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From Nepal's capital Kathmandu from next to the town of skyline


Nepal's capital Kathmandu "Tribuvan International Airport (Tribhuvan International Airport)"From the book by tour members boarded the Liceu was me、Pattern next to the town until approximately 30 minutes by car.

The Liceu、Driver per person employed、Able to present conditions, such as air conditioning、1Price depends on time of day。This time all members as can act in one、Ask in the relatively new and beautiful models、Ride the wagon (with air conditioning)、1Day rental fee is about 40000 Yen amount (paid about 3000 yen per person 1 day)Now。(Note:Fluctuations in the price of gasoline, rent some fluctuations) or more become scattered in a taxi, etc.、1Everyone can ride on、I think is comfortable moving on with fun and useful?!

The suburbs near the airport in the capital Kathmandu Valley、Many street trees、Can be seen relatively paved road。

However,、And begins to bustle show cars and bikes、I rolled up the dirt and dust from paved roads, unpaved trail-side location、In front of the eyes for once in a sandstorm。No to photography, from the practice would be difficult!

Abandoned cattle would come across in the city scene。Piles of rubbish were shot miserably in the side of the road there leftovers?、Tamaremasenn had his cow hunts them。

In the highway of Nepal、Signal should be installed for some reason is not useful、At the major intersection-inducing traffic guards。

Many cars and motorbikes、Would be unthinkable as ill is transport in Japan。2-Seater、3Rides for people to go through the car next to the floating common bike made "many times! However,、Nice driver technique of Nepal、While honking car easy or avoid biking、Run right!

I was shocked in the streets of Nepal is infested with cable! Still not operationally infrastructure、Is worry about leakage、That would power outages end up shorting out wire by does not seem。It is all now and would be developing countries Nepal!

Bagmati RiverStraddleBagmati bridgeBorder into to the pattern from the Kathmandu Valley.

PLE chowk roadRun "Patan City Hall"We have seen! Here is ask to pay a courtesy call on the day after、20It is scheduled to meet the Mayor was born in years! In front of Patan City Hall、The newly constructed large shopping mall "Rubim-Mall (LABIM)"Even and、Filled with vibrant!

Liveliness in Patan town, go to the step streets、Various atmosphere while also、Adjacent to the old townPLE chowk districtTo become、You can find peaceful landscape with houses。

This accommodation is、PLE chowk area and、Guest House run by Japanese people residing in Nepal "Pension assert (Pension Suzt)"My will! For some people with poor English for tour members、Not when it comes to language on a strange journey、Guest houses in leading Japan to the guidesMaharjan Niles (Maharjan Naresh)Let's arrange for us! Thanks!

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Thailand suvarnabhumi International Airport arrived at the tribuvan international airport in Nepal Guest House operated by Japanese patterns "suspension and assert.
Thailand suvarnabhumi International Airport arrived at the tribuvan international airport in Nepal
Guest House operated by Japanese patterns "suspension and assert.



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