Nishiki food market opened 400 years hidden eating out in the kitchen of Kyoto's popular tourist attraction


Teramachi Dori situated in nakagyo-Ku, Kyoto City, located near the center of、"Teramachi-Dori-Dori Takakura" shopping street that exists between
Representative of the city of Kyoto, known in the "Today's Kitchen," "Nishiki Market mall"。
In the root in the local market、This year2015 yearTheOpened 400 yearsThe proud history。
Fish and Kyoto fresh ingredients, such as vegetables and、Dried & pickled vegetablesYou instruction, such as the gathered long-established handle foods and specialty stores、
With purchase of souvenirs and food tasting、Hiding as a tourist attraction to tourists is popular。
Of Shijo Street "Teramachi Kyogoku mallIf straight proceed from "There is the entrance of the Nishiki market ♪


Tie the Sanjo Metropolitan ShijoTeramachi Kyogoku mallThe、
When I was a Heian-Kyo、Width is called the "Tokyo maximal road" that ranged from 32 m OJI、
This street was devastated in the war of the respondent benevolence and revived Toyotomi Hideyoshi、Teramachi-Dori and again.。
Now、Will be mainly about 170 stores a wide variety of Amusement Road clothing store!


Teramachi Kyogoku mallIf the advanceNishiki Market mallOn arriving to the entrance on the East side。
At the end is Shin-kyogoku、There 10 century of the Heian period to become the God of study
Sugawara public (tourist) shrine was built in the birthplace "Sugawara Institute" of "Man Kam Tin Palace"And、
Divine favor of prosperous business in addition to academic and has been touted as is obtained ♪


Nishiki Market mallThe length over 390 m、Width 3.3 m to 5 m wide、
Is filled 126 stores lined with bustling shops in a shopping district Promotion Association。
From being touched in the food culture of the distinctive ingredients of Kyoto, Kyoto、Is a very popular market to foreign tourists.


Delicacy - sprinkling of specialty store "Kai KAI"。
Of sesame and bonito Simple sprinkled "Gomakatsuo"It is very tasty in the most popular here!
In the Japanese-style taste of soy-based spread texture of crunchy and crispy Sesame flavor of bonito、
Seasoning for rice and、And salad as you soak in soy sauce is!


Yet skewer thing that can walk to eat that was taken up in certain television programs"Takotamago" one 250 yen
Webfoot Octopus, fresh a little bland, soft cooked in sweet soy sauce、Stuffed with a quail egg on the head。
PaddleIt is very popular and has become the original delicacy ♪


Since the establishment of the 0/1928、Sold Wakasa and delicacies of the seasons "Tianjin is Mi"。
In the shop of Wakasa in the heart、
Wakasa and his see (sea bream), mackerel and high grade Japanese、
Additive-free crepe pepper、It's dried overnight、COD、Spanish mackerel saikyo-Zuke、As a mist.
National seafood delicacy has been range。
Of comedianRazor Ramon HGSan is also known as the shop was working as a student ♪


Dealing with the selection of Kyoto pickles "Uchida pickles Nishi-ten"。
Material life pickles、From the fields and thorough quality control、Handmade quality is provided。
In the City Hall、"Uchida pickles Higashi-ten"There is also ♪


Kyoto unique accessories are arranged in over-the-counter "R good Pottery"。
Put the colorful chopstick rest or condiments、Small bowl,、Cute China Japanese food will be available.


400In the kitchen of Kyoto with years of history、
Also good buying souvenirs Kyoto、Also good taste just like what you like "Nishiki Market mall"。
To face the temptation of food such as desert attacks、
By all means ♪ but please try to challenge by hungry

Nishiki Market mall

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