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Feel free pasta course at "THE DINING" in the "di Oriental Terrace Torizen"



White Street along the Palm tree becomes a landmark、There you can climb the Hill and located on a hill、Boasts a great location, overlooking the Lake, played "THE ORIENTAL TERRACE TORIZEN"Mr.。Originally, "Good bird"Mr. a、1868The Foundation is、With a background in the age and changing business forms、This year2014 yearIn what151 yearThe will be one of the oldest history。1963The head office was in blacksmith town on the shore of a quiet, sound current transfer、2000basisVenue over from fine until the location became a hot topic、As now, wedding ceremony and wedding reception halls、Or is a long-established restaurants as venue for parties and events as well as numerous celebrities to visit, and the very popular。For a long time、The restaurant has been operating as a Japanese restaurant2009/SeptemberThe Oriental Asian resort and renovated and redesigned in the luxury space,、Young chef has been trained French:Maekawa TomohiroWhat are welcome from Mr、We evolved into a luxury Restaurant loved by a wide range of age groups.


Filled the stately、The Asian style of Oriental terrace entrance、And the Hamamatsu like me forget all that、Is a made to measure something like taking a meet and greet in exotic luxury resort hotels and Auberge!


In the hotel's restaurant "THE DINING the dining"The Interior is、And by the dark-brown color、The ceiling is high and spacious atmosphere is produced。Semi private rooms also are in the Hall seats other、Capacity 60 seats.。20~ 50 or so Charter is available。Table seats along the wall sofa seats installed、Such as indirect lighting and table candles、And tickle the female mind packed with relaxing treatments。During the day、You can view the Lake, played in front of、Best location in can't get anywhere else!


As a welcome tea for cold winter、Of spicy instead of waterRoasted green teaProvided us with an。DiningIs it the lunch menu on weekdays、Pasta of the day, today's risotto, tokusei Hayashi riceOf course choose from three Maine1,200CircleAnd nice hors d'oeuvres、Mini soup、Maine、This is the configuration of the coffee。This time the、Choose from the à la carte menu of pasta1,480Yen ( 10% service charge additional )Of course I asked!


"Fresh cabbage and cauliflower served with anchovy oil and consomme jelly'

Will raw cabbage and kept chilled in ice water and raw cauliflower with anchovy oil。At the bottom of the instrument、Consomme with、On the salmon and turnip、Marinated carrots、And together with whipped cream、It becomes colorful with Bottarga (dried mullet roe), accent。"I wanted to enjoy the taste of the vegetables!"And、MaekawaGave out amuse chef。The raw、Surprisingly good crunchy、Shakishekic and sound is audible、Sweetness stand out、It is very fresh。Filled with good, fresh vegetables and enjoy the taste of.


Appetizer Marinated Salad of chicken sauteed with vegetables

Pasta appetizer my porcini chicken sautéed with、My husband's pasta in chicken appetizers、Fish sauteed in。Piccolo was tossed in a mustard cabbage and marinated onions and paprika、Broccoli carrot、Asparagus、Along with Eggplant、There's salad, served with steamed Kraut、2Kind of sauce.


Soup of burdock

Carefully remove the lye of the burdock、Acerbity, EITA and hagumi、Is a mild, sweet flavor of soup!


"Milk bread' to your taste with olive oil


Pasta Genovese with roast chicken with Arugula

Bite-sized pieces of roast chicken and potatoes、Arugula、Green beans Genovese。Pink pepper contains accents.


Pasta Carbonara with mushrooms porcini and today

Using big porcini mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms、Carbonara with added color to green beans。Like the incomparable mushrooms、Has a particularly distinctive and intense aroma、The deep flavor, boasting porcini mushrooms very tasty、Is Carbonara flavor was very rich and just be tedious to easy-to-、I spread the Portabello mushrooms 2.


Drink 'coffee'


The sky, the rain is gone、Always more than blue、Air is flowing。Overlooking the sanaruko Lake、While pleasant breezes、Is the perfect place to spend an elegant lunch。MaekawaSan、Thank you very much! I will come again?!

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, sanarudai 6-8-30 TEL:053-447-3241 Open every day
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-15:00 LO:14:30(* Weekday lunch sales)
Dinner 17:30To 22:00 LO21:00、Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 11:00To 22:00 LO21:00

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, sanarudai 6-8-30

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After-party at the couple by hooking full while knob lightly in the "Western cuisine Comptoir"
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