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That day recommended wine of pleasure-free wine bar "Levant" when to spacious



Like a fine wine while having a relaxing time... to reminds me of、Hamamatsu is located in the Musée sakana-Cho Bldg. 2f garnishes town wine "Le Vin Le Van"Mr.。Unique wine bar、Enjoy countless of numerous wine and cheese matching、Would be suitable for adults who plays like a retreat for quiet time to place。Shop、10By using high-quality Walnut 腰掛kereru name as long as big counters、Relax on the sofa table is one.。Comfy chair、This fully self contained lower back、France decorated wall painterHenri Marie Raymond de Toulouse Toulouse-LautrecThe paintings attract the eye。To the bar counter、Embeds the natural slate and settled the entire floor space away.


"Remelluri Rioja Reserva remelyri Reserva 2008" Spain Red

Mr. Le Van、There is a day's recommended wines。Is also giving preference, you put out a good、Owner / sommelierKatsuya TeradaWith it, would be nice to leave。Recommend this day、Remelyri Reserva。The grape varieties、Tempranillo、Garnacha、Graciano、Villa、Malvasia。The remelyri Reserva、14Is a deep history owned by century Nuestra Señora de Granja remelyri vineyards。Grow in the cultivation method of the Médoc Bordeaux tradition、From the first single vineyards in the Rioja wine.。Is unified to foresee the deep aroma and rich taste.、Even though the power provides elegance。It is full-bodied with ripe round Orthodox.



Cute ornaments resemble cherry blossoms.。One chopped celery and kelp。Soy-based dip is the Japanese taste of pickled、Celery is also on the wine delicious!


LA ROSSA la Rossa Italy Piedmont, Cuneo Monet zero village (100% goat milk soft Chèvre)

At the foot of the Alps、In the production of cheese and winePiedmontFrom the spring of Japan's cheeseLa ROSSA la RossaWhats up。Its maker S.L.P、Traditional cheese、Is building a high-quality farm-made cheese, such as。Has become the archetype of the La Rossa、Goat's-milk cheese of robiola。In the Langhe district is made traditionally、A particularly "robiola di and Roccaverano collected.、The number will only goat-milk cheese in Italy cheese with a rating of origin protection of the D.O.P。Made a great marriage of Italy and JapanCherry leavesTo the taste of the cheese wrapped、And creamy texture、Cherry Blossom scent goes fine cheese、Guests can enjoy a nice, lovely scent reminiscent of sakuramochi。Chèvre seems refreshing and、Very nice salty mouth gently spread。Actually,、Her husband like goat cheese。That is the、Cheese fancy passes the scent of cherry leaves、That does not feel the goat smell like it、Delicious and seems interested in you!


Cherry growing since it first opened Mr. Le Van Thu。Every year、Terada has been looking forward to opening flower。Along with the growth of the tree a little Bowl small、It was replanted plunge。There's still bud、Missed this year's cherry blossom、Try enjoy the cherry blossoms come in Mr. Le Van delicious wines?!


New chef has left Le Van's kitchen.。


And、New stuff coming this weekendAO no kisekiSan。Female staff who comforted, as well as a friendly atmosphere! Terada、We're going to slowly play!

Wine bar Wine Bar Le Vin levain
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku sakana-Cho 318-26 Musée sakana-Cho building 2 F TEL:053-413-1450
Hours of operation 18:00~ 26:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku sakana-Cho 318-26

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Before City PARK/ING parking Viola, with the concept of Park Cafe open Every year at the annual 'Libran Re * blanc' "thank you ☆ love blood ' to join
Before City PARK/ING parking Viola, with the concept of Park Cafe open
Every year at the annual 'Libran Re * blanc' "thank you ☆ love blood ' to join


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