The ambition of Toyama cause a stir Italy in Sunflower dining young chef with fine Italian


Toyama Central Street exit.、To have life-prolonging jizo statue located in the Itachi River ishikura-machi、Expand the Italian in a nationally recognized young chef has a lot to elsewhere in Italy and Tokyo hozumi Tanaka (38 years old)、Yes made a fortune in his hometown Toyama、2013Was opened in February 5's "Sunflower dining room.。Matsutani's Italian "Winst" owner sommelier recently interviewed spoke about this restaurant!


Shop、The simple white walls and wood is clear space。Will be brought in front of the stores、Spacious kitchen was clean and organized。You can look through the glass。4 counter seats、In the kitchen late rice、Table seats 10 seats.。Is open、Hozumi's desire in only at night and taking a bullish stance。It just increase our marital expectations、この日はオーナーシェフ穂積さんにおまかせコースをお願いすることにしました♪


こちらが奥のテーブル席ですワインセラーの横には穂積シェフ自身が気に入ったお肉が入ると熟成させるために保管するという肉の熟成庫があります。This is、メインのお肉が期待できます。The menu configuration、From appetizer pasta.、Main、All desserts can be ordered à la carte、コペルト代は300円です


「スパークリングワイン」 700円 まずはすっきりとした辛口の泡で乾杯し喉を潤します♪




こちらが田中穂積シェフ顔出しNGとのことですがこの写真はOKをもらいました宣材用に使えそうなぐらい料理に真剣に向き合う表情の良い写真です(笑)穂積シェフは、20When I was a teen、All over the world to traverse in the backpacker、Touching the cuisine of different countries、And proceed to cooking people take an interest in Northern Italy in Italian。After that、In the famous shop of Tokyo ten years training is a return to the Toyama、Seems to be the current。When I heard the story、穂積シェフもB型ということが判明。Recent、B型率高過ぎます(笑)


Seppo line black 500 yen

Squid ink seppoline.。Good scents、Salt Salt!、Those deep-fried crispy while no longer was good premium Triple Sepp Greene。卵のように見立てた演出が可愛いですね♪


Salad of white shrimp, cucumber, and barley 1400 Yen

Speaking of Toyama white shrimp。White shrimp flavor and sweetness to luxury、Is the flavor and sweetness of the texture crisp cucumber and barley、Chewy texture was interesting and refreshing healthy salads。Is a rarity.


Homemade bread

Parnesicigliano using semolina flour and whole wheat flour。Here is、Italy's Sicilian bread、Hozumi Chef a favorite bread?。Fragrance、Elasticity、Texture、Amount of water、Seasoning with salt、Sweet、What I complain of no 1 in serving good fit!


「MAZZOLINO ’11 camara シャルドネ」 イタリア 白 3,500円

What are the grape varieties?、ピノ・ネーロ種シャルドネ種リーズリング種ソーヴィニョン・ブラン種Mazzolino standard type white wine。Thin green-golden color, fruity aroma.、A fresh and vibrant、Mineral enjoyed。Apertivo、Antipasto、Would be good with dishes based on fish.


Grilled vegetable 1600 Yen

Pure white (白tou corn)、Red pepper、Yellow Zucchini、Eggplant、Chicory、Red、Green bell pepper、Pettanko coros (option on)、There are seasonal vegetables。Probably the best cooking method to adequately utilize the sweetness of the vegetables slowly by charcoal。Spicy and sweet and juicy are the best!


Agnolotti Dal pudding 1800 Yen

One of the specialties of Piedmont。Pinching the ends when forming a kind of ravioli (= plin pudding), make。This use of rabbit meat、In the broadcast shifted the flavor of the meat in the sauce。Rabbit protein.、And condensed sweetness and flavor、And savouring!


"Lamb ragu pici 1400 Yen

And pici (peach)、Specialty pasta around the city of Siena, in Tuscany.。May said the pasta made with flour and eggs are common、This pasta is a pasta like udon noodle kneading in the flour and water。Flour water and add a little salt, mixing well、After a little rested、Stretched by hand one by one and continue to be shaped noodles、Pasta very time-consuming.。Also gone in crunchy with dust、Goes very well with a thick lamb ragout.


"MONTE SECONDO ' 11 ROSSO TOSCANO Sanjo verge canaiolo" Italy red 4200 Yen

Breed、Sangiovese 80%、20% canaiolo。Juicy and rich fruit flavours、As in gentle tannins good acidity。And flavor and blends beautifully、Is Rosso Toscana Chianti Classico is to realize a reasonable price!


Charcoal-grilled filet of horse meat 3200 Yen

Meat、Pig、Wagyu beef、In the horse and the、Hozumi chef、Without hesitation, provided me with the horse。This shades、Just by looking at the doneness and taste tells all photos。In the horse、Fine fins reduced fat the most tender part only luxurious grilled.。The fleshy、Amazingly detailed in soft、Color is dark, glossy red.。Feel the deep flavor and lightly sweetened。If you enjoy this taste in Toyama、Not much need to look best for me!


"Home-made new summer orange liqueur" 600 Yen

After the meal、Homemade limoncello。Be glad in new summer oranges grown in Shizuoka Prefecture are used、I ordered。Our limoncello is、95Because the times spirits have been made based on、That is a tasty drink、Together have a Chaser batting is in good shape and is a dangerous alcohol (laughs).


"Brown sugar creme Brulee' 400 Yen

Finish in desserts, brown sugar creme Brulee。Mellow brown sugar flavor and sweetness is spreading.、So meltingly smooth creme Brulee。Served with crunchy texture was caramelize in the burner.



According to the dessert, after-dinner drink in Italy。And Vin Santo、Known as the "Holy wine"、That of a typical after-dinner drink Tuscan。Made from the currant、Finish with moderate sweetness of the dessert wine to enjoy。Taste delicious cuisine at hozumi chef's Omakase course TIDDLY。Be glad to taste so much I put reserve the next day (lol) it is、In addition!

Sunflower restaurant
1 ishikura-machi Toyama-City Toyama-30 1F TEL:076-482-6091
Hours of operation:18:00-24:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday

1-30 ishikura-machi, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture

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