Wine dining hideaway "La cachette ' in second round 2-51 years of


Distal iron trains North to Hamamatsu City、Called "Electric Red' Of first Street station soon wine canteens 'La Cachette la cachette"Mr.。Mark's Lair wines an impressive dining room large wine barrels placed in front of the shop and a wine bottle。2012/SeptemberTo open as early as one year and seven months after the、Call the word of mouth word of mouth with delicious food and wine、Popular shops。Owner sommelierMorishita KeijiCum、34Old and young, proposing delicious wine selection in tongue myself with knowledge gained while in the wine shop always more than 100、It offers dishes suitable for wine。The name "La Cachette la cachette"、In France,RetreatAndThe secret baseTreasure chestIt seems to mean。A nice restaurant to be wowed.。On this day、The other day、Gather friends and her husband the same 51, born in the "51Annual meeting"The second held here!


The restaurant is on the first floor and is on the second floor.、1On the floor counter 4 seats、Table 8 seats。Go up the spiral stairs and upstairs、16And name as table seats、Is space available in the Charter as an event venue wine seminars, etc.。Here is、Morishita and mother of two has been Palazzo、Shop filled with a sense of intimacy。2But on the floor for the first time visited、Originally was on the 3rd floor space、The stairs still lingers、In a retreat atmosphere, such as visits to a secret room somewhere、Wonder and serenity in a space with a good。Here is、There was formerly a tailor、Antique shelves were being used at the time as passed on to me like、Has a nice kitchen cabinets, now lined with wine。2For floor seats are very popular.、And specify the seating upstairs at time of booking in advance is so good!


51Iwata is an established member of the annual "Plain plastic industrial co., Ltd."ofPlain toshinaoKun (pictured right) and Hamamatsu "Atsumi iron works co., Ltd."The President inAtsumi SoichiroKun (photo left)。51Annual meetingThe goals and objectives、51Year born(Before and after the time allowed:Lol) for increasing the companion。And、Liven up food and beverage outlets are working hard with the young、Even the lively city to properly go to! Have a sense of mission and、Will evolve.


Please recommend Morishita cum of sparkling wine!


See bonami Clément de Loire Brut' France Loire sparkling wine

GAMO whole varieties、65% chenin Blanc、20% Chardonnay、15% Cabernet franc。Born in 1971, Eric Laurent's brewing。He got the oenology in Burgundy、Then parts of France as well as Oregon and Chile、Argentina、After banging the gate of vineyards in the new world, such as South Africa, saw the world、"Finally I felt most potential and challenging、Saumur was。Here、Be able to balance fruitiness and delicate、Are the world's unique terroir.。"That Clement built our、Weddings、Do so that we will have the blessing of people who love each other with "the wishes of their、The new packages featuring the heart is designed。And cool-climate fruit flavor、And yeast smell good standing、Never tasted like。According to Morishita、I feel the whiff of lactic acid bacteria。With that。And constipation improve? For where you will find a sharp flavor and very rich texture is a lie (laughs)、It fit in a variety of dishes.


Olive tree, Italy

In a small olive bath soak is as good.、Personally、Compaction is a favor is a little stiff.


"Pork and chicken liver pate' 800 yen

Lever is probably a good way、It is so delicious delicate little delicious Pate。The black pepper spicy tangy、With the acidity of the mustard to dip because、On wine is recommended.


"Bourgogne Vézelay Blanc Le ne de Muse 2011"France Chardonnay

Cute one painted on her to chose the wine。Wang Chan is、France, from Paris 2 hours a small village to the EastAsquinsThe winery stop horsing around and seeLes Faverelles Les and five rail"With the ownerPatrick BoulangerAnd it is an important family that kept the family。And the wine、ワンちゃん()の名前MuseThe name is。The Muse、Mature Budo Kaba whole fields in the time、By proud nose sniff and eat?。Named after the Muse of such nose、Name the cuvee "Le ne de Muse"The、"Muse's nose"That means it's。Wine etiquette somehow cute suggests that families love.。Since you are using sealed in wax wax cap、Because they may end up littered with wax pieces during the opening like the attention。The palate is、Pure pod clarity a drink without hesitation and wine!


See kinds of homemade bread 4 species'

On the menu there and assorted、4So was the person、Got me plus special on bread, four Prime。Mixed nuts with plenty of bread and three native potato is baked and I dust potato bread and Rosemary Focaccia、Sage butter and honey baked paint、Appetizer Bread Italy Commere、Four species of plain baguettes。Is to ask the assorted things you enjoy!


"Hamana Lake prawn Bisque' 1,000 yen

With Bisque、Crustacea (ebiyakani) straining to 擂ri潰shita after brewed with herbs and vegetables in wine sauce, etc.、The soup is a thick thick cream plus。And stuff I can't make at home.、I ordered because it was so well with the bread.


"Thick Jumbo shiitake mushrooms ajillo" 600 Yen

Aziz offers puritsu and elastic flesh fleshy shiitake mushrooms in garlic olive oil.。Baguette intersect it with the olive oil also remained sounds even better! Easily burn notice is (laughs)


"Sausage platter's wrecker land 1000 yen

Recker land's real school ham Workshop 3 kind of sausage you can enjoy。Bulgur, dry、Is perfect for cheese and snacks.


See pongmuffritto (Potato Fries) 500 yen

French fries in Japan、In France, says pongmuffritto。I imagine a strip of paper is、Was betraying the expectations in a good way。Next to the slice to taste with plenty of potatoes、And 厚切ri! Simple dishes.、With exquisite fried、Excellent hokku give it up!


"Kara tinedo Numero dos Tinedo Cala N.2"Spain La Mancha Red

The grape varieties、95% Tempranillo、Cabernet Sauvignon 5%。700 m above sea level、From the upland limestone lying about rolling stone, mud-ash soil and alluvial soil。2005In-plant in 2007。Cold maceration。After the alcoholic fermentation in tanks made of concrete、225Malolactic fermentation in liters and 300 litre French oak and aged 18 months。Intense aromas of dried strawberries。Smoky flavor, such as toasted barrels from、This is where you can enjoy pleasant wine。Is acid rich fruit flavors are second to none.、It feels like melts in your mouth。Women of etiquette established Winery at about the same time at from the fine art photography was taken in the early 20th century、Also built the family's current home、Great-grandmother of the brother and sister (great grandmother)Esperanza AngloThe tribute is a thing。The design of the art deco style popular at the time、Feeling rich is represented by collages (collages) techniques、Wine Gastronomy、And perfectly captures the rich and buying etiquette even taste will fail.


Cheese platter

24Parmigiano Reggiano aged for months、Blue cheese、Camembert cheese、Wash type with four assorted。Served with mango and cranberries dried fruit。How cheese is rich in taste, perfect for the wine! Is the selection of。Wine is at least 3 books that leave it to Mr. Morishita, although prices are、It seems perhaps a 5000 Yen ones at affordable prices。Because setting a reasonable price, suitable snacks à la carte menu is also rich in、Many people for enjoying wine and very cosy shop.。Morishita-Kun、Like your mother-in-law、Also face will let it! Now、with the information on Facebook, etc.、The streets of Music City 'Shinjuku Swan"The is busy with the film is、51Annual meeting is towards avoiding having fun street party!

La Cachette la cachette
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku itaya-machi 102-17 TEL:053-453-1881
Hours of operation:Fire wood,-- 18:00-23:00( L.O. 22:30) Sat before public holidays: 18:00-24:00( L.O. 23:30-
Closed on Mondays:Every Mon、3rd Sunday

102 -17 itaya-machi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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