Garage Toyohashi branch、Gift plants in Hamamatsu "Living with plants Rust lust.


Green in Toyohashi、Bonsai!、A gardening shop in thrift well-stocked cute "garage garage' And I of 2nd store "Rust lust"10/2/2010 was opened in INO's Hamamatsu、From the now nearly three years ago.。Tin is renovating warehouses in paste、Owner 高木領, run"RI hope style co., Ltd."And it's was opened as a shop"Tous les jours treasure"Is it's came to the next。Exterior surrounded by hairy Green who is a horizontal one-story warehouse、To tell the truth on your right (Treasury's) and left (Rust's) entrance/exit door is divided、2Shop stores are connected to the restaurant is!


With handmade props decorate the Interior and Interior, Rust,。Staff we are entertained each garnering their timber recycled work so、Thought not put finished in a shop filled with。In the shop、In many modest, ranging from the foliage of tall, available separately、Awash in soothing Green!


Of their choice at Bonsai!、Taste of Tin and pottery、Hits and the overflowing basket and personalities, such as wooden planter。And is also available in cut flowers and dried flowers、According to the budget, such as flower arrangement order is possible。Lovely staff who it will arrangement in a sense while listening to the gleaming!


On this day、West Italian area imasaka Yoshimi's friends engaged in cooking class "laulau kitchen studio LAU kitchen Studio"Let's have reopened October water、Only on Thursday, LAU LAU recipe Cafe's open plants looking for gifts to celebrate。But worry a little because none are so cute、One of our staff going to advice、I planted in the pottery as in cute bag cute hanging Succulents、This favorite than ♪ (thanks) have replaced plant while、To your next treasure.


The Treasury's、Builders lihop style that specializes in custom homes in natural, antique design using natural materials it's antenna shop so、Renovation of the property, such as this and the old houses and warehouses would be perfectly at home。Unlike the appearance of the old Tin、Interior light bulbs was hung from the ceiling of exposed bright white walls are warm up if、There antique furniture and accessories、Just feel the warmth, such as grocery and clothes。In Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture4th-marketIs it of tableware as well as seen, just imagine at home is fun it is!


And the Treasury's、The hammock is recommended and、Some hammocks hanging in the store。Among the 8 Mt.Hammock2000The HanThe mock、Dyed yarn、Until weave、All the production processIn the original, and made、Organic cotAnd the texture is best seems。It is best if you have a nice resting place tossed in a hammock in the living room terrace home and peace!


Heal and then get the pretty plants and green life through、Very nice shop who found the living room and kitchen are stylish makeover to make toy。Please try coming everyone take a look at it!

Living with plants Rust lust
Hamamatsu-Shi Nishi-Ku, INO town 180-1 TEL:053-440-5139
Hours of operation:10:00-17:00 Closed on Mondays:Every week Thursday, Friday

Hamamatsu-Shi Nishi-Ku, INO town 180-1

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  1. Kawai Miyuki

    9Purchased a Banyan tree in there,、My name is Kawai hamakita-Ku。
    2With waxy leaves about a month ago、And then removed with a toothbrush、Once it is lost.、Sometimes only a little white things from it and at the same time、Or sticky leaves、Brown hole leaves opens like it has。What should I do? I'm glad you let us hope! By the way、Place of sunny and still better in madogiwa、I think so near a humidifier is not dry?。Thank you


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