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"The Peninsula Bangkok"Acts of traditional Thailand cuisine in the restaurant"THIPTARA tip Tara"Mr.。Chao Phraya River surrounded by huge Banyan trees and tropical gardens, exotic dining restaurants。Opening hours、18Time-22:30And is open for dinner only。Come enjoy the authentic chef Thailand dishes.


"Tiptla"And the、In Thai"Water from the heaven"And mean、Water paradiseAs、And provides relaxing moments。The dress code is、Smart casual。After the evening 18:00 since the half-dark and lit lights、Riverside nightlife and Moody atmosphere、Guests can enjoy a meal of authentic Thailand cuisine.




The restaurant building、Thailand's ancient capitalAyutthayaFrom built in teak wood was transported、Hotel in a classic atmosphere and also the unusual difference、Dunhuang Navigator and I wonder if space suitable for Thailand paradise exotic offers ultimate relaxation!


Surrounded by large trees、Restaurant order like in the small Woods stepped into feet。In the background、37Bō-storey hotel、Watch a mix of modern and ancient.


The Peninsula Bangkok-only shuttle boats gracefully through the Chao Phraya River。Bright flower attached to each table。This time the、Our most popular menusThiptara Set tip Tara set B1, 880 (Japan yen approximately 6800 yen)Kindly provide.




Special plate


Tom Yum Goong


"Tipper la signature appetizer platter"

Appetizer platterThe、Shrimp and pomelo spicy salad、Vegetable spring roll sauce、Pork Satay。And pomelo、Japan name is kind of Nice citrus and pomelos。Good balance of sweetness and acidity、In Japan it seems can substitute with grapefruit and natsudaidai。And satay、Indonesia and Malaysia、In a spit-roast cuisine of Singapore、We will give a spicy sauce.


Special plate

Special plateThe、From the front"With cod fried with spicy sweet and sour sauce.、"Scallop Grilled Garlic and black pepper.、"Cabbage and mushrooms with oyster sauce with garlic.、"Red Curry with roasted duck with Basil.Of the 4 products.


River shrimp Tom yum spicy soup

Tom Yum Goong (ต้มยำกุ้ง, Tom yum goong) The、Hot and sour、In the complex aromas characteristic of Thailand's leading soup、Three major world soupThe is one of。"Tom (ต้ม)"The Cook、"Yam (ยำ)"The mix、"Khun (กุ้ง)"The shrimpThe means that。Used lemon grass、Fragrance、It is tangy soup。Most of the herbs used in this restaurant (red Basil or sweet basil、Time、Rosemary、Mint、Sage、Vanilla bean、Tarragon、Kaffir lime、Lemongrass、Taiginger、Citronella、Turmeric and other)、Have in the back of the tip Tara restaurant on-siteNaturally peninsula gardenIn cultivated。To keep the quality at a high level、Sprinkling the water 2 times a day、6Month soil is cultivated and maintained。And、Herb who grew up there as much as necessary.、It is used in cooking, and collected by the chef。Fresh herb fragrant authentic Thailand dishes made only from spicy food we。By all means enjoy!


With roof table


After the meal、Climb up the stairs behind the reception、2 The new floorTairawnjiAlthough it is possible to use。Also known as"Sarah"Are called、In Thai"Arbor"Or"Resting place"Is the meaning clear space!


Tairawnji Sala

Tairawnji SalaNow、In Thailand, Chair and coffee traditional furniture、Has been directing the atmosphere of a bygone era。Relax and unwind after dinner、Under the light from the lamps warm knit branches、A traditional stringed instrument of ThailandKimThe listen to the elegant, brilliant sound。And、Glittering neon lights on the Chao Phraya River at night time enjoying our cocktails。Representing the Thailand of raw materials such as sugar cane liquor "Mekong"The original cocktails mixed with leaves of fresh basil and、Can taste only in tairawnji have limited food menu。And in the city as a resort、Elegance and comfort can forget the hustle and bustle of theTip TaraIn the spend!

The Peninsula Bangkok

THIPTARA tip Tara ( the-Peninsula-Bangkok in Thai )

The Peninsula Bangkok Khlong Ton Sai-Bangkok Thailand


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