"The Siam The Siam" fantastic sunset and a lively night cruise!

Bangkok's leading luxury urban resort hotel "The SiamEnjoy a fantastic sunset on the "Private Pier" Riverside Terrace of The Siam!

Go down the courtyard stairs from the main residence to the villa space and proceed through the pond where lotus flowers bloom.、There is a Riverside Terrace、It becomes a private dock where the hotel private boat goes back and forth!

Width 3.5 m、In the 22m long "Riverside Infinity Pool"、Overlooking the Chao Phraya River、Guests can enjoy a comfortable swimming experience!

There is also "Bathers Bar" in the back of the pool、After a swim, we had champagne and cocktails.、It's also a good idea to take a leisurely look at the sunset!

The menu offered at "Private Pier" on the Riverside Terrace、Snacks such as alcoholic and soft drinks and snacks!

Waiting for dusk、Here's to the King of Spumante Ferrari Brut!

The sparkle of the bubblepour poured into the glass captures the sky color at dusk.、I'm amazed at its beauty.、A strange phenomenon occurred in the sky.、A big circle appears overhead like a ring、As if you're celebrating my birthday、I was able to see a fantastic sunset sky that I had never seen before!

The sun has fallen、It's time to be completely dyed in the atmosphere of the night around、I pre-booked night cruising with Butler's SMET!

Exactly 19:00Go to the night cruising (about 45 minutes one way) at The Siam Boat, which departs from !

The hotel's private boat is、Morning 10.:00The last time of the hotel return from the night is 23:00Until the navigation between and、By booking a combination boarding time schedule stipulated in the section、Guests can enjoy sightseeing and shopping along with comfortable river cruising!

In Night Cruising、There are also commercial facilities along the river and lighting up temples.、Because you can enjoy the atmosphere of an adult different from the bustle of the day、It's also good for dating errands!

The first illumination you can see is King Rama VIII Bridge!

This bridge is、It is built as a royal project to ease traffic congestion from Ratanacocin Island to Thonburi.、It is also Bangkok's landmark as the fifth longest bridge in the world in an asymmetric oblique style!

Next, we went to the shopping mall.Tha Maharaj(Ta Maharat)!
2014Opened at the end of the year、This complex was built by renovating the dock of the Chao Phraya River Express Boat.、Among them are restaurants and cafes.、There are general stores and other stores.、2Dinner with a night view from the F terrace seat is also recommended!

Lighted up "Wat Arun (Wat Arun"。

"Wat Phra Kaew & The Grand Palace(Wat Phra Keo) and "Wat PhoThere is also the figure of (Wat Pho)、You can also enjoy the view from the river surface and it is romantic!

Night cruising of chao Phraya River is very popular.、There are many cruise ships with dinner shows.、It has become a popular activity!

In the city night view、You can see it in the distance.、Bangkok's new landmark tower, which features a stacked block-like shape, isKing Power Mahanakhon(Maha Nakhon)!
This is the building completed in 2018.、Hotels and luxury condos、77 floors above ground with famous restaurants、It will be one of Bangkok's best skyscrapers with a height of 314 meters!

After that、The building that shines with the gorgeous decoration、2018One of Thailand's largest complexes, which opened in November 2007Icon Siam(Icon Siam) will come into view!
Here is、2a facility consisting of high-rise condominiums and shopping malls.、The shopping mall、There are many brands that are expanding into Thailand for the first time.、Takashimaya, etc. for the first time in Bangkok、It is attracting attention even with the fact that there are many Japanese brands!
In addition to、A restaurant where you can enjoy gourmet food from Thailand and around the world、A museum where you can enjoy exhibits using state-of-the-art technology、There is also a movie theater, etc.、The full-fledged fountain show at the entrance is also worth seeing!

I enjoyed an elegant cruise with the night view along the river and came back to the hotel.。

By the time I get back,、There was a full moon over the hotel.。

The scenery illuminated by the moonlight is also bright and very beautiful, while feeling the moment in "The Siam" in a dream feeling、It was a deep, deep sleep!

The Siam
Location:3/2 Thanon Khao, Vachirapayabal, Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thailand
TEL:+66 2 206 6999

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