Gadgets "PHA" Thailand living experience Thailand cuisine & restaurants

Iwata intact to form the image Cafe located in island pond and gentle air flow accessories & Asian restaurant "Pangan (Iwata Koh Phangan) ' To!

The direct purchase in Thailand, Chiang Mai、Nepal、India、Clothes, such as Indonesia and tapestry、Accessories placed on store shelves、
Pretty and colorful and lively atmosphere、Tropical atmosphere music Asian music store!

Infield Chisato, the owner of this expertise had been living in Thailand、But using local ingredients and seasonings、Thailand food spicy and exciting finishing Japanese tastes mild, provided、Master chef Mr. Hiroyuki Uchino are conducted together with her in two!

Previous、And like that as a magazine photographer to shoot several times visited the nostalgia to revisit a few years ago while visiting together、See who came out on the shooting ago I? "And like us Chisato's owner remember, calling us out!

On this day、3 lunch menus (drinks with 980 yen each:Excl. tax) of from "Khao man Gai set (fresh spring rolls and mini soup)" and "dry gapaolais (fresh spring rolls and fried with)"Order!
Both and with spring rolls as an appetizer、Sweet chili sauce will be as generous!
The Khao man GAI and enjoy a juicier texture、And only with original sauce a spicy ginger、The flavor of coriander in mouth
The appetizing smells of Holy Basil gapao、And tastes spicy to me、Painful as an early adopter we have "little spicy" then you、As in a good spicy feeling satisfied!

Both fairly to Japanese for a mild、"Thailand cooking comes to mind, but a spicy but really good" will try to challenge us!

After the meal, we have enjoyed the chat、Just、For Chihuahua kept the infield and his wife, Lily was in the back yard、I like my puppy while Lily hug for me!

The us also infield and his wife、From Thailand's Bangkok and Chiang Mai favorite、Thailand situation, such as flyer、Lunch time fun!

Last time I went to Thailand's、Exactly 2 years ago。
That I haven't quite some time and so、I think Thailand travel plan!

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