkin、Sweet potato、Golden grass、Create mate jelly、Butternutspieule、Red Onion pickles、
Red、Green bell pepper、Red Sorrel (herb)、Bubbles of beets with orange powder。
Is the intensity of the flavor of the vegetable itself.、Sweet、Enjoy impeccable freshness the freshness!


[Water drip d. gastro back extraction and offered at approximately 15 ° C]

"Between the seasons"According to me、The roasted hibiscus and Mallow and tonka beans、Add dried mushroom、
Sleep overnight in water、The next day extract over the gastro back (pressure cooker)。
Softer than in hot water、And finished to a rich taste、This is available we have a range of about 2 days。
Here's and rosé。
Perhaps、As far as looking at pictures、How to feel like a true wine should be there!
Sour taste of roasted green tea with hibiscus to blend mushroom flavor and aroma、
There are rich in taste and refreshing finish.


Contained within the glass balls to follow suit "Corn tea"To arrange and provide us with、
Spices and herbs are used as tea or food!!。
By using spices and herbal tea are food common to the、
It's the same synergistic effect of the pairing、Due to its good compatibility、I think that increasing the degree of fusion.


"Osaka sennan boo hoo woo butternut Velouté.

Making lactic acid bacteria fermented soil "Osaka sennan boo hoo woo (Bukavu)"The Velouté of butternut grown。
Of materials to utilize Velouté、
Almost without cream or milk, including material of a sinkWith feeling。
In the Middle、By Clem Chantilly with hazel nuts oil, aromatic fragrance is going to make、
Plus a rich and mellow taste。
Because it leaves the US body images with purple potato chips、Glad you enjoyed in Kyoto in early autumn.


"Butternut cake Salé"

For sweet butternut Velouté、Will accompany the salty cake sale in another dish。
Sweet and salty ones will want。
Eat something salty sweet cravings。
Understanding the psychological、This is accompanied by sweet strong Velouté。
The configuration was designed at the same time enjoy the 2 degreesNishimuraI hate Director's Chef is!


Corn tea
[Hot water hot water out and offered at 15 ° C]

"Velouté of butternut Osaka sennan"According to me、Roasted corn extract in addition to tonka bean and vanilla。
Here、Appeared first in Japan tea tea!
And making good use of corn with a sweet flavor、Taste is very clear and。
Squash similarly well-arranged sweet corn but may、
While linking its sweet scent、The palate is、For the richness of Velouté、
Is paired and finish well in your throat is awesome!


The main ingredients used in fish for the next、Is a large eye bream hauled in sakaiminato in Tottori。
NishimuraThe chef、Such as sea bream and perch at least 3.5 kg.、And 5 kg turbot and up、Based on the process of aging is set。
This light red snapper is very good、What 5.8 kg and has a tremendous size and beautiful pink!
NishimuraThe chef、Fresh fish has been purchase only from this port.

Large eyes "Sea bream"Said.、Well said aka, "Dharma"。
Contrary to appearance than very droll、Tasteful、In the body of fat、
What recipes can be enjoyed white elegant flavor and texture。
This fishing port、Everywhere famous nerves tighten (*)、
By getting rid of the nerves more fish body knowing that he died.、Maintain freshness、Becomes a delicious tight body。
* Is it delaying the time until rigor mortis、How to keep fresh。


"Flow in foil and round fish today.

Aged about four days ahead of big eye snapper、The MI-CUIT (*)In the medium-rare、
焼ki切razu skin surface firm and crispy-baked、
Moist underside、And toasted.。
Brutagneomard in Bisque sauce lightly, and finally finishing with foam、
Mussels of the Mont Saint-Michel、Chanterelles、Must be accompanied by fried Leek.
* In France, and mie cuit MI-CUIT、Heated up in the literal translation and meaning、
Well done、Or construed as the heating medium。


Covered tea
[At 75 ° C for hot water extraction gastro back and offered at 15 ° C]

"Flow-fish today in foil and"The sea bream to fit、
Kabusecha to fennel、NESE Lori、Citrus zest、Add the vanilla、
75Lined with hot water ° C、In the gastro back (vacuum extraction) extracted。
By using vacuum extraction、The flavor of tea brought to、Finished in a rich tasting。
Here is、Offered in "oakshardone Monash" Riedel's glasses and、
A wide mouth for、Pervasive taste on the tongue、Good sense of fulfillment over tea in small amounts.

12006541_ 910636202356665 _ 5168301894000140873 _ o

Gastro back

In Spain "El Bulli (or El Bulli)"ofFerran kimikaParticipated in developing low pressure cooker。
In the depressurized condition and pressure-0, with 9 bar (bar)、2800 m-hold pressure point just 3,500 m。
Click here to be 60 ° C and boiling point apparatus、
Is the low pressure injection is、Gion MAVONow、On the reverse is used as vacuum extraction。
Sencha and gyokuro tea extract under the environment effects of theanine (flavor elements) amplifier、
It seems that emerged as a result decreases the catechins (added flavor and bitterness)。
Found and extracted the Rishiri konbu dashi vacuum low temperature this time、
In addition、50 ° C gyokuro and Sencha in 75 ° C to adapt the manual extraction、
After extraction to be vivid shades of Brown are also newly discovered!


