Gion TAKUYA French charm of innovative Tea pairing delivers to the world!

Kyoto luxury food and drink shopsGionOf France restaurant opened in the corner "GionMAVO"The owner/chefTsutomu Nishimura (Tsutomu Nishimura)Just keep Envisioning、At the unveiling of celebrated convey a new idea for the Japan tea blend and French was completed at the end of the trial promo video!

Nishimura chef goes from Odawara in Gion、2014Since July 14, play reopened as "Gion MAVO.、Feeling strongly "means stay here in Kyoto.、Japan tea-producing great teas of Uji in Kyoto is also considered "material"、In sense to cook tea for roasted、Try out various extraction methods, temperature, spices, herbs and aromatic、Fit food pairing tea come create!

France cooking course 1 plate 1 plate and spindle Japan tea、That pair the tea "tea pairing aya / Sai "is、As the wine of love we still got over 1、It is a full course of Japan tea never tasted!

Open original、Nishimura chefs love not andanalyzed、From that the staff had worked as a tea master and named "Shinomiya Aya"、"Could not complete without her," told hot thanks、Pairing course named in honor to her name "tea pairing aya / Aya "and naming、There, meaning "color table" offer!

Nishimura chef this ' tea pairing aya / Aya "on、That was me passionately to us "in the shape you want! "And that was consulted、Two years ago may be。In there、Film director husband are friends, and has been active in HamamatsuKen-Ichiro Suzuki (Kenichiro Suzuki)You will speak to、Nishimura chef's story "tea pairing aya-Japan tea new shape" to be produced、We have finally completed!

Reaching out to people all over the world、Because it is accompanied by the narration of Japan easily readable English subtitles、Hope this PV, watching the many people in person if I'm happy!

tea pairing aya / Aya promo video

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