"Atami Fufu" Butler correspondence is very smart! Rooms Room in the "TOKI" check-in


2007On December 22In the opened、
Fame as a purveyor of inn of a number of celebrities Atami hot spring inn "Atami Fufu"。
Exists in Atami city、
Forested nature enjoying the lush landscaping、Body and soul free、
Is the ideal place to spend a quiet moment。
Place、Atami StationMore in car approximately10 minute areaNext、This is the driveway in a car。
Here you will、Mercedes-Benz S-class and Lexus、Alphard and other luxury vehicles owned as a company car、
NearestJR Atami Eki、OrJR to the Palace of EkiProvides a shuttle service from、It is very useful。
Now、"1Your pick-up plan of a dedicated courtesy car of day one set two persons limited"Also provided、
From Tokyo's 23 wards "Atami Fufu"Until the shuttle becomes possible、Is the amazing service!
(* Shuttle service、Requires advance reservation)


This corridor lobby、
"MOMONOKA"、"KAZENOKA"、"TSUKINOTO"、"HATSUHANA"、"HOSHINOAKARI"For each room connected to the building。
"Atami Fufu"The rooms are、26 rooms and equipped with homemade spring bath open-air bath room、
All60~100㎡The suite is spacious。
Decorated with simple harmony modern interior、Room layout and design are all different、
Even visited many times and has been a building that does not come in tired ♪


Room view

2,000basisBoasting a thing vast site "Atami Fufu "Now、
Seeking a contemporary comfort、
Friendly ryokan in Japan and、
The service with an emphasis on privacy of Western hotel was fused "RYOKAN styleAs "
Has been striving to service。
"Leaves no sense of distance not adhere of JapanOh also, a-Te-The heart ♪ I of "


From the corridor landscaped gardens。
After enjoying the hot springs、You may leisurely explore the hotel.


Of our care to become the room "TOKI"The、"HOSHINOAKARIIt will be the second floor of the building of "♪


Comfort Suites King Double Comfort Suite King Double (73.4m²)


Here you will、Will loom cel check-in and relax。
Who is in charge of、Of fresh ykemenbutler in the nice young man young and energeticKai HeimaMr。
He、Originally this lounge "TAKA"For being a bartender.、
So that is also as Butler service。
All guest rooms 26 rooms to accommodate、Currently Butler 24 dinner、
In-room phone、Responded to various requests、
You please subjected to a delicate correspondence ♪


HeimaCum、Originally here as a part-time job、As had been responsible for housekeeping、
"Eventually I want to be a bartender"It seems have have a dream。
Such a thingHeimaGeneral Manager's dream and he did hear this、
He raises to employees、And study them to gain skills as a bartender、
In the current、"Atami FufuThe bartender of the face of the "It seems that as much as possible grown into human resources!
What?、Heard a wonderful story in drama。
After、HeimaKun of the charge to lounge "TAKA"That you want me to ask after a meal。
Now、Next in line、This helped me get rooms "TOKI" introduction!

Atami Fufu
Location:Shizuoka Atami-city minakuchi-Cho 11-48

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