Custom "Paduan tribe" brass ring around the neck called Karen due to mountainous minority


"Long Neck Karen LONG NECK KAREN"That sign is、
In minority mountainous areas、Commonly known as"Heads of family"The "Karen Pado~un group"Becomes a living village。
Got a custom long brass ring around the neck、From the neck look longer"Heads of family"Also known as。
"Heads of family"And the、Of course, the official name not、
In one of the tribes belonging to the Karen、The tribal name "Karen Pado~un group"It is。
Place、Become a village named Baan ton Luang approximately 30 minutes from the Mae Rim Chiang Mai city、
Here is、Irimura fee 1 capita 500THB (approximately 1,850 yen in the Japanese Yen)Is required。
"Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour"Is it the tour、
Guided half-day courses and、Speaking in Japan, local guides with.、
Of earlier "By orchid & butterfly farm Bai Orchid and Butterfly Farm"With in the setter、
2Name in 1,480THB (about 5,500 yen in the Japanese Yen)It is a very profitable ♪ in, and therefore Irimura charge included


It also can be used to attractions as a tourist destination "Karen Pado~un group"The village is、
By using many of the tourists、Different ethnic groups living in this neighborhood has a business at the entrance of the village。


Here isAkha (Akha-For MOM、"Burr、Josten ~ ♪"And very、Very well in Japan, sales aren't as good (laughs)


Click here alsoAkhaThat is the、The Akha of Thailand、By the costume、
C b Akha tribe (U Lo Akha)、Of spatial Akha (Loimi Akha)、There are distinctions of u BA Akha (U Bya Akha)。
Black mother of the Pinko family dental、AlwaysAreca (び san ro u)From eating plants that it is.、
The young women of the Akha、Ashamed of black teeth、Is not eaten today。
In Japan until the end of the Meiji period、As the makeup of the women "Tooth blackeningI had the habit of "♪


LahuThe costumes are、Colorful and reminds me the parentage and lisu、
Wrap skirt with a black two-piece style。
Black or blue、Such as green fabric on the hem around and characterized by costumes with red lining in sleeves、Often velvet material。


YaoThe、For immigrants from the Chinese ethnic group in cold region、
Women's clothing、And in a climate of Thailand is likely at first glance we as in triumph。
Red collar fur wearing.、Thick dark-blue jacket、
And、Glamorous monpe winds with a small cross stitch Embroidery trousers、
Is like a turban wrapped around the detailed embroidered thick cloth on the head。


Ailuropoda as have nn FamilyThe costume features、Nothing else、It is a championship belt around the waist decorate!
Patron family、Myanmar's Shan ethnic minority living in the area of that State's Sean wee、
His family name "Getting a nn inter- clan"And refers to。


Paron group mom


Young mother and baby of Paron group


Through the shops of various hill tribes、
From here is Kayan people "Karen Pado~un group"The housing and、I live about 40。


At the entrance、Karen panels decorated、See the Memorial taken tourists sight。
More than you imagined、And far more tourist destinations of、A little surprised it (laughs)


At the bamboo wall、The roof is thatched timber stilt house。
Normal、But not through the electricity in the village、Home solar panels is in there! (Surprise)


The women of the tribe、Appearance will be hata織ri remains very impressive。


Here you will、Colorful scarf, woven by hata織ri every day every day they are sold.


Watching the real brass、Local guideGloryMr. explained。


Women of Kayan people

Lady chiefs of brass rings wrapped around the neck。
5Start with from the age of、Initially started from the 4 wrapped around with a weight of about 1 kg、
10And at the age of x 2 kg、15At the age of 3 kg、20At the age of 4 kg、25At the age reaches its weight is 5 kg!
After that、Freedom of the individual?。
To be exact、Instead of growing their necks、
In the process from infancy to gradually increase the brass coil jaw height has been increased by the pressure、
Clavicle and ribs and sunk under the weight of the brass、
he is seen as extending the neck by the shoulder of the position falls is so! (Surprise)


And you have a really、5kg brass ring was or is very heavy、And I think this weighting takes long neck、
It's、Now、Of hard word。
However,、The men of the tribe、Just how long is it in and measure the beauty of the women in the tribe。
The definition of beauty、Depending on country and region、The taste is different、
Karen is more personable than the length of the neck is、That would be the biggest attraction、
They are、Neck not to mention stylish brass rings on hands and feet and is the coolest!
Heck、How many kg weight attached to what (terrible)


Here is、Let me fit brass cut in half、Karen experiences in an instant!
Heavy enough to half a loaf、Right or wrong、Please try!


Pictures of girls、As a postcard1Single 20THB (about 75 yen in Japanese yen)In the sale。


The wooden stilt house、Watch a chicken walks free。
The men of the tribe、For coming to work during the day、While doing business with women who have the day to protect the village.。


Well it is the mother that I saw in the media!
Perhaps it would not be proud of the longest neck in the village!
In the gentle and MOM、、Show me pictures of the young、It is so sweet!


From the length of the neck、Probably about 10 years old girl.。
Because the clothing is cute t-shirts for the Disney Princess series、Gap between the collar has a little uncomfortable。
But she chose the picture、After shooting "Tip,Tip♪"And it was Nedara cute!
Even a young child、Housebroken so is think that (laughs)


The origin of the Karen in Tibet.、
Features of them immigrated to Thailand from Myanmar、Eyes are very large and most beautiful!


Unlike the old days、Don't be forced to ring neck、
As manners spread to tribes、The women of the tribe、As a matter of course ring wrapped around the neck that is so。
Most of the tribes、Citizen of Thailand, has become a national、
Karen Pado~un groupThe、For refugees in Thailand people is not so。
As a result、Been restricted by law、Also because to work freely、
By selling souvenirs to the tourists who pay admission fee、Living up to it is。
You can visit the Karen village、I think I have an opportunity to learn the Customs and culture of the UAE。
Now、Next in line、Is a lovely Guest House in Chiang Mai's old town.

Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour

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