Mesa elephant camp experience! Elephant riding excitement to Bamber rafting


"Dusit Princess Chiang Mai (Royal Princess Chiang Mai)"To me coming to pick you up early in the morning
"Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour"The local guideGlory.
Drivers of the day on the first day and meet theNoiSan。
On this day、The tour heads、You can commune with the elephant experience
"Mesa elephant camp Maesa Elephant Camp" Is!


And North of Chiang Mai city、Approximately30Minutes-40 minutesThe are locatedMesa elephant camp
Elephant riding、Ox Cart experience、Elephant show、Bamber rafting and lunch buffet
Great tour contents can experience a lot of events in half a day。
[Chengmaihappy tourladeTo me this day, plan]
Transfer to the Royal Princess Hotel pick-up, elephant Safari (lunch included) → Orchid Garden → Karen village → arthouse
Rates:2,950Our B×2 name = 5900 B (Japan yen approximately 21830 yen)


It is located on the mountain may、
Start of the day was paratsuku rain, though the weather in tours。
He had baggage tiny folding umbrella、
Big umbrellaChiang Mai happy tourThe local guideGloryLet's hire us!
From what to what attentive、Local guide nice it is!


Because the rain paratsuku、GloryLet's us to buy a raincoat。
As noted as the equipment before the elephant ride、
Swaying elephant back is very goodSo、
So neat untethered for hand railLeave your hands properlyLet's。
As a result、Recommend shoulder bag。
Those that can afford to take a photo with a camera、In the camera belt properly hung from the neck!
Won't shake cell phone is so likely to be dropped is quite dangerous... shake it so it is。
One's feet、Depending on the weather、Rain off the top of the mountain again because、
The ground very slippery with mud、There should be taken。
BasicallyIn clothes dirty is good to goThe is the best!


Is that for the first time outside the Zoo to watch the elephant、
Elephant watch in very large、Elephant Man looks small enough!
However,、The elephant crushed was a cute eyes、Very quiet, good boy!


On the back of an elephant and fitted with wooden pallets、
The top of the back of an elephant、From the ground2.5-3 mThe reaching height because、The first courage is needed、
The character of the elephant、In the mild-mannered, well accustomed to people、Neat stuff, it is okay if you say!


Approximately30-40 minutesAs the elephant riding experience start!
The mahout、Since ancient times from studying elephant training and upbringing in the traditional elephant textbook、
Adopts a communication with Thailand Word and gesture。


of an elephantDoonWhile singing a humming in the air、Go slowly and slowly down the mountain path.。
It doesn't move in the image.、What's the back of the actual elephant?、
Because it shakes up and down very much、Honestly, at first, i didn't feel very comfortable.、I feel like I'm going to fall and I'm worried.。
When、of an elephantDoon.
"Daijob、Daijob、A-Gino-mo-to-♪(Ajinomoto)And will speak to me in japanese that does not make sense (laughs)
What's the elephant's name?、Pa-kun (♂16 years old、In human terms30Years of ageI'm about my age.。
PaaWhen I called out to him,、"Pao-ngIt seems to be disciplined to ring! (Surprise)


of an elephantDoonIn the voice of mr.、The river invades without difficulty.PaaMr!
We have、Even if it is caught desperately in the fence like a lifeline, the vibration which seems to be throwd off is transmitted.、
Why is the elephant man?、Without anyequipment、Can you ride on the elephant's neck with one body?!
I've heard from an early age that one elephant has one elephant.。
So-called、become a partner in the job.。
The physical ability with excellent balance ability is also wonderful.、Maybe it's because we're a reliable partner.。


I've just finished crossing the river.、of an elephantDoonLet's get off the elephant、
And pass on their mobile、Will we ride on the elephant for a portrait。
Elephants smarter could posePaaFrom cum、Chip! Asking for posing。
The chip is、Of courseDoonAnd it's passed into the pockets so、Has been really good discipline。


Mountain path、The next River crossing、Walking through the streets.、I was surprised by this!
Normally、From road bikes and cars to run with elephant swagger! (Surprise)


On the way、Is elephant and bull's resting point in various locations、Reward for snack banana has been sold。
20THB (Japan yen approximately 75 yen)So you can buy!


