Go through the accommodation than the gateway Bangkok's suvarnabhumi international airport


This time、Japan ⇔ BangkokConnecting between the、Japan Airlines ( JALFlight )The、2010/SeptemberWas abolished as far as 'Central Japan International Airport Centrair"From theBangkok 'Suvarnabhumi international airport' LineRevive the past four years、In the last year2014 DecemberFrom the restarts travel。It was policy to private and international linesB787The advanced machines、Is that the point of aircrafts can afford the biggest reason。And、2015One day in January.Than、State-of-the-art787-8Type aircraftTo change the、Enhance the onboard habitability and comfort。In a comfortable flight for approximately 6 hoursBangkok, ThailandThe sky came we have!


BangkokAir temperatureThe、At this point30℃And enhanced.、Suvarnabhumi international airportWithin the、Rooms are well-equipped and comfortable temperature maintaining。11Month from February.In Thailand,、During the dry seasonIt is also available、Rain is most ideal for comfortable without the rain IBest seasonWill be!


In the airport、In Bangkok, ThailandSuvarnabhumi international airportThe vehicle the color purple color is more common。Here is、Aiming at the hub airports in Asia、As a symbol of the new era of the Thailand national project underway、The land area isNarita International AirportOfAbout 3 timesAlso and、Passenger terminal buildingTotal floor area: 563,000 m²The boast of the best in the world。"Suvarnabhumi"And the"The golden land"And mean、His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej King Rama IXHas been named.


The concourse boasts spectacular ceiling、From A to G and 7、Concourse A、B's on domestic flights、From C to G will be international。


Is characteristic of an airport concourse part placed between glass with Teflon membrane roof。A simple space.、Mido ahead of gold、Will new layer with some images just flew down to Thailand.


Arrivals are located on the 2nd floor、Immigration、Here will also receive luggage。


The currency in Thailand、Thai bahtNeed to be。Inside the airportCurrency exchange inJapan yen and Thai baht (B).To keep Exchange。At this time、For the time being110,000 yen.Currency and Thai bahtB2, 542To the staff。To exchange money at the airport in Japan from around180CircleMore deals。A small amount may、180CircleIf Thailand isB50To be so、Of the time carChang beer 500 ml bottle purchase(Lol) you can however、OriginallyThailand city currencyIn ExchangeBest rates and deals (there is a difference as B200 and the best place to Exchange:Japan Yen to 720 yen or so different)It is because、In the airport dealt with the minimum amount of Exchange、We recommend a change in the city is insufficient。Currency exists all over the place are touring the city。Because the different rates and location、You must confirm yourself for Exchange。The currency exchange at banks and hotels、Rate is bad but not recommended。In Bangkok、Intermediate level if not more than hotels and restaurants、Often use of credit cards is not possible.。General shops and convenience stores、In the restaurant、Basic、Cash payment is mainstream!


2015In January 26, rates.


Immigration screening areaTo the head。


During the immigration needs with immigration screening area、PassportAndImmigration cardAnd will be。Usually the、So ago Thailand passed on board from CA、If you fill the on board during the flight arrives prior to the smooth action that can。With a smileSawasdee crack ( type ) / Car (Thailand language:สวัสดี ครับ / help)It is and wanted to say hi!


Luggage receipt belt、1Is no. 23 from No.、Domestic 1-6、International 7-23-use。


Bulletin Board、Flight arrival information and belt numbersMake sure、Get your suitcase!




This is the meet and greet tour。Guide was easy to understand, so thanks for showing the placard、Let's find out!


From the airport to the city centre approximately30km。Car will measure approximately 1 hour。Means of transport、High speed rail connecting the Centre of Bangkok and suvarnabhumi airport in ThailandUtilize the airport rail link (ALR)、A little expensive, but safe and safety Limos、Or public taxi and public bus (public and private).And it is possible。The city's roads、Times really are becoming crowded because、301 week should be arriving in minutes、In rare cases may end up hanging over it is not like。Have the spare time, do it!


There are luggage?、Taxi is the easiest means of transportation will be。However,、So rare are English-speaking taxi driver、Would be good to bring a map of your destination written in Thailand, as much as possible and。International Wi-FiIf you rent、Google mapBecause it can operate、You can check whether or not roundabout way purposely, so helpful。During the ride、Be sure and check whether the meter is、And pay attention to the fact、Fun to make!


This time the、Shuttle minibusThe boarding、Through the city, head to the hotel。When running in high speed Highway、Street you will see a。In the sky a bit unclear、In the whole citySmogMISTED far away, it looks。Bangkok、The increase in vehicles and traffic、Exhaust gasAtmospheric pollutionIt is supposed to be a serious。


Bangkok city、Full of high-rise buildings、Not even rush to build momentum。The city evolved than imagined、Here's that glimpse of years auto industry undergoing rapid development focusing on Thailand's domestic situation。


Flowing through the Bangkok, ThailandChao Phraya RiverIt takesTaksin bridgeCross、While caught in the traffic jam、1Spend an hour or so, finally come up to room hotel just around the corner。The finest resort hotels along the Chao Phraya River "The Peninsula Bangkok"And I arrive after is less.

Suvarnabhumi international airport


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