NishimuraChef and MadameYUMISan、And tea masterAyaMr. also、"Day by day、It is a research!"And was proclaimed。
"Difficulty of creating"
Only I have a Cook's father、The difficulties experienced since childhood。
"Say is easy to do hard"It is。
The challenge is that new initiativesGion MAVOHat's off to your team!


Reset / risshū

Served with roasted green tea Granita shiso flowers、Under the "20 century pears."Has endured。
And the fragrant Granita、High sugar content、You put in fresh pears shakishaki and enjoy the texture.


Gion MAVOFor lunch and dinner、With mass start、
Is considered the operating system to customers for the first time seem a little weird?、
On the other side、Actually,NishimuraThere are tremendous benefits took the idea of chefs and customers!
1One to the、2Number of people、3Pax is impossible to cook a unchained cuisine (dishes)、Mass and material into an exquisite finish、
Can share with the guest of the day shared space.。
This is、NishimuraThe chef's shape、
Also as part of the operation、Does not limit unexpectedly no convenience store and is、
Unified work focus and sense of stability is by far the most、Told of this mass start makes sense。
It therefore personnel ensure stylish and、And the allocation to the material cost than labor cost too wide can like。
I own your store or shop there is a shared sense, satisfaction
If you're、Either you choose?
Is the idea of each food and beverage store owner.、In 有ri触reru a wide variety of food and beverage outlets、
NishimuraThe chef、Without considering the focussed、
Shop owners、We will continue endeavors to discover each other and convince the guest policy and spoke forcefully!
NishimuraThe chef's passionately for its stance.、Include that shakes my mind。
Be honest、After a long time "Looking good"The chefs out I think I saw that!


"Le Creuset Le Creuset"The drifting scent of fragrant trees and lift the lid off、
It's garnished with meat loaf and next to the、A huge "Pine cones"It is! (Surprise)
Up to now、But we showed various smoking methods、"Pine cones"The is the first!
To tell the truth and chef's specialties and techniques、"Funeral fumage"And it is claimed it will have。
Meat is baked with chunks no stress、The shrines and temples "Pine cones"With its smoldering give fragrance。
The small shrine from Yasaka Shrine、Then please visit big from "Temple Hill" from the edge、
In addition、The US has been used came from the Shinto shrine in Hiroshima on the edge。
Is this one of meat loaf、This time、Is delicious and all guests were both seats share.


Kyoto Tango beef "cleansing"

The last one "Life"From the shade of meaning to share with guests"Cleansing"The main dish was named。
Using the Tango beef、The reddish with thigh meat (tomosankaku)。
The Lotus root chips and mushroom potato cake、Served with the celeriac puree、
Red wine based on the forwagramonte (a rich source enfolded the foie gras butter) finish、
In the end "Damask rose"In his watery shot perfume、This has been fascinating magic swing。
The perfume of the flowers、Depending on the season、Flowers of the season collected by Alambic (distillation extractor)、Seems to finish wrapping fragrance。
Its implications、Purified life piled on your plate、"To lay flowers"The feeling is that he lovingly!
NishimuraThe chef "Buddha dish (laughs)"And yet jokes、Not the figure that I view Osho (Baku)
Distraction to the meat in the meat、Allow to cook and、Umami taste。
Do not take comparable to a chunky sauce is delicious!

The recent、While many chefs offered dishes of modern gastronomy、
NishimuraThe chef、Origin time returned、Cooking materials in the technique of classical Orthodox has been based。
Distribution of the material got better compared to the old:、Not with the idea that only in the quality of the material source is not required、
Young or younger when acquired the struggling hotel in Geneva、To complement the cuisine is von、
More of food pairing wine and tea in our... and thought、
That and devise a menu every day、Sources suits arrived that day to produce、Our experience has made under。
Due to the、NishimuraThe chef's cuisine、Actually,、From different days and ask you a surprise!
Is the stage for breakfast.、After that、Lunch、And dinner will be operating in、
Just how much flexibility to、No matter how much thought or time spent in one dish、
I think not so much high cost-performance shop!


[Hot water hot water out, approximately 50-55 ° c.]

"Kyoto Tango beef "cleansing""According to me、
Roasted to hibiscus、Star anise、Clove、Juniper Berry、Mallow extract plus。
He offers a little hot temperature zone to complement the spicy aroma。
Accentuates the acidity of the Hibiscus with the roasted bitterness、Deep Bordeaux color reproduction by Murrow。
It looks、Made the image to taste red wine。
This color、Glazed、Fragrance、Surprise is incomparably longer words (laughs)
Us couple、Well (but is still 3 years:Lol) in、The unwritten rule is born.。
"In the seats around the sake、Confocal to the flavor、Both drunk"And。
By car、In addition to long distance、If one day、Approximately would be non-alcoholic。
By a couple of heavy drinkers、But I really want to drink、That is why can't there properly.。
However,、At lunch time、While Madame Harry delicious wine at the next table to see、
No、Without feeling a sense of alienation、About、Staring at each other、So full of smile、
We are enjoying this pairing tea we had。
Exactly what、NishimuraIs a form of the chef was there!