Stop horsing around and views around the region、It is about truly can't be expressed in images of beauty!
PaaPerhaps had got the bouncing back of Oita、
The first、Anxiety was not helped、Growing up happy bouncing around this time。
Whatever it is、Experience and don't know what it is!


This is the goal of the elephant rides。
As you get off the、The staff's service is God reaching out。
DoonSan、PaaMr、Thanks for the experience!


On the way back、While caldo live and return to the campground, doing puppet here。
Our ride we、Your cowHornJust in ox carts to drive cattle 2、
Mr. Shawley♂And Piener -chan (♀-In at least two20Years of age
Grandma and Grandpa will be in human?。
Has a very gentle face gentle eyes。


On the way back the、On the way to the street、Go leisurely lounging ox road。
Please Mr. Horn、I let it sit in the front seat、We have the reins!
And have a soft wooden stick in his right hand、With the stick humming to gently tap cow back to inspire you。
On the foot brake is、Adjust the speed while pushing and pulling in front。
This is a really valuable experience。
HornSan、ShoreMr、PinaChan、Thank you ♪


Back at the campground、And complete the photograph during a Memorial in the elephant、
1-THB 260 (Japan yen approximately 960 yen)In sells。
This photo frame、Using paper made from elephant dung、
There is first the smell (lol)
Eliminating the odor gone to bring them back to Japan when I was assured.


While and then bathe in the river、Even the sight of elephants with mahout wash body 観re、It is very pleasant.


Next in line、Small and big elephants show begins!
Among the many around Chiang Mai elephant、The best equipped elephant show is watched here.


Elephant's boss at the beginning、In the back row are boy mahout and elephant child。
In your riding on the elephant mahout in unison is a start.


Tour field was set under a thatched roof。
Before that、And proprietory wood、Elephant more rush not as is.。


Or sit、Withheld or、Inappropriate、Or dance、Or pair exercise with an elephant trainer、
Lying on the feet of an elephant mahout、
While at the foot of an elephant stomping stomping and hand massage and elephants give off a variety of tricks。
Very cute!


There were child football is very good!
Most ball and can shoot goals in、There was a moment off, greatly exceed the goal.


Yet boys of elementary school students about becomes a mahout、The picture with the little elephant。
The elephant nose with with brush、Fine until the complete flower paintings。
The painting elephant、1,000THB (Japan yen approximately 3700 yen)In has been sold!


Fascinated by the show plenty of mahout told me you、Elephants、Thank you ♪


After the elephant show、
On tour with buffet lunch because、
In the restaurant、I have chosen to take as you like what you like!
Drinks are extra can be ordered at extra、So much trouble、I ordered the real juice of Palm。
The whole lunch taste、I'm quite normal level was reached.


This tour will finish、"Bamboo rafting Bamboo Rafting"The is a calm river about 45 minutes!


The rickety bamboo somewhat insecure, but、In the frame was surprisingly firm and stable。
Boatman's dadKamalaIs it even good people、Fun Rafting is!


Front and back、The tourists enjoy Bamber rafting。
You guys、In the peaceful mountains have been healed mind.!


Kamala's Boatmen's father、So called "come in."、If you think what?、
Slowly pass my rod、"Replace the lead from a photo!"And let me challenge! (I)
In shallower than thought、Because the flow is too quiet、Did not fear standing。
What?、I、Not look? (Lol)


Flow is weak、Intragovernmental and、Was attached to the backLoosenInto the river、Press start! (Surprise)
Yet in the 15-year-oldLoosenCum、I thoughtKamalaIs it the thought that his son when and、No strangers so's partner on the job!
And talk to、Too shy to Redden as pureLoosenMr。
Loosen-Age child、Thus to get a job、Seems to have helped households to earn money。
Will have to go to school and learn、It is an unrealizable dream.。
As it in the people of Chiang Mai、Was informed that the families of the tough situation that。
LoosenMr、Good luck!


Here is、Bamburafting goal。
Gentle rafting for only 45 minutes, it was、I think a thought-provoking experience。
Each person、Feel the watch at different angles、That may seem to be a、
I think they have their way of life.。
In this sense、Experience、People with communication taking、
Not to feel a lot better opportunity?。
Now、Next in line、"Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour"Is it the tour
This elephant and set tour
"By orchid & butterfly farm Bai Orchid and Butterfly Farm" introduction!

Mesa elephant camp Maesa Elephant Camp

Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour

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