Features a cosy Guest House is a versatile owner "arthouse" space and Gallery


Located in the historic center of Chiang Mai、A stylish guesthouse features a café and art gallery
"Arte House Arte House"Mr.。
From tha PAE gate is located at 5 minutes by car.、Access is good。
Guest House 6 rooms all in all only 1 room is、
What! Approximately4,000JPY (including tax and service charge)And your prices is very reasonable! (Surprise)
Very popular for the Guest House、Reservations are recommended that as much as possible as soon as possible.


Only 6 seats ago the Guest House offers charming cafés "Café Arte Arte Cafe"Now、
The professional Barista Rai beans of freshly brewed coffee、
Guests can enjoy light snacks、Wake up guests as well as pay offers here!


Of the ownerPop (POP)And I (born in 1970) is、With a versatile artist born in Bangkok、
Here guest houses2013 yearTo open and、This building itself is also designed by themselves and you!
Here's the conversation、Basic、In English or Thailand origin.、
So mild-mannered and personality betterPopMr. start、Staff your wife also got to also meet as friend、
He welcomed the guests from abroad warmly。
PopMr. delicious coffee we recommend、The introduction later.


In the garden、There's huge plumeria tree、In the shade or under the umbrellas on the terrace、
Because of the natural and open space、
Other visitors world-wide communication comes naturally。
Here you will、Staff who has been a resident、
Luggage storage and daily housekeeping、Free bike rental、While free parking place rental services、
Further tour information and staff please!


1In the ground floor reception space、
Centre Art Gallery、Is always interacting with the art works were freely available。
Works、PopAnd I have taken photos and、PopHer paintings were drawn、
In addition to the、PopAnd it's many hits with artists such as pottery objects made friends。
Favorite works is available can be purchased、
Occasionally, there is、Writer's events are held.


The works are indescribably unique taste、Inadvertently amusing is they like power vocalist (lol)
Click here alsoPopAnd I of is the work of a friend.


Works depicting the angelic pretty Butterfly rode a pony girl、PopAnd it's work。
PopMr. a、In artists、In the architects and designers、
Painter、Photographer is a versatile talent as you have!


"Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour"The local guideGloryJust watched、
Check in and check out at the front desk。
GloryMr. for driversNoiWith the、Once here and then goodbye、
For Chiang Mai last day day of you to / from the airport、The next day will meet here。
Staff here and we are、Per bear PoohbeerMr.。
Guest houses in that and didn't know the report to her.


2On the floor is the room。
With this far from to is also unique works of art are placed.


Black and white photo on the herringbone floor、PopJust ask the staff at work were taken。


Filled with charming wood doors、Double lock and key is inside the。


Cosy cotton curtains and wind up carrying、White, clean and rooms、
Is there enough bed they filled most of the room size、
Simple and good sense of space、It feels good!
In keeping、Set of small tables in the closet、Wall-mounted flat-screen cable TV、Free Wi-Fi、Is the air conditioning.、
Some room types will、Safe deposit box、Also have a balcony.


Bathrooms and toilets will be。
Too bad nothing is、1Not luxury at a price of 2000 yen per person (lol)
Shower、Hair dryers、There are complimentary toiletries (SOAP and shampoo)、
Let's bring the hairbrush and toothbrush + toothpaste!


We have、Luckily the room was for、Has a lovely balcony even。
Here at noon、Plumeria beer should be great!


Is not equipped with refrigerator in the room、2Landing on the floor、Fully equipped communal refrigerators。
All in the mineral water is free of charge。
If you get your own drinks and food, etc.、Write the name and、Mark, and to devise better!


Owner and his wife popped I & Khun San and Wang Chan of Lucca (♂)

LuccaSo lame eye cum、The first is the chattering-Kun。
Instead of blindly touching、Nigh, who used to wait。
The owner and his wife started.、The staff I also only very good people、
Also、PopBe it family I want to see will be like、So much niceArthouseSan。
In the typical Sporters in the old city of Chiang Mai、Affordable and fashionable and can recommend the Guest House is!
Now、Get the shower in the room、Nearby "Son pet Sompet Market"Let's explore!

Arte House Arte House
Location:11/2 SOI 7 Moonmuang Road | SI Phum subdistrict, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand⇒ Google Map
TEL:+66 53 289 569
Cafe opening times:7:00-20:00
Closed on Mondays:Free

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