Evening drink Dinner Food shop while enjoying the "Central Japan International Airport Centrair" Illumination


On an artificial island off Aichi Prefecture, Tokoname city, ISE Bay Marine lodge、2015On February 17ToOpened 10 anniversaryThe be greeted "Central Japan International Airport Centrair"。Is the Tower of the first round.、Passenger facility is four-storey steel frame.。Across the Center PierNorth Wing (domestic)、South Wing (international flights)Is placed、Are T-shaped image of cranes。Second floor's arrival、Departure lies part 3 F、Here is3In F international and domestic check-in counterBe ♪


Behind the check-in counter、Centrair inscription goods MuseumSuch as lined with souvenir shop 出揃imasu。Go to the 4th floor sky town on the escalator in the Center.


4In the F anticipated event Plaza、Events are held on a regular basis。The events of this day、1March 24 (Sat) - February 1 (day)It has been held up "Tokyu Hands NagoyaThis is a limited time opening of "♪


Tokyu HandsIs it only for household goods and、Nice local gourmet products, including many sold to souvenir。During the period、Morning10:00To 18:00To open、Would be good to also kill the time before your flight.


In front of a large vision、Disney XD presents "Star Wars Rebels"Special events had been held。Event、2015January 24th, (Saturday)、25Day (Sunday)Of the two days was。In the animeC1-10P aka:ChopperIs popular with children who large balloon (grumpy Droid)!


To the airport for your feet、First of all、But you want to keep watchingSky DeckThis is the view from!


The opening hours of the Skydeck、A day, 7 night 22:30Until the next、And the aircraft will take off the runway!、In the morning sun lit the sky with a refreshing、Sunk in ISE Bay sunset、At dusk as soon as possible into moment and sky blue、Aeronautical lights blue and green glow.、It is possible to enjoy the beautiful night like Bejeweled。Skydeck placed at 8 months "View point of Fu"The、Handrails and some improvement、And the wheelchair is designed so small children can enjoy the view。View from the deck、Come enjoy the airport works as well.


Is established as a Ministry of comfort、"Hot water of wind (Fu)"。Is a viewing bath was introduced for the first time at the domestic airport。To explore the airplane to fly while bathing。Opening hours8 am:00To 22:00(Final payment of 21) in、Bath feeAdults (junior high school students and over) 1030 yen, children (elementary school students and over) 620 yen.、Children (under 6) 210 YenAnd will be。Including complimentary toiletries (shampoo and towels) are provided so feel free to enjoy!


On either side of the central event Plaza、Nagoya's leading rice and、Is Japanese, Western and variations in restaurants.、You can enjoy takeout fast food shop also available。Prior to、The crowded enjoying the meal in the restaurant in full awareness was、This time the、With a variety of shops to buy、Believe in style in the food tells you!


Speaking of Nagoya specialty "Chicken wings of phantom"In the famous"The world of mountain-chan"。In addition to the phantom wings、Miso skewers and、Previews and more sauce、Previews and more, including rice、You can enjoy the taste of "to go"!


Wings of illusion is five.、10Book、15Book、205 and can be purchased in increments of this。"The world of mountain-chan"On the wings、Unlike other stores, the hotness of the pepper spicy hot feeling it's selling"Small children please note"The poster is。1981 yearIt is first store in "Skewers, grilled chicken and Ma-chan"Since being founded、Steadily increasing the branch, holding more than 70 stores 號舖 now that、2014 yearTo expand into Thailand and Hong Kong S.A.R.、Boasts a popular overseas。FutureThe world of mountain-chanName that fit、May be filled with phantom wings around the world.


Chicken shop walked in chicken devoted "Chicken Sanwa"。1933 yearEstablishment and history、Countries from chickens and the Nagoya Cochin chicken pure in heart、And long-established stores offering the taste of real chicken.


Bowl of hot fresh and it's finished in a drowsy eggs is up for sale、Chicken cooked various obsessions and Bento are available.


