Accommodation Symbol "Atami Fufu" Atami prestigious surrounded by coming Miyanomori quietly standing hot spring inn


Atami prestigious surrounded by coming Miyanomori quietly standing hot spring inn "Atami Fufu"。
2007On December 22To open and、
Hotel and food service、Restaurant、Public resort、Spa、Ryokan、Entertainment、
"joyTotal Produce Company to create "
"Ltd. Kato Pleasure Group"Being operated。
26Room but all rooms、The spring of Atami homemade hot springs open-air bath
Designed spacious double room、Is known as the purveyor of celebrities-Juku。
It becomes inn name "Giggle"The、2One thought though and、
1One is、Women gently put a smile"Planning is"The sound of laughter、
Another one、Shogi"Infantry (unpopular)"Of initials"Sign"And mean、
Step by step、In the infantry at a glance、"Atami Fufu"、
Space for relaxation even better and will be the、Employees devote every day to make their wishes、
"Fufu"Has been named。
"Giggle"The different typeface、From the hidden meaning there possess two's!
I'm sure、During your stay we also"Planning is"And smile will be overflowing。
This time、My11MoonThe birthday、At Travel Inn、
Such "Atami Fufu"It is a decision to ♪


Here once the "Outlet Park"That there are ryokan、
KanoAkira KurosawaLoved the Director and source of flowing water was regarded as Inn boasts。
Foot traffic has got lost along with the trend of the times "Outlet Park"Will be out of business、
A building dismantled、Has been constructed on the site、Here "Atami Fufu"Next I。
The building itself will be established、To leave traces of time、
And the deep forestHatsukawaOf babble is alive and well does not change even now ♪


It flows through the center of AtamiHatsukawa
But still leaves in early years、I'm sure red would be lovely to go as well.


Atami StationMore in car approximately10 minute area
HatsukawaIn through the bridge front door approach、Big Rock sculpture greets。
ShodoshimaFine ofgraniteImage of rock Designer, cut out、Here is assembled、
Fragments even oneMore weight 1tAnd、Had is very difficult in the construction。
Rotary is built around the rock、Driveway with the car is here。
In the hotel、Is safe because he conducted the valet parking service (*)。
Check-in time、15:00 PMAnd will be。

* Unlock the car came driving by yourself is to due from banks、Acting out the car parking、
Further turning me out at the front door car service。


Front lobby

Colours and black and white.、Flow's quiet time、Lobby space to shoot。
"Atami Fufu"The design is、
1989In the year "studio CUBE an architect firm"Founded、
It has been active in the hotel total produceShiihashi TakashiHas been handled。
In the lobby、"Atami Fufu"Of the original products, including、
And the gift shop have specialties in Atami、
It is provided with a compact library so that you can enjoy the reading ♪


Lobby Lounge

Subdued modern overlooking the courtyard lounge。
Will loom cel check-in and check-in、
Received a welcome drink at the lobby lounge、Will be guided to your room!


Hear Atami、"The sea"Many people have。
However,、This became part of Atami town、
Forested nature enjoying the lush landscaping、Body and soul free、Ideal place to spend quiet time with。
Now、Next in line、This helped me get rooms "TOKI"In This Room check-in ♪

Atami Fufu
Location:Shizuoka Atami-city minakuchi-Cho 11-48

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