"Toyoko INN " There are Central Japan International Airport Centrair within a 5-minute walk , and good location the day before the accommodation.


"Central Japan International Airport CentrairThan "Within a 5-minute walkIn the hotel、All over the country248Chain hotel that has been holding a hotel "Toyoko INN Chubu International Airport main building orange side"。Hotel → Airport、Airport → Hotel andFree shuttle bus15 minutes-and is available every 20 minutes、Access to the airport hotel, hotel very convenient and reasonably priced for the night before to say!


Beside the hotel、1045One multi-storey car park that can accommodate the car has been equipped with、Toyoko INN official websiteFrom the hotel guests only、Parking240Time (10 days) FreeTo have been a campaign called、This time、24 days to goBangkok, ThailandTo the advantage of parking during the travel period will not be、This decided the night before to.



Check-in at the reception (at 16:00-) once you have、Place the suitcase in the room、It is possible to explore the Central Japan International Airport (Centrair)。There was a gown in the rocker behind the front、The Shaver, comb and other amenity goods in wagons in、Don't forget those who need to take.



This lounge on the front next to theMorning 6:00To 9:30In between became the breakfast Hall、To the guestsFreeThe provides a morning buffet。Western food (bread soup salad, sausage, etc.) on the front right hand、Front left would be for Japanese food (rice, miso soup, pickled vegetables, side dishes, etc.)。Early hours、Many groups of tourists from Asia, and because it gets extremely crowded、We recommend that turn out late flights if you have。still、In the hotel next to the parking on the first floor、From 7 am to 24 pmUp to open a convenience store "SHIDAX SHiDAXThis is useful ♪ because "there


Mini double

Your room the night before、Mini double(One bed of 12.00㎡-1,600㎜ width)6,300CircleIn in (net book ¥ 300 discount)6,000CircleVery reasonable ♪ and


Free shuttle bus

And willing to transfer to the airport from the hotelFree shuttle busClick here。Morning6:00-10:15For while to hotel to airport one way only sent。In the afternoon1550 minutes to the night 21:00 TaiwanUntil the、15Minutes from Hotel → Airport, at 20-minute intervals、The Airport offers scheduled and hotel、22Time-will be indeterminate operation until the last 23 runs。Bus lost 5-minute walk from pretty close so close is not a problem.


En route to the airport by shuttle bus、Dusk began to sink the sky background、Saw cargo loading on the aircraft。Not open rear fuselage and puckering up to worship is a priceless moment.


Central Japan International Airport Centrair

The shuttle bus to airport、Will drop you off at the entrance of passenger terminal。The shuttle bus to the hotel、From the multi-access of airport bus terminal8TurnWhat。Now、Central Japan International Airport CentrairLet's do that to enjoy dinner at the inner ♪

Toyoko INN
Aichi-Ken Tokoname-Shi (Centrair) 4-2-5 TEL:0569-38-0045

4-2-5 Centrair Tokoname city Aichi Prefecture


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