The commitment fresh vegetables hamburger patty of FC using the 100% Aussie beef of peace of mind "FRESHNESS BURGER Freshness Burger"。In Burger shop、Safety and security report、The body is of course natural and eco-friendly menu available!


1827Since it was founded in180 yearWhat history、Toyohashi area around cake & other Chikuwa, manufactured and sold. "Yamasa chikuwa"。Use fresh fish、Handmade luxuryFish sausageThe it has created ♪


Yamasa chikuwaThe、Chikuwa, kamaboko is famous、There very popular cake & various。Cake & use such as oden.、Eat as well, delicious、Very good seasoning with salt is perfect for snacks!


"Gold killer whale beer red label" 437 yen (souvenirs Museum)

1996 yearNagoya born of earth beer maker, which was established to "Narita gold killer whale beer"。German beer and role models、Malt、Hop、Yeast、And empathize with the beer purity law that only water to BREW beer stuff、Not only just to mimic the process、There beer in Nagoya"Gold killer whale beer likeness"It is factored in。Using the underground water of the Kiso River system、BREW beer under the strict quality control。And heal the thirst in my throat rather than、Fragrance、Taste、Is a bone and taste of beer。Ruby-colored exterior and a good malt flavor is characterized by、Tired of drinking a good balance between having no flavor、Very tasty beer!


"Phantom of chicken wings 5 ​​bottles" 464 yen


Dry clever is pepper


Chicken Sanwa "than fried chicken taste" 594 yen


Burger belly NATs salad with 220 yen (tax excluded)、Coleslaw (S) 130 yen (tax excluded)


Burger "classic cheeseburger" 580 yen (tax excluded)、"French fries (R)" 190 yen (tax excluded)


Yamasa Chikuwa "chiizu Vicki" 310 Yen、Octopus Maru 220 Yen


"Yalumba The Wye Series Shiraz Viognier 2012" Australia (wine boutique Pannier)

To prepare the 晩酌 at the airport、Advance Australia Shiraz "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER wine boutique Pannier"Musa played script store, I bought the。Instead of to our delicious Cup、So broken is the cheap glasses、We bring wine glasses。True red with berry fruit flavours、And it is tannins, mellow and easy to drink Shiraz!


In the airport、People come and go, lively、It is very fresh drink while people watch。See once in a while is a beer、Though the wine is、Not only we (lol) However、Take-out food shops of various snacks、It's fun little things you do!


Sunset down completely、Be lit under the wintry sky aircraft。Now、In the main event at this airportOpened 10th anniversary of illuminationPlease see the ♪


Opening of Airport10AnniversaryThe theme of illumination that year with "celebration (celebration).、In the sky deck、"Disney Princess / Dream Illumination"Being held! The light-up time、17:00To 22:30Until the next.。(18 from 2/1/2015:00From the start) 7 Disney Princess who appeared in Walt Disney's work world is represented by sound and light。At the entrance、For Memorial shooting illuminated dress provided、You also become a heroine of the world of dreams and excitement!


Of "Beauty and the Beast"Bell、More "Rapunzel in the tower"Rapunzel、From the Little MermaidAriel、From "Aladdin"Jasmine、From "snow white"Snow white、More "sleeping beauty"Princess Aurora、From "Cinderella"CinderellaThe Prinsen is who 7。And、Deck tip、A national hit record "Frozen"Also appeared in PR special area of ​​MovieNEX!


In each booth、Theme song flows、Color image of glowing color Prinsen is、Motif is expressed in the illumination.


Total length of 300m♪ the sky deck of the dyed in the world color of Disney


30Representing the world of Princess once each minute Showtime begins。In cold weather, there is、To the cold and enjoy the world of dreams!


This timeBangkok, ThailandTo the travel is、"JAPAN AIRLINES Japan Airlines"The use of。In approximately two hours prior to flight departure airport is desirable、8 am scheduled for half-filled。Measures for the night before。Drink in the airport and illumination are enjoy convenient and、The hotel would you like and going to bed early return.

Central Japan International Airport Centrair


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