"Green tea"
[Approximately 1-2 hours after ice out and offered at approximately 20 ° C]

VI and after dessert tea provided ago it is。
Ceramic filter "Tea's tea farmers in the source of Brown Township Union bunch Uji tea originated Kyoto wazuka bunch town Ueda"Jazz、
That put the ice on the State and the region 1 drop at a time、1-About 2 hours and to extract hung time。
No heat in tea leaves、氷でじっくりと抽出することで茶葉自体が持つ旨味を最大限に濃縮した黄金色のエキスに仕上がります
The instrument、Toyama "You can make Nousaku"The single-Tin-large gold leaf has been used、
Toyama is also the home of her husband、Nousaku is a favorite workshop so I was very pleased!

And taste、First wrote、-No-SATO in the Uji area that comes to mind、
Is filled with subtle aromas with rich aroma、Where nostalgia and transience expressed brilliantly。
I was born and raised in the makinohara-Daichi is also leading producer of Shizuoka tea.、
A little、I think that the unique stuff。
I deeply thank to being a Japanese ♪


"RUCOLINO Rukorino"

Rare liqueur made with Arugula in Ischia Island, Italy。
Here of liqueur is so used to dessert ♪


"Glass of vol-au-vent Rukorino of pear"

On the pie served with poached PEAR dessert PEAR borrow ban。
Along with Le Corino scents with vanila glass、Hazelnut sauce。
Gently sweet、And the spicy sauce and mix、Will feel the adult dessert.


Petits fours

Enjoy the sweet and spicy with plenty of black sesame seeds in the chestnut flavor cake、
Sweet Sour reverve macaroons、Green tea leaves in the shape of cookies。
Petits fours of cute it is!


"Ethiopia Couture single varieties ripening coffee.
[Available at 50 ° C determined aim]

"% Arabica Coffee"And it's immediately after roasting coffee beans based on、
Born as a finished product drew in the head than the previous finish of Cup is here!
Not even the hot coffee! Even the iced coffee!
"Lukewarm coffee set aim"As、Provides approximately 50 degrees Celsius。
Really good stuff and、What is delicate、Felt is really hot、In the temperature fell to demonstrate the potential。
It's the idea of this coffeeNishimuraThe chef has proclaimed。
Dare、By offering wine glasses、Is fully enjoy the aroma of the coffee、
With a couture kind of Ethiopia、Emphasizing the natural acidity、Stand the bitterness、To emphasize the richness and、
No longer、Of tea choices will become unnecessary. Say that the masterpiece is complete!
I will be always on the straight、
If、Even those who always need sugar or milk、
Counterfoil in this coffee with sugar and milk、Just want you to enjoy long-lasting finish.

12038576_ 910617602358525 _ 7073774616340931201 _ o
"tea pairing aya / Aya"The future direction、Beyond Kyoto Uji tea leaves、
Many tea leaves growing in the country for viewing、
Also in the national、We share the unprecedented tea pairing system、NishimuraYou think about the chef。
While it is in Japanese、Learn that there is such great material (Japan tea)、Fun、
Familiar with even more people think want to continue attacking from different things from。
FAA person who thinks as a new product introduction、By all means let me know please! With that。

Tea market's future、Expected to be depressed for、
Hammered out a new direction、It needs to expand、
And、May we know the great material overseas as well as well as Japan and great potential、
Sushi shop、At the Japanese restaurant、How to tea will be provided free of charge? Do you add it value and can be sold tea to finish?
It's there in the challenge、This 'tea pairing aya / Aya"The possibility and、
Great ambitions chest、He spoke passionately.


With warm hospitality unique to Kyoto Gion、Nishimura and his wifeThe restaurant filled with warmth。
Among the many restaurants、"Oh, no! I found!"And、Mind shops are 揺sabure out could meet。
LASIX、Though、Whats good chance Japanese because Japan tea may still feel strongly.
As put the Census register in Shizuoka、Previous、Her husband was devised by、Was warm for a while "Tea 琲 - Chan da CAPO II-"The memories belong。
Tea 琲And the、Using the Japan tea instead of water to extract the coffee drink、
Tea and coffee bean shop review cooperation in various directions、I challenge.、Unfortunately did not lead to the commercialization of、
And the finish of the degrees offered prototypes at our wedding reception、It is still unfinished。
Hopefully once again、NishimuraTalk to the chef、New discoveries and nice!
NishimuraSan、YUMISan、And tea masterAyaSan、Staff、Thank you very much!
Kyoto Gion、As well as Japanese、French cuisine "Gion MAVO"Can you recommend!

Kyoto Kyoto Higashiyama shimogawara Dori on Benten-Cho 440 maikaze, 1F
Hours of operation:12:00-(12:00Enter shop-12:15Mass start at Cook)
18:30-(18:30Enter shop-19:00Mass start at Cook)
Complete reservation system
Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

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