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In the Japan Airlines from Central Japan International Airport Centrair to the suvarnabhumi International Airport Bangkok Thailand



The flight "Central Japan International Airport CentrairThan "、The new gateway of Thailand, Bangkok, Japan Airlines "Suvarnabhumi international airport"What。The flight time、10Time 30 minutesAre scheduled for、In approximately 2 hours prior to departure3F international and domestic lines check-in countersIn the check in and check out。Assuming the congested and problem cases、Early action is recommended.

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JAL check-in counter

JALThe economy-classChecked baggage allowance(Suitcase) ofFree baggage allowanceThe、1Per case23kgUp and regulated、The number per person2PiecesUntil the next.。Otherwise, it is、Carry-on baggageThat would be、Baggage in the cabin that can be、Personal items (shopping bag、Such as handbags)1PiecesOf the other、3Sum of the sides115cmWithin、Size W55cm x H40cm×D25cmFor within the baggage of which1PiecesAnd then、The total weight of both10kgShall not exceed。Carry-on baggageThe restrictions are、Especially womenLiquid carry-on inCosmetic products (lotions, gels, creams etc)The note is required。Liquid、Each100ml containersTo put the、All of the containerWith a resealable transparent plastic bag(Total 40 cm below aspect bags) in the storage and、1L withinThere are provisions to。Checking is less.、Be prepared to defend the provision.

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Safety inspection station entrance

After you put in the luggage (suitcase)、Facing the international departure gate、Security checkpointThe passenger in the cabin baggage and passengers ' possessionsSecurity checkDo。Hat、Take off your jacket、Shoes and belts with metal fittings, metal, etc.、Not use 外shimashou responds metal detector accessories。Like digital cameras and notebook computers、You must make the desk tray。Allow the smoothly、Choose a simple attachment/detachment flight clothing.


After the security check without problems、Free time and will be until boarding time、You will also enjoy shopping for a good and、Went to the lounge and sleep is possible.


This time the、Passenger terminal 2 floor international restricted area "Star Alliance lounge"Priority Pass priority pass membershipIn the use of。Priority passAnd the、With companies offering services in the airport lounge、The annual membership fee is required、The price of the loungeFreeAnd will be。Many domestic and overseas travel、Frequently used the airport for travelers is the recommended membership card!


Star Alliance lounge

Star Alliance loungeThe、Morning 7.:00-21:00Of operating hours、Enjoy food and drink、Enhance your Massage Chair, Internet access and other services also、Can be used comfortably in a time of departure it is possible。Lounge、And all-glass、Underscoring its increased airport、It is a very nice view.


Drink、Various types of alcohol (beer and wine、Whisky etc) from soft drinks (hot / iced) offers a variety of types.


As a snack、For evacuees、Sandwich、Cup noodles are also substantial.


To prepare for each aircraft at the airport。Rapt wouldn't be normally easily seen、Forget the passage of time、I will be looking at.


This timeJALOf737 flight JLThe boarding、23GateIt is。Can you gimpp passport and flight ticket confirmation after that!


This time the、Approximately6TimeAs the flight is nice。The only concern is、When you leave Japan10° C before and after、Thailand arrived30° C before and afterAndThe temperature difference betweenWill there be?。In winter dress up 乗ri込mu on board、Upon arrival off, not to change 早着 summer dress.。Cold by layering to tide you over、You can escape the winter still decided to take off in the cabin (laughs) Japan then it's、Is glad we get married!


But fortunately the weather was concerned、Opens up a mild winter in the sky。Flight safety, is a departure.


Art JAL Boeing 787-8 aircraftThe cabin was very clean with、Compared with the mid-sized aircraft so far、Wider sense and the front-row seats in economy class、Ceiling height may、And the。PC power and USB port facilities also available、Mobile charger is available。Advanced technology and light、Expand Windows 1.3 times compared to conventional extruders, visibility is wide.。Even more surprising to the、Instead of shunning a sunny window curtains、Electronic shades depending on the brightness can be adjusted in 5 steps at the same time.


White wine and appetizers

In-flight drinks、Started with red, white and sparkling wines.、Beer、Japanese sake、Whiskey、Jin、Vodka、Brandy、Is rich in plum wine and alcohol。Soft so the link、Coffee and tea、Green tea、Provides a variety of juices.


10.6In inches and equipped with touch-screen monitors、Flights in order to be more comfortable、A variety of entertainment systems [MAGIC: Equipped with、Various languages right now including the latest movie buzz、Drama DVDs、You can enjoy games and music。This time the、Watch the movie 2。In the Disney movie "Madame Mallory and magic spice"And starring Scarlett Johansson"LUCY Lucy"We enjoyed。6About two-hour film and two hour flight、Oh that is between!


Lunchtime meals are、MeatAndFishProvides two、Sales of chicken are good and、Sold outFishTo now。And Japanese tastes in Japan, Hiroshi, creative gourmet。JALOf using the color red、Is unified to the impression design。The palate is、Level with peace of mind is of course the in-flight food level and eat!


The day stable on the overcast sky aircraft。Time difference with JapanThe、Minus 2 hoursThe order is nice no lag。Thailand time14Time 50 minutesExit will then safely flight arrival。From the cabin、We already feel heat of Thailand。Take off your long sleeves、One piece sheer in leggings、Her Cardigan、Bangkok, ThailandTo immigration it is!Sawasdee crack ( type ) / Car (Thailand language:สวัสดี ครับ / help)

Central Japan International Airport Centrair



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Evening drink Dinner Food shop while enjoying the "Central Japan International Airport Centrair" Illumination Go through the accommodation than the gateway Bangkok's suvarnabhumi international airport
Evening drink Dinner Food shop while enjoying the "Central Japan International Airport Centrair" Illumination
Go through the accommodation than the gateway Bangkok's suvarnabhumi international airport



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